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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 512: Ironic Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis’ will and lightning manifested as it heard its oath. His lightning went wild and showed its support. Lightning struck everything that came close to it, and this Heaven had dared to suppress it!

Gravis’ Will-Aura exploded as he created this solemn vow. He was not swearing on the name of anyone else, which was different from how normal cultivators swore oaths. Gravis had sworn on his life, and his lightning would force him to uphold this oath.

Even if this Heaven would kill every single loved one in Gravis’ life, he would still be forced to fight it or perish. His lightning would never allow him to back out of an oath, no matter what happened. Even if this Heaven begged on all of its limbs and gave Gravis supreme power, if he let it live, he would still be forced to attack it.

Gravis had never sworn such an oath before in his life. He knew his lightning and himself very well, and he knew that such oaths couldn’t be sworn lightly. Only when there was a very good reason would he go through with something so consequential.

In an ironic sense, Gravis suppressed himself with this oath. He would be forced to do whatever he had sworn now with no way out. Yet, if this oath managed to temper himself more, he would only become more powerful. Gravis wanted to force himself into killing this Heaven, no matter what happened.


Gravis’ Will-Aura exploded as it spread into the distance. All level three Kings and weaker in a 500-kilometer-radius felt the immense pressure exhibited by Gravis’ Will-Aura.

With his rage and oath, Gravis managed to push his Will-Aura across the border, separating it from the next level.


The earth and mountains in his surroundings cracked and crumbled as his Will-Aura shook them.

Yet, instead of paying any attention towards his new, powerful Will-Aura, Gravis’ mind was focused on something else. Surprisingly, it even didn’t pay any attention to Heaven right now.

Gravis’ mind was going wild as concepts he had understood previously fused together into one. He was understanding something crucial!

Many of Gravis’ past experiences gathered together to form one whole concept. This concept was a Law! Additionally, this Law was something very few living beings managed to comprehend.

Different beings had different experiences, which taught them different, new concepts. Nearly Gravis’ entire life revolved around him wanting freedom due to him being suppressed by the different Heavens.

Gravis’ rage vanished as it was fully focused on comprehending right now. He had just grasped something integral, and he would use this chance to understand a new Law.

After half a minute, Gravis managed to combine a lot of his known concepts into a single Law.

“Hahahaha!” Gravis laughed.

Yet, his laugh didn’t sound happy. His laugh sounded more like someone who had one bad thing after the other happen to them. He laughed at the irony of his current situation.

“What irony,” Gravis said silently with a bitter smile after some seconds. “My goal is freedom, and I want nothing more than to be free and do what I want. Yet…”

“I’ve comprehended the Law of Suppression.”

Gravis never wanted to suppress anyone. He wanted freedom, and since he valued freedom so much, he also wanted everyone else to gain freedom. Gravis never wanted to suppress someone. It was only killing, neutral interactions, friendly interaction, or no interaction at all with others.


How many different kinds of suppression were there?

One could say that there was only one kind of suppression, which was the suppression someone stronger had over someone weaker. Yet, that was not true.

Someone could be blackmailed. The blackmailer might not be more powerful than the person, but they had something that managed to suppress others emotionally. Gravis had experienced this kind of suppression in the lower world when the lower Heaven had forced him to stay alone.

Gravis had experienced the suppression of power nearly his entire life. The Heavens always looked down on him and had power that could obliterate him if there weren’t the rules or his father keeping him protected.

Then there was suppression by intelligence. Someone might use the rules of a larger organization to force someone more powerful into a weak situation. This Heaven had suppressed him with its uses of the rules.

How many people or beasts came that much into contact with suppression as Gravis? One could argue that all of them were under Heaven, and therefore, all of them would be under constant suppression. Yet, no beast even realized that there was a Heaven, and nearly all humans just accepted Heaven as an inevitable truth of the world. If one didn’t fight this suppression, they wouldn’t feel it.

Slaves and people in similar situations came a lot into contact with suppression. Yet, that was only one aspect of suppression. They were suppressed by power. Rules and emotional suppression often didn’t affect them at all.

How many beings had so many dealings with more powerful beings that wanted to suppress them without being allowed to kill them? How many people would even think about comprehending the Law of Suppression? How would they even go about doing that?

It wasn’t like there was some Law Comprehension Area for suppression. Just like pride, suppression was an ethereal Law that was hard to grasp. Suppression didn’t physically exist since it was only a circumstance for the suppressed one.

Due to all of that, very few beings managed to comprehend the Law of Suppression. It was just way too difficult to experience all forms of suppression by themselves.

Gravis laughed in disgust. “I bet that you think that this makes everything ok, right Heaven?” Gravis asked with a sneer. “I have comprehended a Law now, and therefore, everything is fine.”

“No! I have comprehended this Law by myself because I don’t accept your bullshit! In your mind, you might even think that you have done this and that I should thank you. How truly disgusting.”

“The Law of Suppression, what irony!” Gravis said with a huff. “I hate suppression more than anything, and I have comprehended the very thing that I despise. Yet, it is still a weapon and a part of me.”


Gravis activated his new Will-Aura and moved it around. Surprisingly, he could compress it just as well as his earlier Will-Aura. Back when he had gotten his Unity Will, or Nascent Will as it had been called in his homeworld, he hadn’t been able to compress it.

But now, he could compress it however much he wanted. Of course, there was still a difference. The compression of his Will-Aura didn’t increase its power. Now, no matter how much he compressed it, it always had the same amount of power.

To Gravis, this didn’t make a difference. When he used his Will-Aura in a fight, he would compress it to the maximum amount possible anyway. In fact, since he could now use it in any shape and size that he wanted, fighting would become way easier for him.

Gravis felt the power of his Will-Aura and guessed that a level three King would be slowed by about 30% with it.

Gravis smirked.


Gravis’ surroundings seemed to change color to a dull grey. Usually, Gravis’ Will-Aura always felt cold. If one wanted to associate a color with it, one would choose a dark blue or black color. Now, his surroundings appeared grey due to his Will-Aura.

The change in the feeling of his Will-Aura was the Law of Suppression.

A Will-Aura exhibited pressure on someone, and suppression also put pressure on someone. The Law of Suppression and his Will-Aura were very similar and went hand in hand. Using the Law of Suppression with his Will-Aura as a medium was obvious to Gravis.

His surroundings warped as grey streaks moved through them. It was like there was some kind of grey water encasing Gravis.

“Sure enough, the Law of Suppression is powerful,” Gravis muttered to himself. “With this, I can even suppress a level four King by about 20 to 30 percent. Additionally, using it with my Will-Aura doesn’t waste any of my power. I can keep this active for however long I desire.”

Gravis looked up at the sky with cold eyes. “You have suppressed me so much that I have comprehended the Law of Suppression. Normally, I would tell you to take this as proof of your idiotic and arrogant conduct, but you probably have your head so far up your own ass that even someone that has comprehended the Law of Space would be humbled by this amazing, space-bending feat.”

Gravis sneered again.

“Wash your neck and wait for me to claim your eye-filled head!”


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