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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 526: Backlash Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis continued to circle the earth shield with his superior speed. Acceleration took way more Energy than stopping or keeping the speed going, which was why he didn’t stop. Yet, Gravis was still continually using up some Energy to keep the Law of Lightning Speed going.

He wasn’t using it to its full effect, but he needed to use it to uphold his speed advantage. Additionally, he used the pulse to give his body a boost for every step.

Time passed, and fewer and fewer attacks came from the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor saw that Gravis was using a Law to keep his speed going, and he was sure that Gravis would run out of Energy first. After all, there was a difference of three levels between them.

Of course, the Inquisitor didn’t know that Gravis was a human, which meant that his Energy storage was way larger than a beast’s. Yet, even this advantage couldn’t fully close the gap of three levels. The Inquisitor also didn’t know that Gravis’ pulse wasn’t using up nearly as much Energy as one thought.

Yet, according to Gravis’ calculations, he would still run out of Energy first if this situation continued. The Inquisitor was only keeping his shield going, which was obviously also a Law, while Gravis had to keep moving at high speed. Gravis was sure that he was using more Energy than the Inquisitor.

‘I need to change my approach,’ Gravis thought with a cold look in his eyes. ‘If this continues, I will be a sitting duck!’


Suddenly, Gravis turned and shot directly at the earth shield.


A spire shot out of the shield, directly towards Gravis. Luckily, Gravis’ Law of Danger didn’t disappoint him, and he managed to dodge. Yet, due to that, the distance between him and the earth shield increased again.


Even though Gravis had to dodge diagonally backward, the Spire was still there, and Gravis immediately cut it off with his saber. Then, he started circling the earth shield again.

‘You’re growing desperate,’ the Inquisitor thought coldly.

Why else would Gravis want to make such a risky maneuver? Did he want to waste the Inquisitor’s Energy? He was welcome to try that! There was a gap of three levels between them, and no matter what Gravis did, he wouldn’t be able to close the distance with such a major disadvantage.


Gravis did the same thing again, and everything repeated itself.

Then, it happened another time.


More earth rose from the ground to supplement the earth shield. As long as the Inquisitor kept using the earth on his earth shield, he would need to refill it regularly. Otherwise, his earth shield would become too weak to resist another all-out attack from Gravis.

Gravis’ eyes glimmered when he saw that. ‘Sure enough, he refilled his earth shield. Yet, this uses even more Energy than simply keeping it going in a passive state. If this continues, I might be able to make him exhaust his Energy first.’

This act of aggression happened again and again over the next hour. During that hour, Gravis managed to involuntarily increase his dodging-capability even further. Every spire was incredibly fast and lethal, and he couldn’t allow himself to get hit even once.

Luckily for Gravis, his concentration was able to keep up with the stressful situation. If he hadn’t trained his concentration with his father back then, he would feel incredibly exhausted right now.

‘The Battle-Strength of Kings is definitely much higher than the Battle-Strength of Lords,’ Gravis thought. ‘Without my powerful Law of Suppression, the Spires would be too fast for me to react to. Additionally, without my Law of Danger, I also wouldn’t be able to dodge.’

‘Sure enough, if I hadn’t fought against Jessy, I wouldn’t even have a chance in this fight. It was the correct decision to not waste a tempering opportunity.’

Gravis closed in again.


A spire shot out of the shield, and Gravis dodged backwards, but suddenly, his Law of Danger screamed at him. Several spots around and below him radiated incredible danger at the same time. He was in the middle of a field of Spires that were about to explode out of the ground, and Gravis knew that his speed wasn’t fast enough to evade.


The ground exploded with spires, but Gravis had been prepared for this situation. Right now, he no longer stood on the ground, but he was also not flying in the sky. Gravis stood upon a stacked pillar of shields, which he had summoned beneath him.

The ear-grating sound of a spire rapidly tearing through the shields could be heard. The shields were powerful enough to withstand a powerful attack from a level five King, but the attacking power of the spires was just unreal.

The spire destroyed a total of 13 shields, which was an incredible number. Gravis only had 21 of them prepared. This meant that this single spire had destroyed over half of his shields.


The fragments of the destroyed shields shot into the distance, punching through mountains on the horizon as the pillar of unharmed shields shot violently into the sky. The Formation Arrays on them, which increased the backlash, stacked and shot Gravis into the sky faster than he had ever moved before.

