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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 513: Pulse Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had declared his stance towards Heaven and had taken the oath. Yet, to fulfill that oath, he first needed enough power. So, what would be his next course of action?

First of all, Gravis needed to become familiar with his new powers. His father had told him that humans would receive a new weapon when they reached the Nascent Nourishing Realm. Even though Gravis didn’t know what that weapon was, he already felt a peculiar feeling that hadn’t been there before.

It felt like his centers of power were even more connected than before. When he had been in the Unity Realm, it had felt like cables connected them, but now it felt like they were the same thing, just in different containers. It was hard to put this feeling into words, but this was the closest analogy Gravis could find.

Gravis moved his power around so that everything was perfectly equalized in his being. His body, his Spirit, and his lightning all had exactly the same amount of power now.


Gravis felt some kind of resonation inside his being. Additionally, he also felt like his being was about to pulse. The feeling could be likened to someone knowing that they would be sneezing in a couple of seconds. The pulsing wasn’t happening yet, but Gravis knew that he could will it to happen.


Gravis’ being pulsed, and he felt a burst of power coming out of his being. Yet, this additional power could not be used like this, making Gravis fall into thought again.

He remembered the feeling of the pulse and moved the power of his being around some more. Gravis realized that he could summon the pulse even when not everything was equalized. Yet, surprisingly, the pulse never became stronger than when Gravis pushed all his power into one center of power. Additionally, that center of power also couldn’t be increased further with the pulse. 300% of his power was the maximum.

“Hm,” Gravis hummed as he thought some more about this. “There has to be some use for this.”

Gravis made the pulse appear again and tried to concentrate it into one center of power. Whenever his being pulsed, that center of power would reach a power of 300%.

Gravis scratched his chin. “Hm, I can’t get past the 300% barrier in regards to one center of power, no matter what I do.”

Then, Gravis smirked.

“But I found something else.”

Whooom! BANG!

Gravis’ being pulsed again as he jumped forward with his body and lightning acceleration. Yet, surprisingly, Gravis was even faster than he should be.

“Just as I thought,” Gravis muttered with a smirk. “I only have 100% of power per center of power, which, when added, would be 300% of power. Moving my power around allows me to increase one of them to 300%, and the pulse also allows me to increase one to 300%.”

“Yet, they’re not mutually exclusive.”

Just now, Gravis had moved all his power into his lightning, increasing its power to 300%, while his body and Spirit both had 0%. Yet, by using the pulse, Gravis managed to increase his body’s power to 300% for a split second without taking away any of his lightning’s power.

This meant that Gravis could now elevate two centers of power to 300% simultaneously.

Normally, such a discovery wouldn’t make much of a difference to him. After all, he could just rapidly switch between the centers of power that he wanted.

Yet, there were two important differences.

First of all, Gravis could now use his physical power when he accelerated with lightning, which made him faster. Another usage would be the creation of a more powerful Lightning Crescent. Usually, Gravis would only be able to use a Lightning Crescent with 150% lightning and 150% Spirit. Now, he could use a 300/300 one.

Another difference was that the pulse didn’t eat up as many resources. For some reason, when Gravis unleashed an attack while being on 300% of his power via the pulse, the used resources would only eat up the equivalent of if he had used it with 100%.

Where did all this extra power come from? After all, Gravis was using an amount of power greater than his whole being. This power and Energy had to come from somewhere, right?

Surprisingly, the extra power came from the environment. His pulse would connect with the Energy in the environment and manipulate it. The Energy surrounding Gravis would then directly enter him for a short time and leave again.

This whole thing could be compared to breathing. Gravis could breathe in the Energy, transform it into a force he could use, and breathe it out as an attack.

For example, Gravis could suck in a lot of Energy with his pulse, transform that Energy into lightning, and unleash the lightning. Of course, such a transformation of power still required some Energy from his being, which didn’t allow him to use this technique endlessly.

Gravis also couldn’t permanently absorb the Energy. This pulse was only a short resonation between his being and the world. As soon as the short timeframe for the pulse passed, Gravis felt his being starting to become injured. The short resonation was the only thing that kept him uninjured.

After thinking about all of this, Gravis looked with furrowed brows towards the sky. “According to logic, I should be able to transform the absorbed Energy into lightning, shoot it out, and then absorb it normally, but that also doesn’t work.”

“I wonder, is that something you have done, Heaven?” Gravis asked.

Of course, no answer came.

However, Gravis was pretty sure that he was on the right track. Cultivators had this weapon, and their Spirits were adapted towards Energy. Naturally, they should be able to absorb the Energy without any issues. It was Energy, after all. With this, every human should be able to just shoot through all the Realms.

Yet, that was a double-edged sword. If everyone had the ability to increase their Realm without end, they would very quickly hit a bottleneck. Additionally, their Battle-Strength would be absolute garbage.

Gravis frowned. Nothing in all the worlds happened for no reason. Heaven had its fingers in everything, and if something from nature didn’t conform to common sense, it often meant that Heaven had changed something in there.

Gravis imagined a world where this absorption of Energy would be possible. With every human having the ability to endlessly absorb Energy, they would all remain at the peak of each major Realm since there would still be bottlenecks. For them to progress more, they needed to go out and temper.

Yet, there were problems with that. One problem was that there was no incentive in regards to resources. No one needed to fight for any kinds of resources since the Energy in the air would be enough.

Another issue would be the transformation of the process of tempering. Tempering was a continuous process. Right now, everyone tempered themselves whenever they got the opportunity.

Yet, in this theoretical world, the gradual tempering would transform into one huge occurrence. This would discourage a lot of cultivators. Many of them would rather decide to stop cultivating than risk their lives so often without any gain.

One could liken it to some work. An employee had one week to do one job that would take them ten hours to complete. If they were smart, they would spend one to two hours each day. “I only have to get through these two hours of work. Then, I’m done for today,” they would say.

Like this, they would be able to complete the work without any emotional distress.

Yet, if they skipped directly to the end of the week without doing anything, they would have ten hours of work directly in front of them. The chances were high that either the work would suffer or that it would be a huge ordeal for the employee.

With that comparison, one could see the emotional impact of this pulse ability if it allowed humans to absorb endless amounts of Energy. If one hypothetically needed five fights to reach the next Realm, it would make a huge difference in regards to the distribution of the fights.

“I only need to kill that guy to get this reward,” one would say when they had a fight in front of them. Doing that five times over the course of some years with some rewards sprinkled between them would make it much easier to accept. Yet, if one had to complete all five fights in one sitting without any rewards, the feeling would be different.

“I have to risk my life five whole times to become more powerful?” one would say. This would discourage them.

This explanation had been quite long, but it represented the things Gravis had thought about. Allowing humans to absorb Energy without end would probably be more damaging than helpful in regards to cultivation. Heaven wanted as many powerful humans as possible, and, ironically enough, in order to achieve that, Heaven had to make cultivation harder.

‘Well, to be honest, I prefer it this way,’ Gravis thought. ‘If I had the ability to increase my cultivation to the Law Comprehension Realm immediately, I would miss a lot of tempering and comprehension regarding Laws. This would also mean that my Battle-Strength would fall to be a little above-average.’

‘Sure enough, my favorite phrase has proven to be true again. Advantages have disadvantages and disadvantages have advantages,’ Gravis thought.

‘Anyway, this new ability allows me to use fewer resources and unleash a stronger, instantaneous burst. It fits my fighting style rather well.’

‘Well, no sense in remaining here. I already know what I want to do.’


With that said, Gravis transformed into lightning and shot towards the Mountain of Pride.


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