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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 525: Law Rank Bahasa Indonesia

After nearly four hours, Gravis was finished with his preparations and back in his peak condition. He had used up all the ore that he had found and transformed it all into equipment. Gravis knew that this fight would be different from his fight with Jessy.

Jessy had been a beast with a darkness affinity, which meant that she mainly used evasion, stealth, and hidden attacks as her weapons. Meanwhile, the Inquisitor was a beast with the earth affinity. Gravis’ fight with Jessy had been a battle of detection, strategy, and evasion, while this battle would be a direct clash.

Beasts with the earth affinity were one of the slowest ones, and together with Gravis’ Law of Suppression, the Inquisitor’s speed would be even further lowered. Gravis definitely had the speed advantage in this fight. Normally, such an advantage would guarantee victory for Gravis, but the Inquisitor surely had an incredible defense.

Gravis thought back to his fight with the Golden Dragon and realized that the fight would probably go similarly. Back then, Gravis had had huge issues with trying to injure the Golden Dragon, even with his Lightning Crescent. This time, it wouldn’t be any different. Gravis’ biggest issue would be to penetrate the Inquisitor’s powerful defense.

Right now, Gravis was a bit uncertain deep inside. He had barely won against an average beast three levels higher than him, but the Inquisitor was not an average beast. He was definitely one of the more powerful ones.

Gravis quickly shook his head to regain his bearings. “If I die, so be it. Not everyone reaches the peak. If I pull back from a winnable fight, I might decide to pull back from the next fights as well. If I do that, my path to power might come to an end, and I will remain forever in this world,” Gravis said to himself with battle-intent.

“Let’s see how this goes.”

With that said, Gravis flew in the direction of the Inquisitor. Gravis was as prepared as he could be, and there was no reason to waste any more time.

After a couple of minutes, Gravis entered the range of the Inquisitor’s senses, who narrowed his eyes. ‘Sure enough, he has kept to his word. Today, you will die, traitor!’ the Inquisitor thought coldly.

Instead of flying towards Gravis, the Inquisitor simply waited at his spot. Currently, the Inquisitor stood upon a mighty mountain that hadn’t been there before. Obviously, the Inquisitor had prepared that mountain beforehand. Gravis was not the only one who could prepare for an upcoming fight.

After some seconds, Gravis stopped a couple of kilometers in front of the Inquisitor and watched him with a severe gaze. This was no longer a companion but a powerful enemy.

“So you have arrived to- “


Gravis shot forward with his full speed and attacked the Inquisitor immediately with his saber, forcing the Inquisitor to abort his speech. There was no reason to waste any time talking. Due to the speed difference, Gravis arrived at the Inquisitor’s side so fast that he nearly couldn’t react.

Yet, the Inquisitor was not some greenhouse flower. He had been through his fair share of life and death situations, and he would never let his guard down.

BANG! Whoom!

The Inquisitor immediately transformed into his true size, which was an incredible 50 kilometers long. This was the biggest beast Gravis had ever fought. After that, without any pause, some earth from the mountain below the Inquisitor rose into the air to surround him. In almost an instant, his whole body was encased inside a ball of hardened earth.


Gravis’ Will-Aura destroyed the will upon the earth, making it unable to do anything else than defend. The Inquisitor became shocked when he realized that he had lost control over the earth-shield.


Gravis’ saber dug deep into the earth shield, creating an ear-grating sound that shook the surroundings. Even with using all his powers, Gravis only barely managed to get the tip of his saber through the earth shield, but that was all that he needed.

The saber’s tip inside the earth shield exploded with lightning as a Lightning Crescent shot out of it. The eyes of the Inquisitor widened as he felt the power of the approaching attack.


The earth-sphere exploded as chunks of it shot into the distance, breaking mountains, trees, and ground. Some chunks barely missed the watching squad, who immediately realized that they were still too close to the fight. The watching squad immediately retreated several more kilometers for safety reasons.


