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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 762: Opponents Meet Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you going to attack?” a red-haired girl asked the red-haired guy beside her.

They both wore red armor, which increased their defense by quite a bit. The girl wore a saber while the guy wore a long, single-edged sword. The guy’s sword didn’t have the typical thick back to give the sword more weight. The sword was made for finesse rather than power.

“Maybe, but I’m not sure,” the guy said. “The Unrestrained Sect is still very powerful, even if several Sects are attacking them. My Battle-Strength is not as powerful as yours, sis.”

“Hmph, pussy,” the girl said with a sneer. “Your fear is precisely the reason why you’re still weaker than me, even though you’re older than me.”

“I’m only a single year older than you, sis,” the guy said with an awkward smile. “That barely counts at our age. Also, you only need to defend against the weaker disciples while I have to attack the stronger ones. How about I defend the resource point, and you go attack one?”

“Pfft,” the girl spat. “Now you’re searching for an external reason to rationalize your cowardice. You know exactly that it’s impossible to switch spots like this.”

“I’m only using a hypotheti-“

The guy stopped speaking as both of them turned their heads to the east.

“Who’s that?” the guy asked.

“No idea, but he’s too weak,” the girl answered. “He is only a Late Minor Circulation Immortal. Maybe he is searching for a resource point to attack?”

Some seconds of silence passed.

Then, both of them broke into laughter.

“Could you imagine that?” the guy said between laughs. “The guy doesn’t even have a weapon on him, which means that he isn’t a Weapon Cultivator. Could you imagine some Elemental Cultivator attacking a resource point? Weapon Cultivators would lose all face if he somehow manages to achieve that.”

However, the girl stopped laughing as she remembered something. After that, her brows furrowed as she watched the approaching Cultivator.

The guy looked at his sister with confusion. Normally, she enjoyed laughing at overconfident, arrogant people. “What’s up?” he asked.

“Do you remember that new Ascender of the Unrestrained Sect?” she asked.

The guy nodded. “Yeah. You think that’s him?” he asked.

The girl narrowed her eyes. “Maybe,” she said. “I don’t know why, but he somehow feels a bit dangerous to me. Try to ignore your preconceived notion and carefully feel his power.”

The guy was a bit confused but did as his sister told him.

Lightning, suppression, danger, control.

That was what he felt when he analyzed the Cultivator.

The guy took a deep breath. “That’s definitely him,” he said. “Somehow, I feel like a fight between him and I would go 50/50.”


The girl punched the guy’s shoulder quite hard. “Do you even hear yourself?” she asked with a sneer. “It’s alright to acknowledge your opponent’s power, but don’t undervalue yourself.”

The guy rubbed his shoulder with an awkward smile. “Okay, maybe I went a bit far there,” he confessed but then looked at the Cultivator again. “Anyway, this guy is a danger. Based on what I’ve heard and what I felt just now, he will probably claim twelve resource points without any issue. Whoever gets attacked will die unless they refuse to fight and concede right away.”

The girl nodded. “I really don’t want to acknowledge it, but he is probably the most powerful Early Circulation Immortal in our Sects’ premises. In the Early Circulation Realm, he can do whatever he wants.”

“What’s he doing?” the guy asked. “He has been wildly teleporting around. It’s like he’s searching for something.”

“I don’t know,” the girl said. “There shouldn’t be a fitting resource point for him here. This one’s the only one.”

Suddenly, the guy’s eyes widened. “Hey, sis. Do you think he’s searching for this one?” he asked.

The girl looked at her brother with a skeptical expression.

The guy looked at his sister with a worried expression.

“Hahahaha!” both of them broke into laughter. “Could you imagine the guts you would need to have?” the girl asked. “Imagine jumping an entire Circulation and fight against the most powerful Cultivators at that level.”

The Cultivator suddenly stopped as he arrived relatively close to the two of them. Then, his gaze changed, and he directly looked at them.


And he teleported directly in front of them.

The map that Liran had given Gravis encompassed a huge area. He had been searching around this area for several minutes, just trying to find the resource point. His Spirit Sense had a radius of 200,000 kilometers, but that was barely anything in this world. Just by teleporting crazily one time after the other to arrive at this location had taken Gravis nearly two hours.

Gravis had probably traveled billions of kilometers.

This was the first time he realized how humongous this world actually was. Billions of kilometers and Gravis hadn’t even left the vicinity of the Sects. It was actually insane.

“Need directions?” the girl asked with a smirk.

