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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 763: Opponents Shocked Bahasa Indonesia

‘Stella, huh?’ Gravis thought. ‘I haven’t heard that name in a long time.’

Gravis fell into a reverie for a second but quickly recovered.

‘There are so many humans. Of course there will be duplicate names. Just because she has the same name doesn’t mean that she has anything to do with my dead childhood friend. It doesn’t matter.’

The Formation Array around them sprung to life as everything around them was isolated. Only Immortal Kings had the power to break the Formation Array. Others could only watch the fight.

These measures were essential to keep the fights fair. If any other member from one of the Sects stayed close to the fighting area, they might become involved or distract the fighters, making the fight unfair.

This Formation Array would only vanish when either one of them was dead or if they both agreed to stop fighting. As long as one person still wanted to fight, the Formation Array wouldn’t vanish.


Stella took out her saber and swung it once, creating a burning wind that destroyed the ground below her.

“Come!” she shouted with power.

Their Will-Auras clashed against each other, warping the surroundings and shaking the earth. The higher world was far more stable than the middle world, but the resistance of the surrounding materials could only be pushed so high. As soon as Immortals fought, the area would become decimated.

Gravis took out his own saber.

He didn’t show any display of power and only looked at Stella.


The inside of the Formation Array started to freeze. The ground, rivers, and the air started to turn blue as a layer of frost encased them.

Stella narrowed her eyes further. “The Law of Cold with the Law of Temperatures,” she said. “Sure enough, in the fight among the Sects, you have not shown your total power.”

Stella also felt the cold attack her, but her fire element kept the cold at bay. However, there was a difference between Gravis’ and her situation. Gravis didn’t need to use any Energy to keep the Law of Cold active due to his Law of Temperatures, but Stella needed to use her Energy to keep her fire active.


That was until she activated the Law of Heat herself.

Cold and heat hit each other, creating a powerful storm that raged through the Formation Array.

Gravis also narrowed his eyes further as he realized that this strategy of his was countered too. He not only felt the Law of Heat radiating off of Stella, but he also felt the Law of Temperatures.

Stella could also keep the Law of Heat going indefinitely. On top of that, since she was an entire Circulation above Gravis, her Law of Heat was more powerful than Gravis’ Law of Cold.

Gravis felt the heat hit his body, but he managed to resist. His Law of Cold still managed to weaken the heat, and with his Fire Laws, Heat Law, and his hidden scales, Gravis managed to resist the heat without receiving any injury. If he were missing any of these Laws, he would slowly melt, weakening him as more time passed.

‘She’s powerful,’ Gravis thought. ‘Law of Empathy, Law of Temperatures, Law of Heat, and she probably also has the Law of Inferno as her Avatar. Sure enough, this is far more powerful than that one captain I killed.’

Gravis’ Will-Aura was countered by the Law of Empathy. Gravis’ Law of Cold was countered by the Law of Heat. Two of his most powerful weapons had been nullified.


Gravis’ lightning exploded as he shot forward. He couldn’t pressure Stella enough to attack, which meant that he had to attack first to gain the initiative.

Stella had already shown two level three Laws that weren’t the Law of Space. She definitely was not an average Late Major Circulation Immortal.

Stella also shot at Gravis with surprisingly fast speed. Her speed was definitely superior to what a fire Cultivator should have.

They both swung their sabers to test the other’s power.


Both sabers hit each other, creating a powerful explosion. None of the weapons were infused with the elements, but the shockwave still created a crater on the ground below them.

Gravis felt his entire body shake as he was thrown into the distance. His saber vibrated, and he felt that the saber couldn’t resist many such clashes. His opponent had a saber of equal quality, but her Weapon Laws pushed the saber’s power to new heights.

Gravis stopped himself in the air a hundred kilometers away from Stella, his saber still ringing with a high-pitched tone.

Both Gravis and Stella looked at each other with shock.

‘My body should be about as powerful as hers, but her body is actually more powerful,’ Gravis thought. ‘I thought humans all had weak bodies, but she obviously doesn’t have a weak body. Her body is actually rather powerful. It isn’t nearly as powerful as a beast’s body, but it definitely is far more powerful than a human’s body.’