Gravis’ insides shook, and his mind blanked with pain. The acceleration was so rapid and intense that some of his organs ruptured. Right now, Gravis was only alive because of his modified torso.

After mere seconds, Gravis had reached a height of over 1,000 kilometers, which demonstrated the backlash’s intensity. Gravis had never been so high in the sky before, but he couldn’t waste his time watching his surroundings.

‘The force of attraction has not acted upon me yet,’ Gravis thought in a rare moment of calm. ‘This means that I have escaped the domain of the Law. If I directly go down, the force of the Law will pull me in with a ridiculous amount of force.’

Gravis quickly moved in an arc and shot diagonally to the ground so that he didn’t enter the domain of the mountain.


Yet, as soon as Gravis was 500 kilometers above the ground, he felt the force of attraction pulling him down. Gravis was shocked since he shouldn’t be closer to the mountain than initially. Yet, this distance was barely enough for him to see what was going on below him.

Gravis’ eyes widened as he accelerated towards the ground.

The Inquisitor had moved the mountain!

Gravis had been sure that the Inquisitor had prepared that mountain beforehand, and moving such a huge manifestation of a Law should cost an unreal amount of Energy!

Yet, the Inquisitor had decided to do that regardless. Apparently, he was no longer content with remaining passive. The Inquisitor probably realized that Gravis wasn’t using as much Energy as he had expected, which made him decide to commit to this attack.

The force of attraction made Gravis accelerate to the ground rapidly. Luckily, the acceleration wasn’t as abrupt as the backlash from his pillar of shields. Because of that, his body was able to adapt to the new speed.

This force of attraction was generated by the Law of Earth Connection, which forced the user and others to keep a constant connection with the ground. As long as someone was in the air above the mountain, the Law of Earth Connection would pull them downwards with incredible force. Of course, there was a range limit.

This Law was the bane of beasts that felt most comfortable in the air.

Gravis quickly came closer and felt his Law of Danger ringing.


Sure enough, more pillars shot at him.


Gravis barely managed to evade the Spire, but it had been difficult. Changing directions while moving at such insane speeds cost a lot of power and Energy.


More earth spires shot at Gravis, and the closer he got, the harder it was to evade.


Suddenly, Gravis summoned one of his shields beside him and kicked it. The backlash from the shield allowed Gravis to dodge all the earth spires.


Yet, a lot more earth spires shot at him, and Gravis was forced to summon more and more shields in an effort to dodge the avalanche of attacks. Of course, after kicking every shield, he retrieved them back into his Spirit Space.

Right now, Gravis was shooting towards the ground like an asteroid as he barely managed to change directions with his kicks.


Suddenly, one of the spires created another spire that shot at Gravis horizontally. The Law of Danger warned Gravis, but this sudden change of attack had still caught him by surprise.


The spire penetrated Gravis’ right abdomen, easily punching through his armor and scales. Luckily, the initial spire hadn’t offered enough space for another huge spire to form. Yet, this one was still a meter wide. If Gravis’ body had been as big as a human’s, he would have died. For once, the bigger size of his body had been an advantage.


Yet, the spire was not powerful enough to stop Gravis, and Gravis felt his abdomen tear as his speed forced the spire to leave his body by tearing open a huge gash.

Gravis gritted his teeth and used more shields to change his direction.

More spires shot at him, and he barely managed to dodge as he closed in on the ground.

‘Fuck! I wanted to use this to finish the fight!’ Gravis thought with frustration, ‘but there is no other way for me to survive!’

His Law of Danger told him that the ground below him was about to shoot out a ridiculous amount of spires, and Gravis wouldn’t be able to dodge them. So, he was forced to use the weapon he had planned on using later to finish the fight.


The will in the ground below him was destroyed as Gravis summoned the spire-filled clump of earth into his Spirit Space. He had planned on using that to absorb the Inquisitor’s shield for a finishing blow.


Gravis summoned several shields below him and kicked them all downwards with all his force to reduce his speed. Yet, in the end, he still created a huge crater as he hit the ground.

The Inquisitor was shocked that Gravis had made his spires vanish, but he only hesitated for a moment. After that, he summoned more spires in the ground where Gravis should be right now. Due to the impact, his senses couldn’t perceive Gravis’ exact location, so he simply summoned the spires in a wide spread.


Over ten spires shot out of the ground where Gravis should be, but the Inquisitor didn’t become careless.

He wouldn’t become careless until he saw Gravis’ corpse!


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