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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 760: Planning Finished Bahasa Indonesia

Liran furrowed his brows while everyone around them kept doing what they were doing. Gravis and Liran were talking with their Spirits to keep the plans a secret. Liran couldn’t be sure that there were no traitors in here or people that would sell information for Immortal Stones.

Liran grew nervous as he fell into thought. He had heard about Gravis’ power, but he hadn’t seen it. After all, ever since Liran had appeared, Gravis hadn’t unleashed a single attack. Gravis had only helped Liran while he fought against Arthur.

Someone that could jump four levels couldn’t exist, but Gravis had proven that he could. He had killed that one captain of the Burial Ground Sect, even if that captain was one of the weaker Cultivators at his level. Additionally, Surem had seen the fight between Gravis and the captain.

Yet, was Liran willing to bet such a huge sum of money on the words of his son and Gravis? If Liran had the money, he would have no qualms in giving Gravis 600,000 Immortal Stones to make him an Early Major Circulation Immortal. After all, Gravis was mighty. That much was sure.

But betting 300,000 Immortal Stones to make him a Late Minor Circulation Immortal? According to logic, Gravis would die 100% of the time, no matter whom he fought. However, could Gravis’ power be judged by logic?

Liran looked at Gravis, who only looked emotionlessly at Liran. Whenever things became serious, Gravis reverted to a direct and emotionless attitude. He wasn’t suppressing his emotions, but he didn’t let them cloud his judgment. Efficiency and effectiveness were Gravis’ main goals when it came to serious situations.

Liran sighed.

He wanted to bet on Gravis. His feelings also told him to bet on Gravis.

However, he couldn’t place the last bit of his Sect’s wealth on his emotions and what he wanted. That would be irresponsible.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t,” Liran said to Gravis. “I can’t bet our last bit of wealth on a gamble.”

“Can’t you, or do you not want to?” Gravis asked evenly.

“I can’t,” Liran said. “I want to, but I can’t risk the Sect’s last bit of safe wealth.” Liran’s voice sounded like he had given up, and it was filled with regret.

Gravis slowly shook his head in disappointment.

When Liran saw Gravis’ reaction, for some reason, he felt like he had made a huge mistake. He wasn’t sure why, but it felt like he had missed something extremely crucial, something that could have changed his entire life.

However, even when Liran felt these emotions, he couldn’t change his decision now. He had already committed to it.

Couldn’t he?

Who said that he couldn’t change his decision anymore?

Sadly, Liran’s own restrictions on himself made that impossible for him to see.

Why had Gravis shaken his head in disappointment? This was Liran’s decision, and he could do with the money whatever he wanted. Was he supposed to bet on Gravis?


Liran could do whatever he wanted, but he didn’t. He had the ability to, but his own personality stopped him. After all, if he could do whatever he wanted, and if he wanted to bet on Gravis, he would have bet on Gravis.

But he didn’t.

So, this meant that he couldn’t do what he wanted.

And exactly that was why it was so hard to comprehend freedom.

Risking one’s own life and well-being was something entirely different from risking the well-being of others. Gravis had only been able to grasp freedom when he had handed over his three children. Gravis had voluntarily handed over control over something more important than his own life.

If Liran had done what he wanted, he would have maybe comprehended something regarding freedom. Maybe, he would have even comprehended the Minor Law of Freedom.

Responsibility was a blessing and a curse. Being responsible for something meant that one liked or loved something so much that they were willing to suppress themselves for its well-being. This was also an integral part of becoming an adult.

Sadly, comprehending freedom required one to be irresponsible and endanger their close ones for their own desire. Almost everyone would view such a person as disgusting and selfish, which was a very valid opinion. Betting the remaining funds of the Sect on a dream gamble would have been irresponsible.

However, to comprehend freedom, one needed to be irresponsible. Freedom was following one’s desires, even if it endangered one’s loved ones.

This made comprehending freedom so incredibly difficult.

Now, Gravis knew that Liran would never be able to comprehend freedom. This was already the least extreme opportunity to comprehend freedom. Even if Liran lost the gamble, the Sect wouldn’t break apart.

Since Liran wasn’t even able to grasp freedom in this circumstance, he wouldn’t grasp freedom in any other circumstance.

Liran would never learn freedom.

Liran was doomed to never become a Heaven’s Magnate.

“Give me information about the most important resource points,” Gravis said. “Tell me which Major Circulation resource points you want to be attacked.”

Liran was a bit surprised. “But I can’t give you the Immortal Stones.”

“My Realm is my worry, not yours,” Gravis said. “I obviously won’t betray the Sect without your Sect betraying me first, and I won’t go into a fight that would definitely end in my death. I promise you that,” Gravis said with his Law of Honesty.

Liran felt the effects of the Law and knew that Gravis was speaking the truth. However, he still couldn’t imagine what plans Gravis had regarding these Major Circulation resource points. Gravis just arrived, and middle worlds didn’t have Immortal Stones. This meant that Gravis couldn’t have any Immortal Stones.

So, how would he raise his own Realm?

Liran had no idea.

However, in the end, Liran decided to give Gravis the information about the resource points. Even if this information leaked, it wouldn’t be bad. Changing the defenders of the resource points was incredibly difficult. Additionally, the information only showed the places and strengths of the resource points. Something like this wasn’t a secret. After all, the resource points were public knowledge.

Liran transmitted the information, and Gravis looked at an image of a map in his mind.

There were thousands of resource points strewn across the map, and those were only the ones for Major Circulation Immortals. However, one had to remember that these were the resource points for over a hundred Sects. On average, that would still only be something like 40 per Sect or so if everyone had the same number.

On top of that, the wealth distribution even among equal resource points was massive. One of the most valuable Major Circulation resource points would be over 50 times as valuable as an average Major Circulation resource point.

‘Spirit Wood Forest, Immortal Stone Mine #147, Skin Ascension Plume Tree, Frost Law Comprehension Area, Dark Graphinite Mine, Crystal Essence Cave…’ Gravis thought as he looked at all the different names of the resource points.

All of these things helped in cultivation and could be sold for Immortal Stones.

“I see that we have a mine of Purple Quarzite,” Gravis said. “If I want to win against someone at the Late Major Circulation Realm, I need a fitting weapon. If you already can’t pay me for my actions, giving me some ore to create a new weapon should be enough.”

Gravis wanted to help the Unrestrained Sect, but he wouldn’t do it for free. They would be getting a ton of valuable resource points from him. They might as well pay him for that.

Liran sighed in relief. “That’s not a problem,” he said. Liran had already felt guilty that he couldn’t reward Gravis with Immortal Stones. That Gravis asked for some ore alleviated a ton of Liran’s guilt.

“How much do you need?” Liran asked.

“That much,” Gravis said as he summoned a cube of light before him.

“That’s… a lot,” Liran said after a while.

“I need three sabers and two spears for all eventualities,” Gravis said. “If one of my sabers breaks and I don’t have a spare one, I will die.”

Liran furrowed his brows but sighed again.



Liran summoned a cube of ore and gave it to Gravis.

Gravis nodded and pocketed it.

“I will leave now,” Gravis said. “In three days, at the latest, I will either be dead, or the Unrestrained Sect will have a new resource point of the Major Circulation class.”

Gravis activated his Law of Honesty to prove that he wasn’t lying.

Liran nodded. “I wish you luck, and thank you, Gravis.”

Gravis nodded too and teleported away.


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