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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 774: Level Four Law Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis felt incredibly frustrated with his opponent.

As soon as Samantha saw Gravis evading another attack, her rage exploded even more as she nearly lost all rationality.


Yet, before she could attack, Gravis’ surroundings suddenly changed. The air around Gravis vibrated as Punishment Lightning crossed the air. Gravis had summoned a humongous Lightning Bomb.

Then, Gravis unleashed his entire Will-Aura, all the suppressive Situational Laws, and unleashed the Law of Heat. After that, he summoned the oppressive force of his Law of the Dead World. His Law of Control was activated in such a way that Samantha felt like control over the situation was slipping out of her grasp. Lastly, Gravis made his saber vibrate with the Major Hard Pure Law.

Samantha stopped the attack she had just wanted to unleash as she felt like the situation had changed. Her rage subsided as she felt like she was thrown into an ice bucket.

Gravis glared deeply into her eyes.

“If you still refuse to show me your real power, I will kill you right now!” Gravis shouted with a voice transmission as he also activated his Law of Honesty.

A feeling of danger washed over Samantha. For the first time, she felt like she could lose her life. For the first time, it felt like an actually dangerous opponent stood before her.

“Don’t fuck with me,” Gravis transmitted with the utmost severity.

Then, Gravis retrieved all his powers again as he readied himself for battle.

Samantha took a deep breath as her rage subsided.

She couldn’t take this opponent lightly anymore.

However, instead of realizing her idiotic conduct, she thought of Gravis as an idiot. Gravis had demonstrated his power instead of using it.

What an idiot.

Many times, arrogance made one blind to introspection. Unhealthy arrogance made it impossible for one to see the error in their own ways. Instead of learning something new and improving her mindset, Samantha only felt like her opponent was an idiot.

However, Gravis’ display of power had woken Samantha up. Finally, she realized that she couldn’t take this fight lightly anymore.

‘It’s ridiculous that I had to intimidate her into taking this seriously,’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes. ‘This is truly pathetic.’

Instead of slashing, Samantha moved her rapier in a beautiful manner. It was like she was painting something with a graceful brush.

Her movements were finished in less than a second, and as soon as she was done, a cold light shone out of her rapier. The surrounding air froze over as her rapier moved through a frozen wall of air.


Then, Samantha shot forward with an astonishing amount of speed as her figure blurred.

Gravis felt his Law of Danger scream at him as he suppressed Samantha’s movement as much as possible. Surprisingly, Samantha’s Will-Aura was even more powerful than Stella’s, which was probably also the reason why Stella didn’t question her teacher’s orders when she had been ordered to temper herself. After all, she truly needed to increase her Will-Aura.

So, in the end, Gravis only managed to slow Samantha’s movement by about 5%, something that was barely noticeable.

‘Law of Supreme Speed!’ Gravis thought in a flash. This was a level three Body Law, a Law that Meadow also knew.

Samantha seemingly teleported in front of Gravis as she unleashed a graceful slash. Her speed was superior to Gravis’ speed, which meant that Gravis needed to block this attack.


The saber and the rapier hit each other. The rapier had been stopped for an instant, but Gravis’ saber froze over immediately.


And broke apart!

Samantha’s slash continued as Gravis moved his hand in front of the slash.


Gravis’ arm was bisected at the elbow as he barely managed to evade to the side with the rest of his body. At the same time, Gravis also cut off his own arm at the shoulder by quietly transforming his shoulder into lightning and recreating this body without any connection to his severed arm.


In an instant, Gravis’ arm froze and exploded into icicles. If he hadn’t cut off his arm immediately, this would have been his body.

After Gravis had fixed Samantha’s mindset, she had become a truly terrifying opponent. With one attack, she destroyed one of Gravis’ three sabers and cut off an arm.

She wasn’t like Stella, who had wanted to intimidate Gravis into conceding.

Samantha wanted to kill Gravis.

Gravis felt the power of the attack and immediately realized what Law this was.

‘The Major Law of Cold!’ he thought. ‘This is her level four Law and also her Avatar. With just her Avatar alone, this Law of hers can exhibit the power of a level five Law. On top of that, she used some kind of Weapon Technique to combine her other powers with this one.’

‘Instead of unleashing one attack, she increased the passive power of her rapier. Every normal slash of hers exhibits the power of a level five Law while only needing to keep the Major Law of Cold running. It has sustainability, flexibility, and incredible attacking power.’

‘Her attacks have become unblockable, unparriable, and her Law of Supreme Speed makes them nearly unavoidable.’

‘A truly dangerous opponent.’

‘Perfect!’ Gravis thought as he felt the feeling of standing on the brink of death.

Gravis’ arm quickly regrew, but it wouldn’t finish growing until Samantha unleashed her next attack. So, Gravis summoned another saber in his free hand and slashed forward.

Samantha used her rapier in only one hand, and as soon as Gravis started his attack, Samantha’s free hand pointed at Gravis’ arm.


A concentrated beam of coldness shot at Gravis’ arm, freezing it over in nearly an instant as it slowed down.


Gravis broke off his other arm with the same technique as before, and it started falling.


Another arm came out of Gravis’ body with incredible speed as it punched the frozen arm into pieces, which shot directly into Samantha’s face.

Samantha’s eyes were damaged by the icicles, her vision now being severely impaired.


At the same time, lightning exploded in the surroundings, throwing space and Samantha’s Spirit Sense into chaos. This would make it impossible for her to see the attack coming. Gravis’ arm grabbed the falling saber and stabbed forward.


Samantha’s surroundings froze over as she unleashed her Major Law of Cold all around her. She couldn’t judge where Gravis was coming from, which forced her to unleash it into her surroundings.


Gravis’ body started to freeze over, but since the Law hadn’t been concentrated, it didn’t have the same power as before. However, Gravis’ body still froze over with rapid speed, but it wasn’t instantaneous anymore.


Gravis cut off this arm, too, as it shot forward due to the slash’s power. Then, Gravis shot back with his full speed. He couldn’t stay here until the attack finished, or he wouldn’t survive.

The arm froze over but still flew at Samantha.


The saber shot through the frozen air, and Samantha felt the saber approaching. Her eyes and Spirit Sense didn’t work right now, but her Major Law of Cold could keep track of approaching attacks to some degree, which was an additional reason why she had activated it.


Samantha stepped back as her rapier shot at the saber with incredible speed.


The saber froze and cracked apart.


And the loaded Lightning Crescent in the saber exploded.

The surroundings were destroyed, but the explosion of lightning was quickly frozen over by the superior Major Law of Cold, creating a humongous ball of frozen lightning.

Gravis knew that this attack hadn’t killed Samantha, but he couldn’t directly attack again. Samantha would feel him coming as soon as he entered the frozen sphere of lightning. He didn’t know how injured Samantha was inside the ice since his connection to his lightning had been broken as soon as it froze over, but he was sure that her injuries weren’t light.


A quiet sound of cutting could be heard.


Then, the entire sphere exploded as it turned to snowflakes, which circulated around Samantha.

Gravis could see blood flowing out from all over Samantha’s body. Her limbs were severely burned, even showing bone. She had barely protected her head and parts of her torso with her limbs.

Samantha glared at Gravis with her damaged eyes, which were only slowly healing.


Then, everything turned red as Samantha unleashed her Major Law of Cold into her surroundings, supported by the Law of Rage. The air, elements, and Laws froze over around her as the violent rage of the cold ice froze and destroyed everything.


Then, Samantha shot forward as everything in a kilometer radius turned red, froze over, and was ground into nothingness.

A gigantic red sphere of icy death shot at Gravis with Samantha at its center.


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