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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 733: Burial Ground Bahasa Indonesia

The air around Gravis’ opponent shook as he gathered a ridiculous amount of Energy. Gravis looked at the process very closely to learn more about Weapon Techniques.

First, the Laws were gathered around the person. Then, they got absorbed by him. Gravis couldn’t feel what was happening inside his opponent’s body during that time. After that, a powerful force entered the man’s spear as he readied himself for a strike.


The space around Gravis cracked as the enemy used Space Confinement to block teleportation and to restrict Gravis’ movement. Like this, an average opponent would have no choice but to parry or block the attack. Evading would be out of the question unless the enemy also had an Avatar of Space.

Gravis could use his Law of Freedom to escape, but he wanted to actually feel the power of his opponent.

The enemy also activated his Will-Aura to suppress Gravis’ movement.

The man pulled his spear back as he loaded his entire being into the attack.

“Burial Ground!” the man shouted with power as he struck forward with his entire being.


The air behind the guy seemingly exploded as he shot forward with incredible speed. Gravis hadn’t expected that his opponent would be able to unleash such speed, but it was still in Gravis’ ability to handle.

The man closed in on Gravis, and his strike finished just as he arrived in front of Gravis. Then, with his full power, he unloaded his strike into Gravis.


Kilometers of ground were destroyed below them as the air shook.


Gravis’ shield, which he had just summoned, broke into pieces as Gravis got shot into the distance, leaving a massive trail of blood and body pieces behind.


An explosion occurred on the horizon as Gravis smashed through several mountains, the debris raining onto the surrounding fields and houses.

Then, silence.

The guards grimaced as they saw Gravis’ blood and metal fragments falling to the ground. No Early Minor Circulation Immortal could survive such an attack.

This was what made Weapon Cultivators so powerful, unsurpassed offense. Their techniques held absolute destructive power, and when someone got hit by such an attack, they would die. Blocking a Weapon Cultivator’s attack was suicide.

The man released a breath. He had almost feared that Gravis could block this attack too, but that obviously wasn’t the case. The man had unleashed 20% of his entire reserves into this attack, which was a lot.

One had to remember that humans had access to Spirit and also had many times the amount of Energy of beasts. When a human unleashed 20% of their Energy, a beast would need to use 100% to replicate that amount of Energy.

One also had to remember that this meant that the man could unleash this same attack four more times. Beasts were dangerous because of their bodies, but humans were dangerous because of their explosive offense.


The atmosphere seemingly froze as Gravis teleported back to his earlier location. The guards were shocked into silence. The man was shocked into silence. Everyone was shocked into silence.

He was still alive!? This was impossible!

Yet, calling Gravis alive could be described as debatable. Several of his limbs were missing, and half of his upper body was smashed into unrecognizable pieces. The only remaining relatively undamaged part was his head, but even his head had some blood flowing down from a wound.

Gravis was barely hanging on to life.

‘Holy shit!’ Gravis thought in shock and terror. ‘That was far more powerful than I had expected! I literally used absolutely everything I had in my defense. I used everything I had on my shield, all my Life Laws on my body, and even put on my armor, which is now scattered across the sky.’

‘Yet, my shield and my armor got obliterated like they didn’t even exist. Even the defense of my scales was penetrated like it was normal skin. If I hadn’t used all my Life Laws to barely heal the important parts, I would be dead right now! On top of that, I needed to use my Law of Freedom and my Will-Aura to free myself from his restriction to even block appropriately!’

‘Fuck, If I had actually fought that one guy in the highest world and would have taken his attack, I would have died 100%! That one guy was definitely more powerful than this one.’

For the first time since arriving in this world, Gravis felt nervous and even a little terrified. It felt like he had just had an intimate brush with death. One wrong move and he would have died.

‘Note to self, never receive an attack from a Weapon Cultivator that is an actual danger to me,’ Gravis thought.

“You are incomprehensibly powerful,” Gravis’ opponent said calmly as he relaxed his stance. “I can’t even grasp the fact that you even managed to withstand my Burial Ground without dying immediately. Yet, you just had to fight someone far above your league. In your next life, I hope you will follow the true path of weapons.”

The guy obviously thought that he had already won. After all, Gravis’ body was decimated. Stopping death would be impossible not to speak of actually putting up a fight.

Meanwhile, Gravis got reminded of something. “Speaking of,” Gravis spoke with a weak and rough voice. “Why did you shout the name of your attack?”

The man was taken aback. This Ascender was about to die, and that was his question? On top of that, what kind of question even was that? Everyone shouted out the name of their attack! They did that to motivate themselves to unleash even more power and to intimidate their opponent. Additionally, it looked pretty cool.

The man shook his head slowly. “I don’t understand you,” he said with a serene and kind voice. “Peacefully go into the next life.”

The man put his spear on his back and bowed lightly to Gravis with a praying gesture. It was like he was praying for Gravis to find a good next life. With this gesture, he was showing his respect to his opponent.

Gravis blinked a couple of times in confusion. What? Why did the guy shout out his attack? Why was he talking about a next life like it was a fact that reincarnation existed? Why was he praying for Gravis? The fuck was going on?

‘Fuck that!’ Gravis thought.


Gravis’ damaged body started moving and shaking as it looked like something inside his body was violently crawling around.


Perfectly healed parts of his body shot out of Gravis’ torso in an instant. In just a second, Gravis had regenerated back to his peak. After all, one had to remember that Gravis knew the level three Law of Energy Healing, the same Law that Sary had learned back before she ascended. Gravis could use his Energy as a replacement for Life Energy and heal himself.

Sadly, healing himself to his peak condition took around 20% of his Energy, which he had to regain by his passive Energy absorption.

The minds of the onlookers stopped working as they couldn’t process what just happened. Gravis had already shown that he knew a ridiculous amount of Laws, but he also had similarly incredible achievements in the Life Laws?

How was any of this real!?

How could anyone like this even exist!?

“So, why did you shout out your attack?” Gravis asked as he stretched his new fingers. He still hadn’t gotten an answer from the guy, and he wanted to know why. Why would anyone shout out their attack? That not only gave the opponent a chance to react but would also tell them what attack would be coming. Shouting out one’s attack was like telling an opponent what one would do now. It’s just stupid!

The man hadn’t used his Spirit to keep track of Gravis since he was sure that Gravis was basically dead. Yet, when he heard Gravis’ now healthy voice, he looked up at Gravis.

And he continued looking at Gravis, not turning away.

It was like what he saw just didn’t register.

Gravis looked into his opponent’s eyes.

“Tell me,” Gravis said. “I really want to know what kind of backward justifications and logic you have to use to rationalize such a stupid act.”

Slowly, the man’s face transformed from serene kindness and peace to shock and fear.

“H-How a-are you still al-alive!?” he sputtered loudly as he pointed at Gravis with a shaking finger. “What is going on!?”


Gravis exploded forward with his full speed, and his speed was so fast that it was impossible for his opponent to react in such a distressed mindset.


Then, Gravis landed a clean fist on the opponent’s cheek, breaking parts of his skull as he got flung into the distance.

“Stop sidetracking the conversation!” Gravis shouted.

“I want to know why you are shouting out the name of your attack!”


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