Another explosion of lightning appeared immediately below Gravis as he shot towards the Inquisitor again. The shockwave of the Lightning Crescent had thrown him away, but he immediately closed the distance again. In no time at all, Gravis closed in on the Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor had barely managed to turn his side towards the approaching Lightning Crescent. Thanks to his powerful defense, he managed to survive. This had been a fully powered Lightning Crescent that included Gravis’ pulse. Only beasts with an earth affinity or metal affinity could survive such a direct hit.

Yet, the Inquisitor had not escaped the situation without some major injuries. From his right front-leg, only a bone and some shreds of flesh remained. His right back-leg had a major part of it burned off, and parts of his bones showed there. The right half of his torso was also exposed as the skin, and huge areas of flesh had been burned away.

Gravis didn’t want to give the Inquisitor any chances to recover. Gravis had been able to get him by surprise, and that tactic wouldn’t work a second time. This was his best chance to win the fight!


Suddenly, Gravis jumped to the side without warning. The dodge had been so abrupt that it couldn’t possibly have been planned.


A powerful force pulled Gravis to the ground, and at his old position, a thin spire of earth shot into the sky. This spire had appeared so incredibly quickly that Gravis hadn’t even been able to keep track of its rise. To him, it looked like the spire had just appeared out of nowhere. Its speed had been absolutely terrifying!

Gravis had aborted his attack and decided to dodge due to his Law of Danger warning him. It had told him that if he continued his attack, he would die. Due to the feeling of danger, Gravis dodged without even thinking about it, and that action had saved his life.

The Inquisitor gritted his teeth as he realized that Gravis had managed to dodge his most powerful attack against all odds. ‘The Law of Danger!’ he thought with anger. ‘So that’s how he managed to find Jessy’s true body! This will be troublesome.’

Meanwhile, Gravis was circling the Inquisitor. ‘The force of attraction has vanished,’ Gravis thought as he remembered the force that pulled him to the ground just now. ‘It felt similar to gravity, but it didn’t feel quite the same. I also doubt that a King would be able to gain insights into the Laws of Gravity. Such a thing is way too advanced for our Realm.’

‘This means that this is some kind of Law of Attraction or Connection or something like that. If it were a Law of Gravity, I would still feel the force now. This force probably only works as long as I don’t touch the ground,’ Gravis quickly thought as he analyzed his opponent’s powers.

‘Additionally, that earth spire had been too fast to be just a regular Law. Such an insane speed and power couldn’t come from just one Law,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis was right.

What made the Inquisitor such an outstanding level five King? Was it the number of Laws that he understood?

No, the Inquisitor had comprehended five Laws, which was a slight bit above average for a level five King. So, why was he so powerful?

The reason for that was which Laws he had understood.

The Opposer had told Gravis that Laws could be categorized, and one needed to understand several smaller Laws to combine them into a bigger Law.

The Inquisitor was so powerful because he had comprehended a Low-Rank Law, which required one to comprehend several Initial Laws first.

His Law of Earth Movement, Earth Spire, and Earth Vibration combined into one single Law, which was the Law of the Spire. This Law increased his attacking power and attack speed to an insane degree. Additionally, using the Law didn’t use up as much Energy as one would believe.

This Law was the Inquisitor’s most powerful weapon, but he could use it several times, making it even more dangerous.


Gravis immediately stopped and turned around as another spire shot out in front of him with ridiculous speed.

‘He might be slower than me, but his attack speed is definitely much faster,’ Gravis thought.


Earth rose again as it created another shield around the Inquisitor. Additionally, the shield blocked Gravis’ Spirit Sense and made him unable to observe the Inquisitor.


Gravis dodged to the side as another Spire shot out of the Inquisitor’s shield. The Inquisitor had taken Gravis’ Law of Danger into account and wanted to unleash an attack from somewhere else. If Gravis had only paid attention to the ground, he would be dead right now.

Gravis circled the earth shield as he tried to think of a strategy. ‘Now I can’t even get close to him. If I get too close to the earth shield, I won’t have enough time to evade such a Spire.’

‘Fuck, this really is like the Golden Dragon back then!’


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