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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 657: Soul and Spirit Bahasa Indonesia

Heaven continued attacking Gravis continually, forcing him to resist its ever-increasingly powerful attacks.

In the beginning, it had been relatively easy for Gravis to survive, but as more time passed, it became harder and harder.

After 100 years, Gravis was close to death, and he would have already died if he hadn’t been able to understand several Laws.

Blocking and parrying the elemental attacks was still a possibility with his regeneration of Life Energy, but one of the elements became a massive issue for him.

The level three Law of the Wood Element.

Whenever he blocked this element, Gravis felt an incredible pain shoot throughout his Spirit. This Law attacked his Spirit directly, and Gravis had never been attacked by something like this before.

Whenever this pain appeared, Gravis felt his Spirit being torn apart. This resulted in him losing focus and making it harder for him to control his body, Energy, and lightning. The follow-up attacks from Heaven with a different element were the most dangerous situations for him.

That was when he managed to comprehend the level two Law of Soul Regeneration, a similar Law to what Ferris had managed to comprehend back then.

This Law allowed Gravis to quickly regenerate his Spirit by sacrificing part of his lightning. Thanks to this Law, the follow-up attacks of Heaven became stoppable.

Yet, instead of relenting with the soul-based attacks, Heaven increased their intensity.

Heaven saw that Gravis had managed to comprehend a Law of the Soul, and this was a prime opportunity to push him further into that direction. The Life Laws were integral to reaching supreme power! This was all for the future! All for its ancestor!

Heaven started to use its level four Law of the Elements to increase the power of the level three Law Wood Element to level four!

Yes, this was something that the level four Law of the Elements could do. It not only allowed the user to use all the Laws inside the Law but also allowed them to increase its power by an entire level. Instead of being attacked by a level three Law, Gravis was now being attacked by a level four Law.

This level four Law of the Elements was also the reason why Heaven had been able to unleash the power of a level five Law. The level four Law of the Elements increased the power of the level three Law elements to level four, and its Avatar increased the level again, resulting in the power of a level five Law.

Heaven was able to boost the power of a level three Law to a level five Law.

By watching how Heaven attacked, Gravis also learned a lot about the Avatar, and he also understood what Heaven wanted him to accomplish.

Heaven wanted Gravis to condense the same Avatar that Heaven had.

Gravis was pretty sure by now what Law this was.

This was the Law of the Dead World!

According to logic, Gravis could infer the components of this Law, and he also realized how powerful such an Avatar was. The Law of the Dead World was comprised of the level three Law of Matter, the level three Law of the Elements, the level three Law of Gravity, the level three Law of Time, and the level three Law of Space.

As its name suggested, this was the Composition Law of a dead world.

Matter was present.

The elements were present.

The primordial forces were present.

Everything that Gravis could see around him was present in this Law. The only missing thing was life.

Yet, Heaven had already told Gravis that the Law of the True World, which should be the Law of the Dead World together with the Laws of Life, was a level five Law. As long as Gravis was an Immortal, it would be impossible for him to learn it.

Gravis was also sure that the Law of the True World was an integral component to reaching supreme power.

Yet, that left one question.

How was the Law of the Dead World able to boost the power of a level three elemental Law?

The level three Laws of the elements counted as components of a higher world, not a middle world. The Minor Law of the Dead World, which should be a level four Law, shouldn’t have the higher-tiered elements inside it. So, how was it able to boost their power?

Gravis could only come to one conclusion.

The Avatar didn’t need to be upgraded all at once but could be upgraded step by step.

Since the level three Law of the Elements was already a part of the Avatar, it wasn’t too far-fetched to assume that Heaven could upgrade that part with the level four Law of the Elements. This meant that Heaven’s Avatar was comprised of several level three Laws and one level four Law.

Did this mean that an Avatar’s power didn’t always fall into the typical categorization of power for Laws? Logically, a level four Law shouldn’t have another level four Law inside it.

Yet, Gravis couldn’t argue with the facts that were shown before him. Somehow, this level four Law was inside Heaven’s Avatar.

In the next hundred years, Gravis managed to learn several other soul-related Laws.

One was the level two Law of Soul Infusion, the same one Ferris had comprehended. This allowed Gravis to order his attacks to move instead of directly controlling them. The advantage of this Law was that it wasn’t dispersible by a Spirit. The disadvantage was that Gravis could only give an order.

Gravis also managed to comprehend the Law of Soul Dispersal, which allowed him to use his Will-Aura as a medium to suppress the opponent’s Spirit. It didn’t destroy the Spirit, but it weakened it immensely, making it more difficult for the opponent to react.

Thanks to these Laws, Gravis also finally learned the difference between a Soul and a Spirit. This had always confused him a little bit. Wasn’t a Spirit already a Soul?

Surprisingly, that was true. The Spirit was the Soul.

The difference between a Soul and a Spirit was based on the being that had it. A Soul was a weaker form of a Spirit, which didn’t allow the user to remotely control anything not directly connected or related to them.

This meant that beasts and plants had Souls, while humans had Spirits. A Spirit was simply a better version of a Soul.

After another hundred years, Gravis managed to comprehend the level three Law of the Soul.

Yet, one question was apparent.

Why had Gravis needed 300 years to understand three level two Laws and one level three Law? Shouldn’t he be faster in comprehending?

The reason for that was Gravis’ current power.

It was too high.

As an Immortal, Gravis was no longer a being of the middle world. His Spirit had already stepped into the boundaries of a higher world. If he had been in the Immortal Realm for a lot longer, he would have already forgotten how it felt to have a lower-tiered Spirit.

The fact that he was still relatively new in this Realm meant that he could still remember how it felt to have a weaker Spirit. If he hadn’t been able to comprehend this Law now, he would have had to wait until he became powerful enough to travel to middle worlds on his own.

Sure, his father could have sent him there, but even though Gravis had accepted his muddled path, he didn’t want to rely too much on others. There was a difference between accepting critical help and seeking every help one could get.

This meant that Gravis could have only attempted to comprehend the Laws of the Soul when he had already become a God in the highest world. This would have been a major weakness of his.

After Heaven saw that Gravis managed to learn the level three Law of the Soul, it changed its approach.

Now, it attacked him with ever-increasing physical and elemental power. It even dispersed the level three Law of Wood. There was no longer any reason to use it… for now.

Heaven would push so many Laws into Gravis until he would also be able to unleash the power of a level five Law. This meant that it also wanted him to comprehend all the level three Laws of the Elements.

But first, it wanted to push Gravis towards another Law.


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