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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 734: Interference Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis’ opponent stopped several kilometers away in shock. He still couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that Gravis was still alive. How could someone an entire Circulation under him block his most powerful strike!? Sure, he didn’t use all his Energy, but he used 20%!

“This is not real!” the man shouted with rage and denial. “You must have used a trick! No one on your level can resist my attack!”


Gravis exploded forward again, but this time, his opponent was ready. Gravis punched again, but the opponent blocked the punch with his spear. Yet, a second punch was closing in from Gravis’ other arm. Luckily, the man also managed to block this attack. Such basic attacks couldn’t hit him.


Suddenly, the man felt an impact in his abdomen as he was thrown into the distance again. What happened!? Gravis’ legs hadn’t moved! This wasn’t a kick!

Gravis had summoned an additional arm from his beast form to punch his opponent. He had six arms, and it would be a waste to not use them.

“I said, stop sidetracking!” Gravis shouted with annoyance. “I want to know why you shouted out the name of your attack!”

The onlookers went through one shock after the other. Gravis even knew enough Life Laws to summon additional limbs!? He had an Immortal body! Summoning additional limbs needed knowledge in level four Laws of Life! Did this mean that this Ascender knew a level four Law? How!?

Sadly for them, they didn’t know that Gravis’ body was a beast body with six arms. There were no Laws in place when Gravis punched.

Gravis’ opponent felt the pain of Gravis’ punch, and his expression turned into one of rage. “More tricks-“


Gravis shot forward again and unleashed a barrage of punches. The guy tried to block them, but Gravis had the edge in a fistfight due to his superior quantity of arms.


Gravis’ opponent received several punches across his body, and he quickly realized that he couldn’t win against Gravis in a fistfight. What a disgrace!


Gravis hit something solid and felt his hand break.

His opponent had summoned a tower shield. Obviously, he had conceded the fact that he couldn’t win in a fistfight and resorted to using a shield.

“You think that will stop me?” Gravis asked. “I will get an answer out of you, no matter what!”

Gravis closed in again and used his superior speed to move around his opponent. Additionally, Gravis was using four arms and even equipped them with different weapons. The fistfight was over, and Gravis unleashed a fierce barrage of weapon attacks from all angles.


Yet, all attacks got blocked. Gravis’ superior quantity of arms and superior speed wasn’t enough to break through his opponent’s defense. Sure, Gravis managed to unleash attacks at areas where there was no shield, but some sort of barrier appeared in the shield’s place.

“My Sect has powerful attacks, but we also pride ourselves in our defense!” Gravis’ opponent shouted. “You might be able to resist my attack with a trick, but you won’t be able to break through my defense!”


Gravis didn’t stop attacking, but it was no use. Even with his superior attacking speed and speed in general, he just didn’t have enough power to break through his enemy’s defense.


Gravis created a Lightning Crescent and glared at his opponent.

Yet, his opponent, even after feeling the power of the Lightning Crescent, wasn’t impressed. “Foolish!” he shouted. “You, a mere servant, believe that such a makeshift weapon technique can break through my defense? I have to say that your attack feels very powerful, but my defense is there to block Weapon Techniques of other Weapon Cultivators on my level.”

“At best, your attack is only as powerful as others on my level, but how much Energy do you have to use? You will long run out of Energy before I can even feel the drain! Realize that it is meaningless to resist! Simply come with me to my Sect and work off your debt!” he shouted.

Gravis snorted. “You can’t kill me, so now you say that I am only supposed to work? Don’t act like you didn’t give it your best shot to kill me earlier!” Gravis shouted with a smirk.

The man remained silent.

‘I fucking hate earth Cultivators,’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes. ‘Always with their fucking defense! It’s a pain in the ass to fight them! Additionally, I don’t think that he’s lying. A Lightning Crescent probably won’t injure him too much.’

Gravis unloaded his saber, retrieving his stored Energy and Spirit.

The guy smirked. “Finally, you come to terms with your situation. Just give up and come with me to my Sect,” he said.

Gravis only smirked. “You believe yourself to be Immortal in front of me, eh?” he asked.

The guy snorted. “You can’t break through my defense.”

Gravis chuckled a bit. “Well, then I have just the right attack for a turtle like you.”


A gigantic spear appeared beside Gravis, and with it, an impossible amount of intricately woven lightning. All the runes were connected to Gravis’ body to make it impossible for his opponent to destroy the connection with his Will-Aura.

Gravis unleashed everything he had into the spear and runes as they shone brightly. Then, he pulled back and readied himself for a throw.

The guards at the ground nearly felt their eyes leaving their sockets. What was this technique? They had never seen anything like it. What were these runes? Why was the power inside the spear distributed so unevenly and strangely?

Even after looking at Mortality for a while, they couldn’t make sense of it. This didn’t seem like any Weapon Technique they had ever seen. Was this even a weapon technique?

Yet, one thing was certain.

It was powerful.

Very powerful!

Really powerful!


The air around Gravis sizzled with a ton of Laws as the lightning runes started spinning crazily. The air around him shook as tremors went through the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Gravis’ opponent felt terror. This attack was far too powerful! Could he resist that? Probably? Maybe? Maybe not? Unlikely?


“To quote you, go in peace into your next life… or something. I didn’t really listen that closely,” Gravis said.

“And as for you shouting the name of your attack, you can take that secret to the grave with you.”


The atmosphere around Gravis halted as everything seemingly clicked into place. His next move would unleash his technique.

“Junior brother, wait!” a shout suddenly came.

Everyone turned to the direction that voice came from and they saw someone.

Someone new had arrived, and this person was not weak at all.

In fact, he was in the Mid Major Circulation Immortal Realm!


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