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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 593: Average Power of This World Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis left his Life Ring and searched for powerful materials in the surroundings. Right now, he was beside the Grand Lake, which was the core of the world. The most powerful materials in the world could be found here, and no beast was interested in these ores.

Gravis also grabbed some different kinds of powerful wood from Meadow, who just commented that Gravis was tearing her apart. He had a good chuckle at her comments but quickly went back to comprehend materials.

He found a ton of powerful materials that he couldn’t fully manipulate. After all, a lot of these materials were at the peak Law Comprehension Realm, far too powerful for the current Gravis. He couldn’t experiment with them as much as he wanted, but he could, at least, look at them.

Since Gravis was a level five King now, he could manipulate Initial Law Comprehension Rank Materials, which was already a massive step forward compared to his last Law Comprehension session.

Back when Gravis had just killed the Inquisitor, he had thought about the possibility that Law Comprehension Materials would become much more powerful to deal with the powerful level two Laws that all Emperors knew. Sadly, this was not the case.

If Gravis forged an Initial Law Comprehension Rank Material with his Hard Pure Law, he would be able to create a weapon or armor that would withstand the attacks of any level one Emperor.

Except their level two Law.

This was an issue since the simple usage of a level two Law could completely decimate his armor and weapons. His last opponent, the grey elephant, was a good demonstration regarding the power of his equipment.

Back then, Gravis had created materials that were akin to the theoretical level of Half-Step Emperor, which actually didn’t exist. By using his Hard Pure Law, he was able to create something that managed to withstand most of the elephant’s physical attacks. Only the all-out charge with his tusks had managed to destroy Gravis’ armor.

Yet, one had to remember that none of the elephant’s attacks had been backed by Laws. Metal beasts mainly relied on their metal transformation to unleash their offensive Laws. Since Gravis countered the elephant’s metal transformation, the elephant could use basically no level one Law.

Any level one Law from the elephant would have destroyed Gravis’ weapons and armor. Now, with Gravis being a level five King, he could create actual armor and weapons on the Emperor level. With this new armor, the elephant wouldn’t have been able to destroy Gravis’ armor and weapons, even if Gravis only stood still.

This armor could resist the power of any level one Law. Since the elephant hadn’t comprehended an offensive level two Law but an auxiliary level two Law, the elephant wouldn’t have been able to get through Gravis’ armor.

Yet, this was only specific to the elephant. If Gravis took his servant, Morus, as an example, the true resistance of Gravis’ armor would be shown.

Back then, Gravis had specifically created an armor to counter Morus by fusing it with materials that had an incredible fire resistance. This had helped his armor immensely. As long as Gravis had been attacked by fire, his armor had basically been an entire level higher.

This meant that if Gravis forged a new armor with Initial Law Comprehension Rank Materials now, without fire-resistant materials, the armor would be just as good as the one he had used against Morus. Gravis could resist the small fireballs and physical attacks, but Morus’ fire copies would melt it with frightening speed.

And that was considering that Morus’ level two Law was part offensive and part auxiliary. If he had comprehended a purely offensive level two Law, Gravis’ armor would have been destroyed after only a single attack.

So, what did all of this mean?

It meant that equipment forged with materials from a specific rank could only resist attacks created by a level one Law of the same rank without breaking. This was the base.

Yet, why did the highest world have this categorization of weapons and armor? The name of the materials showed that they could resist anyone at the same level as the material. At first glance, this seemed faulty since every Emperor had a level two Law at their disposal. This meant that the equipment wouldn’t be able to resist.

By now, Gravis had already realized the reason for this categorization. This reason only became logical if one looked at the things Gravis had learned after his fight with the Inquisitor.

First clue: This was an elite medium natural world. The beasts from here were way more powerful than the average beasts.

Second clue: The Hard Complex Law was a level two Law, and not a level one Law. Back then, Gravis hadn’t known that.

These two clues allowed Gravis to see the reason why the highest world still categorized the materials and equipment like this. In the average and highest world, only peak Emperors would learn level two Laws. In the average or in the highest world, there were no bottlenecks for beasts.

In the highest world, beasts didn’t need to make 1,000 children to become Kings. This allowed them to immediately continue forward with eating more food and becoming more powerful. Due to them having no break, they wouldn’t learn as much about Laws.

In the highest world, beasts didn’t need to learn a level two Law to become Emperors. This was an enormous change with powerful consequences. In this world, the average age of a level five King that became an Emperor was between 800 and 1,200 years. In the highest world, that age would probably drop to something like 100 to 200 years.

Level one Emperors would, on average, maybe know two level one Laws in the highest world. In comparison to this medium natural world, that was absolutely pathetic. There was even a possibility that a new Immortal beast hadn’t even comprehended a single level two Law. Every single Ultimate in this world could kill such a weak Immortal, even though there was a level difference of two levels.

So, all in all, the categorization of materials and weapons made sense. Since nearly no Emperor in the highest world knew any level two Laws, all the equipment created with Initial Law Comprehension Rank Materials and the Hard Pure Law would be able to resist the beasts.

Additionally, if there were an Emperor that understood a level two Law, the same materials could also withstand their level two Law. The only difference was that the materials had to be manipulated by the Hard Complex Law, which was a level two Law.

By now, Gravis had inferred that the rank of the materials only showed the potential of what one could create with them. An Initial Law Comprehension Rank Material forged with the Hard Pure Law could withstand all level one Laws of a level one Emperor. If the same material were forged with the Hard Complex Law, it could withstand all level two Laws of a level one Emperor.

This meant that the categorization of the highest world still held firm and made a lot of sense. It just became less helpful in this world due to the high power of the average Emperor.

‘I need to comprehend the Hard Complex Law. Otherwise, my fights might become troublesome,’ Gravis thought as he poked a stone on the ground.


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