Gravis was shocked, but Stella was far more shocked. ‘What’s going on?’ she thought. ‘How can his body be so powerful? My body has already nearly reached the limit of what a human can accomplish, but his body’s quality is still far superior. His body is more powerful than any body I have ever seen or heard of.’

‘She’s definitely not simple,’ Gravis thought. ‘I can’t directly confront her in close combat. She has a more powerful body, and I will lose every time I clash with her. This will be more akin to a fight against a beast than a fight against a human.’

‘Then, let’s change our tactic!’


Gravis shot forward again.

He lifted his saber and attacked Stella again. Stella blocked the slash again with her own saber.


A white fire suddenly appeared on Gravis’ saber before their weapons clashed.

Stella’s eyes widened as she realized what this was. ‘The wood element!’


Their sabers clashed again, but this time, it was different. Gravis wasn’t thrown back as he violently fought against the knockback to keep close to her. He had to remain in contact to let his wood element attack.

The wood element quickly took over Stella’s saber and entered her arms. Then, it shot directly at her mind.

If Gravis couldn’t win a physical clash, he would let their souls and Will-Auras clash!


Suddenly, the white fire of Gravis’ wood element was pushed back into his saber as white fire also broke out of Stella’s body.

Gravis’ mind was going wild. ‘She can also use the wood element? But she already demonstrated her fire element! This can only mean that she knows the Low-Rank Law of the Elements!’

‘I received incorrect information!’ Gravis thought. ‘I wanted to attack an average resource point first, but this definitely isn’t an average resource point! She has a very powerful body, and she knows at least four level three Laws. She is definitely not average, even from a defender’s standpoint!’

Gravis tried to retreat, but Stella pushed forward. Due to her Realm advantage, her wood element easily consumed Gravis’ wood element and pushed into him. Gravis’ Spirit was under attack!

Gravis gritted his teeth.


The white fire seemingly hit a barrier, and as soon as it touched that barrier, it started turning into Energy. The aggressive properties were nullified as pure Energy flowed into Gravis.

Gravis had used the level two Law of Soul Dispersal. The wood element was a soul-based attack, which meant that Gravis could destroy it with the Law of Soul Dispersal.

Stella’s eyes widened in shock again. ‘He knows the Law of Soul Dispersal? How can someone from this outer region know so many Laws!?’ she thought.

Stella also gritted her teeth.


Suddenly, Gravis’ Law of Soul Dispersal stopped working as it was…. dispersed.

‘She also knows the Law of Soul Dispersal!?’ Gravis thought in shock.

However, Gravis couldn’t think more as he had to quickly react to the dangerous situation.


Suddenly, the white fire got pushed back as it violently entered Gravis’ saber instead of his body.

Gravis had infused his saber with a Soul thanks to his Law of Soul Infusion. The wood element was similar to lightning since it directly attacked and entered the first living thing it touched. With Gravis’ saber now having a Soul, the wood element attacked the saber instead of Gravis.

Stella watched in shock as more and more of her attack got absorbed by Gravis’ saber. ‘He even knows Soul Infusion? Wait, his Soul Dispersal is more powerful than normal, and his Soul Infusion is also able to resist far more than normal. Does he know the Law of the Soul? Not even I know that one!’

Gravis kept his saber alive with the Law of Soul Regeneration. With all three Laws of the Soul combined, Gravis was able to resist Stella’s attack. If he had simply decided to flee, Stella would have gotten the advantage. He had to, at least, achieve a draw in this clash.

The sabers rubbed against each other for ten more seconds.

Both of them were madly using up their Energy.


Then, both of them shot back to gain distance from the other.

Both of them were in severe shock about the power of their opponent.

‘She knows a ton of Laws from the elemental category. She also knows the Law of Temperatures. She even has an Emotional Law and a Soul Law. Lastly, her body is more powerful than any human body I have ever faced.’

‘Average resource point? Even if you beat me to death, Liran, I won’t believe such bullshit!’


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