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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 412: Waiting for the Enemy Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis landed on top of the Spire. After that, his two other bodies transformed into lightning and got absorbed by him. The beasts were shocked when they saw that since this seemed way too magical. After that, he simply told Orthar that he should explain it to the Tribe. After all, Gravis needed to regenerate his wasted Spirit and Lightning and then go back to smithing and watching the CMO.

The upper echelon immediately wanted to ask Gravis about his technique, but he just directed them to Orthar. After a lot of explaining, Orthar managed to rudimentarily describe the technique that Gravis was using. When they heard that Gravis could actually transform into lighting, they were, again, surprised to no end.

How would something like this even be possible? On top of that, a lot of beasts didn’t even know Gravis’ affinity. After all, he had only used it against the original Leader of the Sand Tribe and then against Liza. His body just didn’t seem to fit his attribute. He looked more like a darkness or fire beast.

Orthar just laughed at that and told them that Gravis had started as an electric eel. A lot of surprises came today, and this was one of them. Gravis didn’t resemble an eel even remotely. Yet, this fact gave the upper echelon a lot of motivation. If Gravis managed to create such an intimidating body as an eel, why couldn’t they?

After half an hour, peace came back to the River Tribe, but that was only relative. A lot of Lords that wanted to take a break went out to hunt again. Gravis’ power inspired them and hearing that he had been an eel only solidified their resolve.

A lot of Lords left the Tribe again to fight more Tribes. Meanwhile, the Sea Camp continued fighting crazily against itself under Shira’s orders. Silva finally managed to talk to Morn and found a couple of Tribes with two Lords. He chose the easiest one since fighting two Lords at once was incredibly difficult. On top of that, if there were two Lords, one of them had to be powerful.

Some days passed, and the Land Camp was insanely growing with the huge influx of scattered beasts joining them. Liza was busy all day, and there already was quite a significant backlog for new recruits. By now, the Land Camp had over 1000 beasts, but many more recruits were waiting to join the Camps.

Meanwhile, the Sea Camp only had about 100 due to their insane fighting. Yet, they had also produced several Lords, who also immediately went out to fight Tribes. In just five more days, the Tribe expanded rapidly into the continent until they finally found a Tribe that had a level two Lord as a Leader.

The Tribe was over 15.000 kilometers away, quite a far distance. Yet, one shouldn’t forget that the middle world was huge. 15.000 kilometers was a long distance if one considered the size of a lower world. However, here, it was only a distance that separated Initial-Rank Unity Beasts from Early-Rank Unity Beasts. How far until they reached the territories of level three Lords?

Orthar asked Liza if she was interested in that Tribe. Yet, Liza declined. Liza wanted to become more powerful, but she didn’t want to risk her life until her revenge had been complete.

There was a significant difference between fighting a level one Lord with their Tribe and fighting a level two Lord with their Tribe. A level one Lord only had Spirit Beasts under them, and the gap between Spirit Beasts and Lords was double as wide as the gap between Lords.

It could be compared to a High-Rank Spirit Beast fighting another High-Rank Spirit Beast with lots of Low-Rank Spirit Beasts helping the second one. Yet, with a level two Lord, it would be like all the Low-Rank Spirit Beasts were replaced by Mid-Rank Spirit Beasts. This was a massive difference.

With a two-Rank-difference, the weaker beasts would find it very difficult to injure the combatant. At most, they could slow them down and distract them. Yet, when there was only one Rank of distance, these beasts would be able to lightly injure the combatant. This made the whole fight harder.

Gravis considered moving the headquarters inwards, but he decided against it for the time being. Normally, he would quickly move it to give the Lords easier access to powerful Tribes, but he didn’t do it this time.

What was the reason?

The reason was the Stone Tribe’s eventual retaliation. If they moved inwards, the Stone Tribe wouldn’t be able to find Gravis easily, and he didn’t want that. As soon as they realized that their envoy wasn’t returning, they would probably send a Mid-Rank Unity Beast, also called a level three Lord. A level three Lord would pose a genuine danger to Gravis, and that’s precisely what he wanted.

Another couple of days later, some significant changes took place inside the River Tribe. Silva had managed to return by going through hell. He had barely won against the Tribe with two Lords, and he had eaten both of them. Now, he still had three fights left, and he was going to use one of them on Shira. It was time for her to die!