One had to remember that the girl and the guy were Late Major Circulation Immortals. Their Spirit Senses were far bigger than Gravis’, which was why they had been able to watch him teleport around.

Gravis looked at both of them with narrowed eyes. “There’s supposed to be only one person here,” Gravis said.

“I’m the defender of this resource point,” the girl said. “This is my brother. He’s only here to visit.”

Gravis glanced at the guy and then looked back at the girl. “As long as he doesn’t interfere in our fight.”

The two of them opened their eyes widely in shock.

“Are you serious?” the guy asked. “You do realize that this is a Major Circulation resource point?”

Gravis nodded. “That’s exactly what I’ve been searching for.”

The two of them remained silent for a bit.

“You see this?” the girl said to her brother. “Have more trust in your power, but don’t overestimate yourself. I want you to have more guts, but if you have too many guts, your guts will squash your brain.”

Then, the girl narrowed her eyes at Gravis.


She activated her Will-Aura and suppressed Gravis.

“Leave before you make a horrible mistake,” she said with power. “I could have accepted your challenge right now, but I don’t want someone as powerful as you to die due to idiocy.”

Gravis looked coldly into the eyes of the girl.


Gravis activated his Will-Aura, and the girl felt a strong force attacking her Will-Aura. Yet, she was still far more powerful.

“Your Will-Aura is powerful, but that’s not enough,” she said.


Gravis added the Law of Major Suppression, and the girl felt her Will-Aura receiving a powerful punch. Luckily, her Will-Aura was still slightly more powerful than Gravis’.

“Truly powerful,” she said with respect and narrowed eyes. “You are truly unequaled in the Minor Circulation Realm, but don’t be foolish. You can’t fight me.”

Gravis looked deeply into her eyes. He actually felt some goodwill towards her. She believed herself to be far more powerful than Gravis, but instead of killing him, she decided to warn him several times.

Their Sects had animosity with each other. That was also why Gravis was here. This Sect had been one of the significant aggressors. However, even though their Sects were not on good terms right now, she didn’t immediately kill Gravis.

But that bit of goodwill wouldn’t stop Gravis.


Gravis activated his Law of Apathy, and the girl felt a powerful hit to her Will-Aura. For a second, she felt like she couldn’t move, but that quickly passed when she concentrated on her Will-Aura.

Right now, their Will-Auras were equal.

The girl narrowed her eyes further.


Suddenly, her Will-Aura pushed Gravis’ Will-Aura back. Now, Gravis was suppressed by around 20%.

Gravis’ eyes shone.

‘I have never felt this Law before!’ Gravis thought with surprise. Gravis had comprehended and seen so many Laws. What were the chances of finding a Law that he had never felt before?

‘This feeling,’ Gravis thought. ‘It somehow feels accepting, and it perfectly nullifies my Law of Apathy. It feels like the opposite of Apathy.’

‘So, this is the Law of Empathy, huh?’ Gravis thought. ‘Quite a surprise. No wonder she didn’t immediately kill me, even though she believes herself to be far more powerful than me. Her mindset is suited for the Law of Empathy.’

“Leave,” she said with power.

Gravis looked at her with narrowed eyes.

‘Seems like I won’t be at an advantage in the Will-Aura department.’


Gravis activated his Law of Minor Death, and the girl felt her Will-Aura being eaten. It was like it was slowly dying. The need to constantly resupply her Will-Aura made its strength weaker.

Right now, they were about equal in the Will-Aura department. The fact that the girl was an entire Circulation above Gravis made her Law of Empathy far more powerful than Gravis’ Law of Apathy. This meant that Gravis needed the Law of Minor Death and the Law of Apathy to counter her Law of Empathy.

‘I still have the Law of Major Control, but I’m not using it to empower my Will-Aura. A soft usage of it will yield much greater results,’ Gravis thought.

The guy looked at the two of them with shock. This guy was actually this powerful?

Was he an actual danger to his sister?

“I am Gravis from the Unrestrained Sect, and I am officially challenging this resource point,” Gravis said.

The girl narrowed her eyes and sighed.

“As you wish.”


A Formation Array was activated that covered the entire area. The guy was immediately pushed out by the Formation Array, leaving only Gravis and his sister inside it.

This Formation Array recorded the fight and transmitted it to the two fighting Sects and the central Sect Alliance. They also had to see what was happening so that no one would play any dirty tricks.

“I am Stella of the Seething Inferno Sect!” she shouted.

‘Stella?’ Gravis thought with surprise.

‘What a coincidence.’


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