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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 656: Variable Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had obviously already forged his new equipment. However, creating this equipment hadn’t been so easy. This was a middle world, and a middle world normally didn’t have any materials fitting for Immortal equipment.

Because of that, Gravis had gathered a ton of the most powerful materials in the world and mixed them together until he had been able to create some equipment fitting for his level. Sadly, his equipment still barely reached the power of the Initial Immortal Realm.

With Gravis now having six arms, his weapons had also changed. He actually carried four shields, two on his upper pair of arms and two on his lower pair of arms. His middle pair of arms held sabers.

Gravis had many different weapons stored in his Spirit Space, but he required a ton of defense to survive against Heaven. Even though everyone shared the same goal in making Gravis powerful, Heaven wouldn’t pull its punches.


The elements appeared around Gravis as he readied himself for battle.

Heaven shot Gravis an even look.


And then, Heaven summoned its elements.

Just like Gravis, Heaven had summoned eight different balls of elements. Yet, these were not the same elements as Gravis had summoned. No, these were the level three Law equivalents to Gravis’ elements.

This picture demonstrated the difference in power between Gravis and Heaven. Gravis was only able to summon the level one Law elements, while Heaven summoned the level three Law equivalents.

Gravis knew that it wasn’t possible to summon all of these elements at once if Heaven hadn’t comprehended an applicable Law that combined all of these Laws. Heaven had a lightning affinity, which was also one of the reasons why most of its power came from lightning.

If Gravis had comprehended the level three Fire Law, he wouldn’t be able to use it. His Law of the Elements only allowed him to control and summon the elements that were inside the Law. If he wanted to summon the level three equivalents, he would need to comprehend all of them and then understand the fused level four Law.

Yet, how difficult was that? In order to comprehend this Law, Gravis would need to understand the level three equivalents of all the elements. These were eight level three Laws that had to be understood in one go. Learning several level one Laws was different from learning several level three Laws in one go.

If Gravis had to hazard a guess on how long he would need to comprehend these Laws, he would think it would take him several thousand years. These were complicated Laws with affinities he didn’t have. Understanding these Laws would be a momentous undertaking.

This was the difference between Heaven and him. Heaven was incomprehensibly old and had had a seemingly infinite amount of time to comprehend these Laws. Meanwhile, Gravis had only been alive for 1.300 years. This was the power of age and effort.

“Comprehend any Law you want,” Heaven said. “As long as it allows you to survive longer against me, you may comprehend whatever you want.”

“And what am I supposed to do while you attack me with an unending barrage?” Gravis asked with a sneer. “Am I supposed to just stand here and take it?”

“You can try to kill me, Gravis,” Heaven said. “Yet, do not forget that I know everything about you, and I also know all the Laws you have comprehended. You can’t surprise me with anything, and I won’t allow you to kill me.”

“If, by a random chance, you manage to kill me, you can do so, but that is an impossibility. Even if you had the power to kill me right now, there would be no reason to kill me. This is the best opportunity for you to become powerful. Would you waste such an incredibly valuable tempering opportunity just to get some emotional satisfaction?” Heaven asked.

Gravis remained silent as he readied his weapons.


Gravis shot forward at Heaven with his full speed. This had to be a real fight. If this weren’t a real fight, Gravis wouldn’t be able to become more powerful. Only when one used all their power to win would it count as true tempering.


A wall of earth appeared between them as Heaven didn’t move. Gravis’ two sabers hit the wall of earth, but they were just barely powerful enough to break through it. This was the level three Law of Earth. Even if Gravis managed to destroy this wall, all his attacking power had already been used up.


Heaven activated its Will-Aura, and Gravis felt the sheer power of it. Due to the level suppression, Gravis was slowed down by 20%. It had been forever since Gravis had fought someone with a Will-Aura more powerful than his own.

Gravis activated his own Will-Aura and put the Law of Suppression and the Law of Minor Death on top of it. With these two Laws, Gravis managed to push his Will-Aura to a level where it was Heaven that became suppressed.


