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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 594: Ultimates’ Display Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis spent the next two years looking at many different materials. Understanding a level two Law wasn’t as easy as understanding a level one Law, which was why Gravis hadn’t managed to understand it until now. The knowledge Gravis had to comprehend was insane.

Gravis had only comprehended one level two Law by himself, which was his Law of Suppression. He had only managed to comprehend it due to him coming into contact with this concept for his entire life.

Understanding a level two Law was difficult and time-consuming.

“It’s time,” Azure said as she appeared beside Gravis.

“Already?” Gravis asked. It didn’t feel like he had spent two entire years here.

Azure nodded. “We must return to the ruler,” she said.

Gravis sighed to reset his mindset. “Okay,” he said with fire in his eyes.

The two of them then traveled to the shore of the Grand Lake. Since the sea beast Ultimates also took part in this year’s Ultimate’s Meet, the venue had changed to be half in water and half on land.

When Gravis arrived, he noticed the gathered Ultimates.

He saw Meadow, who simply remained silent. He saw Sary talking to the blue swallow, the land beasts’ Water Ultimate. He saw the Lightning Ultimate standing some kilometers away from them with closed eyes. These were all the land beasts’ Ultimates since the Metal Ultimate had died while fighting against the Light Ultimate.

Inside the water, Gravis saw the octopus, the sea beasts’ Water Ultimate. Some kilometers away from him, Gravis saw the grey lobster, the sea beasts’ Metal Ultimate. At the area where the shore met the sealine, Gravis saw the white snake, the Light Ultimate.

Right now, all of them were concentrating on their own Laws. Displaying these Laws probably took up a lot of planning and Energy.

Meadow noticed Gravis’ arrival and turned to the Ultimates. “Alright, bitches! It’s time to show your massive Law-dicks to the world! Since I have the biggest one, I will go first,” she announced.

All beasts looked at Meadow with intensity. Would Meadow show her level three Laws for the first time?

The surrounding kilometers around Meadow were transformed as a forest appeared. Gravis could see many different kinds of plants. He knew nearly all of them, but many had variations on them that he hadn’t seen before.

Gravis saw plants with different kinds of bark. One exceptionally tall tree even had the same bark that Meadow had shown with her true body. This was the level three Law of Ancient Bark, the most powerful material after the level three Law metal.

The forest also had several clearings that were filled with wooden beings, constantly fighting each other. In one clearing, two wooden beasts continually flew around each other at insanely high speeds. This was a showcase of two beasts fighting with the level three Law of Supreme Speed.

In a different clearing, two muscular, wooden beasts fought each other without moving much. They were simply punching each other, creating powerful shockwaves each time they collided. On top of that, they also had been created with Ancient Bark. The reason for that was that any other material would be destroyed when confronted with the level three Law of Supreme Strength.

At the edge of the forest, Gravis saw the same tree multiple times, but with different sizes. The smallest tree wasn’t taller than a mortal tree, but the size increased two-fold as one looked at the trees right-to-left. The last one was 100 kilometers tall. As the size of the trees increased, their power also increased. This was the showcase of the level three Law of Size.

The last major display in Meadow’s forest was an area with multiple plants. The surroundings of these plants shimmered with a white light, and when Gravis’ Spirit entered this area, he felt like he hit a wall. It was like the white light was able to interact, block, and even attack his Spirit. This was the level three Law of elemental wood.

The remainder of the forest showed many other plants performing different actions. Some of them were constantly whipping each other, while others continually created spears. Some weaker, wooden beasts even fought each other with different kinds of fighting styles.

There were so incredibly many Laws on display here. By now, Gravis was sure that Meadow was showcasing over 150 different Laws. This was insane! Even the level two Laws were in the double digits!

The Ultimates couldn’t take their eyes off Meadow’s imposing display. This was unreal even for their standards. Additionally, everyone felt that a flood of Energy came from outside and entered the forest. By displaying so much, Meadow was using just as much Energy as she could regenerate.

Sary chuckled a bit. “I’m next,” she said.

Sary became 100 kilometers tall. After that, a lot of small, unfertilized eggs left her body as they surrounded her. No new life would be born from these eggs, but all the eggs showed a different kind of Life Law.

Sary had created these eggs to display their Life Law over the next 50 years. They were using slightly more Energy than they passively absorbed, and when the 50 years were up, they would run out of Life Energy and die.

In some eggs, one could see claws being formed and then broken down again. The same thing happened in other eggs with different kinds of materials. Gravis could see organs, muscles, skin, scales, claws, hair, bones, blood, and many more different kinds of living matter being created and broken down again.

These eggs showed the Growth Laws and Composition Laws of living matter. Some eggs even appeared like they were doing absolutely nothing, but if one looked at them with their senses, they could see tiny organisms, invisible to the naked eye, being created and broken down.


Suddenly, several roots appeared that buried themselves into Sary. These roots tried their beast to destroy Sary’s body by absorbing the Life Energy inside her and destroying her insides.

