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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 761: Preparation for Battle Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis left the Unrestrained Sect until he was outside Liran’s Spirit Sense range. Gravis didn’t want Liran to find out how he would become a Late Minor Circulation Immortal or the fact that he actually already was one.

Gravis still remembered that this world was different from a beast world. When humans saw someone very outstanding, they believed that they were a genius. Yet, if that person did something that seemed physically impossible, they might decide to kill that person to find out their secrets.

Gravis’ unreal Battle-Strength was definitely suspicious, but it could still be explained with all the different Laws he knew. However, if they knew that Gravis could control and absorb lightning, everything would collapse. Controlling someone else’s element was impossible and broke the very rules of reality.

His beast body was also something that he had to keep a secret. Liran knew about Gravis’ body, but he was probably one of the very few Cultivators that didn’t ask further due to his drive for freedom. Someone with a different mindset might decide that Gravis was an enemy simply due to his body.

As soon as Gravis arrived at his destination, he started forging his new weapons. Sadly, there wasn’t nearly enough ore to create a full set of armor, and that was something that Gravis had to get used to. This world was filled with resources, just like a natural world, but in comparison to a natural world, every single human cared about resources. This meant that getting resources was very difficult.

Gravis readied two sabers and two spears. With the remaining ore, Gravis upgraded his World Weapon. He hadn’t used it yet, and he probably still didn’t need it, but it was worth it for the future. As soon as he built his first Focus, he would probably start training with his World Weapon. Right now, without a Focus, Gravis’ World Weapon wouldn’t be any more useful than a normal one.

Gravis quickly finished his preparations and decided to wait for a day. Trying to comprehend something new in just a single day was a waste of time. So, Gravis simply waited for a day to make it more believable that he somehow reached his new Realm in a different way.

‘Soon, I will have my first real tempering experience after thousands of years,’ Gravis thought. ‘The last time I had a proper fight was against Heaven. The fight against that one captain can’t be counted as tempering. Except for receiving that one attack, I have been in full control of the fight.’

‘However,’ Gravis thought as he narrowed his eyes. ‘I need to be careful about the attacks of my opponent. The last one already nearly killed me, and he didn’t even have any kind of powerful Law. He simply used a level two Law and some level one Laws to unleash his attack.’

‘These Cultivators are definitely above average and can fight across levels. This means that they have fitting level three Laws as their Avatars, allowing them to unleash an attack with the power of a level four Law. If I get hit by something like that, I will die.’

‘Fortunately, as long as they use elements, I can weaken them by one level. This means that their elements can only unleash the power of a level three Law. This might allow me to survive smaller attacks, but the stronger ones will still kill me in one single strike.’

‘Additionally, my Will-Aura is no longer at the top of my Realm. Currently, my Will-Aura is only at the level of an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King, but it could theoretically reach the level of a Late Minor Circulation one.’

‘My opponents probably have Will-Auras more powerful than their Realm. I suspect that they have the Will-Auras of a Peak Immortal, which is just one level below mine. Luckily, that level is one that is between major Realms, giving me a nice advantage.’

‘However, the level suppression is still a huge issue. With my Will-Aura alone, I would probably be suppressed by around 80%. With my Law of Major Suppression, it should drop to 20%. My Law of Apathy should equalize it.’

‘Of course, that’s how it would be if they also don’t know any kind of Law that increases the power of their Will-Aura,’ Gravis thought.

‘All in all, this fight will require nearly all of my power.’

Gravis planned his fight for several more hours, just going through all possible eventualities. The fact that he couldn’t create a useful armor or shield hampered his combat ability more than he liked. However, he knew that he had to get used to that. This world had nearly no more free resources.

If Gravis wanted enough ore to create a full set of equipment, he would need to go to some sort of city or something and trade for it. Sure, he would get enough, but at some point, all his money would be used up. With his current wealth, Gravis could become a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King. However, then he would be broke. If he bought a full set of equipment at every level, he would barely have enough to become an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King.

‘I still have a lot of materials, but I need to sell them first. Additionally, even if I sell all of them, I still would only be able to become a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King but with equipment. Difficult, difficult…’

‘However, it’s actually unreal how expensive Virtualization Arrays are. I can become a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King with all of my accumulated wealth, but I can’t even rent a level four Virtualization Array for a hundred years. The entire wealth needed to become a Late Minor Circulation Immortal King from the Early Minor Circulation Immortal Realm can only allow one to rent a level four Virtualization Array for a hundred years.’

‘Jake is probably bursting with money,’ Gravis thought with a chuckle.

The next day went over far slower than Gravis would have wanted.

Was he afraid?

A little.

Was he excited?

A lot.

Gravis had a lot to lose, but that was exactly what tempering was all about. The thrill of being close to losing everything was something that excited him. Many people would think of him as insane, but this insane mindset was the best mindset for Cultivation.

Only when someone got some pleasure out of nearly dying would they be willing to really temper themselves, no matter how much they owned.

Gravis’ peaceful mindset of the highest world vanished as he felt like he became young again. He remembered how he had felt when he had just entered the middle world. Back then, he had also been excited about the future.

Gravis smirked as he looked to the west. ‘It’s about time,’ he thought. ‘My first proper fight after thousands of years, and it will be more than a single one. I will first fight one of the average Major Circulation defenders. They are already far above average since only the most powerful ones defend resource points. Then, along with the increase of my Will-Aura, I will fight the more powerful ones.’

Gravis stood up.


Gravis’ more powerful body replaced his old one. The weaker body of Gravis was absorbed into the more powerful one since there was no reason to keep the weaker body.

‘Let’s go!’ he thought.


And Gravis teleported to the west.


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