Yet, Silva grew angry and frustrated when he returned. The Land Camp was tired of being suppressed by Shira, and three Lords had decided to use up her chances of fighting. Shira killed them but was forced to become the second level two Lord of the River Tribe.

Like this, the Land Camp could kill the Sea Camp all they wanted again, but they had sacrificed three of their Lords. On top of that, Silva couldn’t challenge Shira anymore since she was a level higher than him now.

When Silva heard that, he grew angry at his Camp and berated them. He wasn’t angry at them because of Shira’s new power but because they had thrown their lives away. These meaningless deaths infuriated him.

Yet, after seeing that he couldn’t fight Shira anymore, Silva decided to use up his three last fights to kill the three most powerful Lords in the Sea Camp. With that, the numbers of Lords would be equal again for both Camps. Luckily, the Land Camp had an experience and power advantage since their Lords had already killed several Tribes solo.

After these three fights, Silva also became a level two Lord. Yet, he wasn’t happy about that. As long as Shira was still alive, he could never be happy. She needed to die! Only then would peace come to the Tribe.

Silva estimated that his combat power was slightly stronger than Shira, but he wasn’t that selfless that he would throw his life away to take her down with him. After all, they both had potent venom. He needed to become powerful enough to take her down without dying himself. Because of that, Silva immediately left the Tribe again to fight against a level two Tribe by himself. He needed more power!

Shira had noticed Silva’s absence. As soon as she noticed that, she grew nervous, angry, and frustrated again. She didn’t want to pressure herself more. She only wanted to take a break for now.

Yet, she couldn’t fall behind Silva. If she did, she would die. Because of that, Shira was forced to also fight a level two Tribe alone. Such a fight could mean her death, but it was better than a guaranteed death at Silva’s hands. She couldn’t bet on the fact that Silva would die in that fight.

Meanwhile, Gravis only smirked. “See? That’s why I gave Shira her position,” Gravis said smugly to Orthar.

Orthar could only agree. “I wouldn’t have expected that such a rivalry and pressure would make the Tribe this powerful in such a short amount of time. Without Shira, the Tribe wouldn’t even be close to being so powerful. Who knew that having an enemy inside your organization would make the organization this powerful?”

Some more days passed, and the Land Camp was suppressing the Sea Camp again. After all, they had the power and experience advantage.

Yet, being the most powerful also came with disadvantages. The Stone Tribe was an excellent example. If they weren’t so powerful, Gravis would just ignore them and move his Tribe further into the continent. But since they were so powerful, Gravis grew interested and wanted to kill more of them.

This phenomenon also happened to the Land Tribe now. They had mighty Lords, and they would serve as some excellent tempering. Now, they were ripe for the picking. One shouldn’t forget that it wasn’t only the Land Camp and Sea Camp that required tempering.

It was time for Orthar and Morn to temper themselves. For this, they only chose the most powerful beasts in the Tribe that didn’t take up key positions. And, sadly, right now, the most powerful Lords were all from the Land Camp.

On this day, the apocalypse arrived for the Land Camp. Orthar and Morn fought one powerful beast after the other. Of course, all of this didn’t only take place in one day. After all, these fights were brutal, and these two required some rest between fights. If these fights weren’t so dangerous, they wouldn’t fight.

After some more days, Silva and Shira returned to the Tribe. Yet, they almost couldn’t believe that all the most powerful Lords in the Land Camp were dead. The Land Camp now had fewer Lords than the Sea Camp, and the individual Battle-Strength of both camps was also comparable.

When Silva and Shira heard that Morn and Orthar were at fault for that, they grew incredibly frustrated but for different reasons. Silva wasn’t frustrated with Orthar or Morn but with himself. He should have known that something like this would happen! He had completely forgotten that Morn and Orthar also required tempering.

At the same time, Shira grew frustrated because of what this meant. This meant that suppressing the Land Camp by having her Sea Camp be more powerful became useless!

On the next day, Shira and Silva met for the first time to negotiate. Seeing that overpowering the other Camp wouldn’t solve the issue, they decided to keep out of the fights between the Camps. Like this, the Camps would remain equal. They decided that their fight was only between the two of them.

One shouldn’t forget that this wouldn’t be the last time for Orthar and Morn to become active. Shira and Silva both knew that the same thing would repeat when they had many level two Lords. Because of this, suppression by Camp became absolutely meaningless in their power struggle.

This situation also reminded them of another terrifying thought.

When they became level three Lords, something even more terrifying might happen.

At that point, they might even become interesting to Gravis.


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