The Ultimates looked with shock at Meadow. “Chill out,” Meadow said. “This was Sary’s idea since this is the best way to showcase her new Law of Energy Healing. Also, if she didn’t supply Life Energy to me, I wouldn’t be able to keep my display up for long.”

Sure enough, Sary didn’t react to the roots. Due to her self-destructive fighting style, physical pain was nothing but a mere nuisance to her. Gravis also noticed that even more Energy was moving to this location from all over the world. Meadow and Sary were using up an incredible amount of Energy.

Gravis guessed that this middle Heaven probably had its work cut out for it this time. After all, one shouldn’t forget that Energy and energy were two different things. The capitalized Energy referred to the physical force that made up all matter and elements. The uncapitalized energy was just energy.

Cultivators and beasts used the capitalized Energy as fuel to make attacks, which would count as uncapitalized energy. Gravis couldn’t just use heat to create Punishment Lightning. Sure, he could use heat and transform it with a contraption to create natural lighting, but he couldn’t create Punishment Lightning like this.

The transformation of physical force back into Energy required Heaven to manually perform it. Something like this didn’t happen automatically. This was also the reason why the Energy in the lower world, when Gravis had fought the lower Heaven, had lowered and even vanished at the end.

Back then, the lower Heaven had been too busy trying to survive. Transforming heat and movement into physical Energy wasn’t something Heaven could have done in that situation.

So, right now, these Ultimates were transforming a ridiculous amount of Energy into energy, and Heaven had to manually transform it back. It was like two people were melting down gold coins into random forms of gold chunks while Heaven had to take these random chunks of gold to recreate the molten down gold coins.

“I’m next,” the blue swallow said. She also grew to be 100 kilometers big and summoned a huge amount of water from the Grand Lake. After that, she created different floating pools in the air. Some of them were violently moving around to show the concept of a stream. Others were green to show some Law regarding healing.

Yet, there was not only water. There were also different kinds of ice and ice storms. Additionally, one could also see different kinds of steam flying around.

The most impressive display was a shining, deep-blue area. When Gravis’ Spirit entered this area, he felt like it was about to freeze over. This was the level three Law of Supreme Cold.

“My turn,” the Lightning Ultimate said with authority.


Huge stormy clouds appeared that continually struck the ground with different kinds of lightning. Additionally, different bolts moved and acted differently. Some of them exploded with more power, which showcased the Law of Explosiveness of Lightning. Others didn’t make a sound at all, which showed the Law of Lightning Concentration.

Some attracted different kinds of ore, showcasing magnetism. Others moved faster to show Lightning’s Speed. Some others even moved incredibly slowly, probably showcasing some kind of Lightning’s Stasis Law or something. Gravis didn’t know enough to categorize it right now.

Sadly, the Lightning Ultimate didn’t have a level three Law to showcase, which made his show appear much less impressive than the other shows.

“I’m next,” the Light Ultimate said.


Bright light appeared that illuminated everything in the surroundings. The beams moved around erratically and not in a straight line like one was used to seeing. Some of them hit some flowers on the ground, making the flowers grow. Others hit the same flower, making it wilt again.

Gravis’ eyes shone. ‘Light can also sap Life Energy?’ he thought with shock. This was something only darkness could do. Was it possible that light could cross over into the domain of darkness?

Lastly, some light beams moved around at insane speeds. This showcased the level three Law of Light’s Speed.

“My turn,” the octopus said. Then, just like the land beasts’ Water Ultimate, he created a lot of pools. Yet, many of his pools showcased other Laws. Just because both of them had the water element didn’t mean that they had comprehended the same Laws. Sadly, the octopus also hadn’t comprehended a level three Law.

“Now me,” the lobster said as chunks of ore exploded out of the ground. Additionally, he created a wide variety of different kinds of ore. Some ores were harder, while some were more flexible. Additionally, the same ore under the Metal Ultimate’s manipulation showed different properties. Some ore that should be hard and rigid showed an impressive amount of flexibility.

‘Sure enough, there’s more to metal than just its composition,’ Gravis thought as he watched, enraptured.

With this, all the Ultimates showcased their Laws. While they kept the display going, they also watched the displays of the other Ultimates with interest.

“Time starts now,” Meadow announced.

Then, everything became silent except for the rampaging elements. All Ultimates were concentrating on comprehending.

An insane amount of Energy was pulled into this circle of Ultimates from all around the world. Heaven probably had to work overtime.

Gravis and Azure stood in the middle of the circle, and they felt like they were bathing in a beautiful rainbow of different elements and Energy.

Azure wasn’t sure where she should begin, while Gravis immediately knew where he wanted to start. While Azure was still hesitating in the middle, Gravis walked closer to the sea beasts’ Metal Ultimate.

First, Gravis wanted to finish his Hard Complex Composition Law. The display of the Metal Ultimate would make everything far easier for him. After that, he would take a glance at the Light Ultimate to comprehend light’s Composition. Gravis was also pretty sure that the darkness Composition would quickly follow suit when he understood light.

Thus, Gravis began his next 50 years of comprehending Laws.


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