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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 413: Teamfight Bahasa Indonesia

The next couple of days were peaceful. With Shira and Silva no longer scheming against each other, the Camps had a way easier time. Neither of the two decided to suppress the other Camp anymore. After all, the power of their Camps was meaningless in the struggles. Orthar and Morn would just kill all the more powerful beasts.

But now, the Tribe already had five level two Lords, Shira, Silva, Morn, Orthar, and Liza. Such a Tribe could already be counted as the strongest inside the area where level two Tribes congregated. Yet, the Tribe had only just reached that area.

Orthar and Morn had also killed a level two Tribe solo, but it had proven to be incredibly difficult. Both had been injured severely, which showed that they were no longer stronger than Shira and Silva. By now, all four of them were at about the same power.

They wanted to continue tempering themselves, but Gravis stopped them. Because…

“Who killed my son!?” an angry shout thundered through the whole River Tribe. A two-kilometer-long shark flew above the Spire. When Gravis felt his power, he grew excited but also nervous.

Normally, he would only be excited by such a powerful opponent, but what made him nervous was that the opponent hadn’t come alone. Beside him stood a massive crab, which was even slightly bigger than the shark. This crab was also a level three Lord.

Gravis hadn’t expected that the Stone Tribe would send two level three Lords. Didn’t they need to hold their own territories too? Surely, they didn’t have an overabundance of level three Lords. So, why had they sent two?

The reason for that was that the Stone Tribe had lost twice. Losing a level one Lord was no issue. Losing a level two Lord hurt them a bit because level two Lords took up positions as powerful commanders and officers.

What if they lost a level three Lord? The whole Tribe only had three of those, and losing one would prove devastating. Because of that, they had decided to make a show of strength to deter their enemies. After that, they sent two of the three level three Lords to finally end this matter.

Gravis narrowed his eyes. ‘Fighting one level three Lord is already very dangerous to me. Fighting two of them is certain death. I need my Will-Aura to deal with one of them. If I split it amongst two, it won’t be as effective, and if I focus it only on one, the other one will be too fast for me to react.’

‘Additionally, I can’t even flee. I am faster than a level two Lord in my Lightning Form, but not as fast as a level three Lord. They could catch me and use up all my lightning. This would also be certain death.’

Gravis narrowed his eyes further as he felt the sensation of pressure return. He hadn’t felt this much pressure since standing in front of that powerful Priest from the Heaven Sect. His mind went wild as it started thinking about every eventuality.

‘There’s only one way left,’ Gravis thought with determination.


Two lightning bolts entered Gravis’ body as he deactivated the Lightning Fork. He needed his full power to deal with one of them. “Silva, Shira, Morn, Orthar, you need to kill the crab together. Alone, you will only die helplessly, but together, you have a chance,” Gravis transmitted to them.

The four remained silent for a while. Jumping a whole level was incredibly difficult. One had to know that one level meant that the body of the opponent was four times as powerful as theirs. Theoretically, by adding the power of their four bodies together, they would have the same power.

Yet, power didn’t work that way. A body with quadruple the power would have quadruple the attack, quadruple the defense and quadruple the speed. Such a powerful beast would be able to kill one of them in a heartbeat. Without incredible combat experience, they wouldn’t even be able to evade or survive a single attack.

“I am ready,” Orthar transmitted to everyone. “When I decided to follow Gravis, I knew that a time like this would come. It’s make or break!” Orthar’s voice sounded wild and powerful. He knew that this would be his most dangerous fight ever.

“I have accepted the philosophy of the River Tribe,” Morn said. “If my death comes today, then so be it!” Morn sounded just as aggressive as Orthar.

“I am ready to protect the Tribe!” Silva shouted. “This Tribe is my home, and the members are my comrades. We have a chance of survival, and I am ready to bet on that chance!”

“I won’t sacrifice my life for others!” Shira said slyly. “I’m not fighting.”

All four of them concentrated their presences on her. The fact that she declined angered them.

“It’s her decision,” Gravis said evenly. “Risks come with rewards, and if she isn’t ready to take this risk, she won’t get the rewards. Fighting something way more powerful is different than fighting many things with equal power. You still have a shot if only the three of you fight. It will just be many times harder.”

“I only see death,” Shira answered slyly. “I can’t harvest any rewards if I’m dead. So, sorry, but I decline.”

The other three grew more nervous, but they decided to try it. This was a chance to become way more powerful. They might die, but they were ready for it. As soon as they joined the River Tribe, they decided that they never wanted to be mediocre again. It was time to decide who was outstanding and who was mediocre!

With this, everyone came out of the Spire. In just a second, all four of them had gathered in front of the two visitors. “I thought beasts didn’t care about the survival of their children?” Gravis asked.

The two visitors looked at the four of them and quickly realized why the envoy had died. This Tribe was unreasonably powerful in relation to the area they occupied. Yet, who was able to keep so many level two Lords in check? Was there a level three Lord in the Tribe?

“Where is your Leader?” the crab asked.

Gravis smirked with narrowed eyes. “I’m right here,” he said.

“You?” the crab asked with disdain. The body of this beast felt as weak as the body of an Energy Beast. How could someone with such a weak body possibly lead three level two Lords?

Of course, since Gravis was flying, all his power had been concentrated into his Spirit. This was the reason why his body was so weak right now.

“Yes, and we will fight to the end,” Gravis said with narrowed eyes. “My three companions will deal with you,” Gravis said as he looked at the crab. “While I will deal with you,” he said as he looked at the shark.

The two were surprised by the fighting spirit of the beasts. An incredibly weak beast would fight one alone while the other three fought the other one? Were they suicidal?

“Interesting,” the shark said with burning eyes. “And to answer your earlier question, you’re right. I don’t care about the death of my son.” The shark’s eyes narrowed, “but I care about the death of one of my tribesmen.”

Gravis laughed a bit. “Good, then let’s get to it, shall we?” he said and then shot into the sky.

The shark sneered and followed Gravis leisurely. Meanwhile, the crab looked at the three others. “Where do you want to fight?” it asked.

“Follow me,” Orthar said and then shot into another direction. The other two followed him. The crab didn’t mind this and thought that this was quite an entertaining game. Because of that, it also just followed.

After a minute, the two enemies were over 150 kilometers away from each other. Level three Lords had a sense that covered the surrounding 40 kilometers. Like this, the two Lords wouldn’t be able to watch the other fight.

Gravis had told his three companions to do this. After all, if their enemy realized that Gravis was way more powerful than they had assumed, he might drop everything and help his colleague. The three beasts from the River Tribe could fight him but not stop him from fleeing.

Gravis also flew for a while until he was high in the sky. As soon as Gravis stopped, the shark accelerated.

The shark had already taken the initiative!


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