Yet, Heaven simply also activated its own Law of Suppression and Law of Minor Death. With this, Gravis became the suppressed one again.


Yet, there was something that Gravis had over Heaven. His Law of Apathy! As soon as he activated it, Heaven’s Will-Aura was pushed back again until it only suppressed Gravis by 5%. This solitary level two Law allowed Gravis to nearly close the gap of an entire level. Sadly, it was only nearly.

Heaven shot a ball of fire at Gravis, and this ball of fire was no joke. Not only was it the level three Law equivalent to fire, but it was also supported with the level three Law of Supreme Heat. The two Laws played off of each other, increasing both their powers until they nearly reached the power of a level four Law.

Gravis couldn’t use his Composition Laws to weaken this attack. After all, he understood fire, but he didn’t understand Inferno. The fact that he understood the level one Law equivalent to Inferno didn’t matter one bit. These two things were not related, and the level one Composition Law had absolutely no effect on the Law of Inferno.

This meant that Gravis was facing an elemental attack that he couldn’t weaken with his Composition Laws. Heaven was starting out strong.


Gravis weakened the temperature with his level two Law of Cold, but it only had a minor effect.


Suddenly, Gravis summoned several powerful balls of mud that he threw at the fireball. Earth and water countered fire, and mud was the fusion of earth and water. Even though the Law of Mud was only a level one Law, it still exhibited the power of a level two Law in this case.

Yet, the fireball still came closer, and Gravis had to align his shields into a ramp. The blistering heat started melting his shields and body.


Gravis parried the fireball as it shot into the dark horizon behind him. His shields were nearly molten, but Gravis quickly stabilized them again. He was not only using his shield. He was also the forger of his shields, and he could simply return them to their original form as long as they weren’t completely shattered.


Far behind Gravis, the fireball exploded, taking out a massive chunk of the world. Yet, something interesting happened.


The world started to regenerate. Not only that, but the previously destroyed portion of the world also reappeared.

Then, a flood of Energy filled the world.

“My ancestor grants us Energy,” Heaven said. “Only with Energy can you train. Be thankful to my ancestor.”

Gravis only stayed silent with narrowed eyes.

Heaven summoned another fireball and combined it with earth to create magma. “My attacks will only increase in intensity.”


And Gravis shot at Heaven again. He didn’t like to be on the receiving end of a one-sided beatdown. Even if there was a tiny chance of victory, Gravis would do this best to grasp it.

Thus, they started to fight intensely as the world around them got destroyed and rebuilt.

Meanwhile, in the highest world, the highest Heaven watched all of this with satisfaction.

As long as it treated Gravis with genuine kindness, its plan would work. Genuine kindness was the weakness of someone with Gravis’ mindset. Gravis wasn’t someone that would kill someone that had only shown kindness to him.

Yet, for some reason, the highest Heaven didn’t feel confident.

For some reason, there was something in the back of its mind that told it that there might be something that it had overlooked.

Yet, how was this possible? The highest Heaven knew everything. It knew everything about Gravis, and there was no way that Gravis would throw such an opportunity away. After all, this tempering was only good for him.

But the highest Heaven just couldn’t swallow this feeling. It felt like some of its pets were about to escape. Yet, it was physically impossible for its pets to escape. It just wasn’t possible.

However, the feeling just didn’t vanish.

The highest Heaven simply had this feeling that there was a variable it had missed. But it couldn’t have missed something. Gravis had even handed over his family! Gravis was following the highest Heaven’s plan! Not even the Opposer was able to escape from its grand plan!

Due to its uncertainty, the highest Heaven inspected Gravis once more. It already knew everything about him, but maybe there was something it had missed.

Suddenly, the highest Heaven’s eyes widened in shock.

When did that happen!?

“You stay out of this,” the Opposer said to the highest Heaven with a smirk.

Now, the highest Heaven felt a bit nervous.

It only hoped that its child would notice this peculiarity on its own.

Otherwise, its entire plan for Gravis might be thrown out of the window!


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