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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 195: Last Target Bahasa Indonesia

The Vice-Guild Master quickly called a smith from the Earth Guild over, and they started forging. The smith from the Earth Guild was, surprisingly, also a Spirit Forming Expert. Gravis was quite surprised when he saw that. The elemental guilds generally only had three experts at the Spirit Forming Stage.

Did that mean that a Vice-Guild Master from the Earth Guild was inside the Fire Guild? If that were true, it would probably also mean that one of the Fire Guild’s Vice-Guild Masters was in the Earth Guild. This showed how interconnected the two guilds were.

Gravis was also happy that his board would be forged by the most experienced and strongest smiths in the Fire Guild. It was definitely worth the high price. Gravis went outside to wait for them since there was no reason in him waiting inside the smithy. This would probably take a while. Speaking of taking a while, Gravis decided that he should probably ask how long this would take.

Gravis asked the Vice-Guild Master, and he answered that since this was something completely new, they would probably take around two days to finish the first one. Deciding that there was no reason for him to just twiddle his thumbs for two days, Gravis went ahead to finish his last task in the Middle-Continent. Two days were more than enough for that.

He told the smiths that he would return in around a day and then left the Fire Guild. His next target was pretty close, and he only needed around two hours to get there. With the exception of robbing the wealth of the Heaven Sect, this was the task he looked forward to the most.

After two hours of running, Gravis finally arrived at his target. It was a gigantic mountain with a cave that was guarded by two people in earthen-yellow robes.

It was the Earth Guild.

Gravis had not forgotten how they had tried to annoy him into oblivion, and he was looking forward to annoying them back. Killing them? This possibility didn’t even cross his mind. Some dickish behavior didn’t warrant a genocide. Also, this would be way more fun.

Gravis quickly looked into the Earth Guild with his Spirit and noticed three people at the Spirit Forming Realm. As he had thought, one of the Spirits of the experts radiated a fierce fire, which meant that this guy was from the Fire Guild.

“This has nothing to do with you, so just stay to the side,” Gravis sent to the Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild staying in the Earth Guild.

Of course, this expert had already felt Gravis’ Spirit and had been guessing why he was here. He quickly received Gravis’ message, making him narrow his eyes. An expert at the Spirit Forming Realm wouldn’t send such a message if they didn’t have some enmity with the Earth Guild. This might be a problem. The Fire Guild needed the Earth Guild to help with their forging.

Even worse, the expert felt Gravis’ Spirit, and he absolutely didn’t like what he had felt. The will of a person resided in their Spirit, so feeling the Spirit also gave people an inkling of the will. The expert had never felt a Spirit with such a powerful will before. On top of that, the cultivation of the person was incredibly weird.

Other people could only feel the Energy inside Gravis’ body, which was not even close to the amount someone would have in their dantian when they reached the Spirit Forming Realm. When Gravis had visited the Lightning Guild, his body had still been at the tenth level of Energy Gathering, which had given the illusion that Gravis only had as much Energy as someone at the third level of Energy Gathering.

With his breakthrough, the inherent Energy inside his body had increased, now being about as much as someone at the seventh level of Energy Gathering would have. Someone with a formed Spirit that only had the equivalent Energy of someone at the seventh level of Energy Gathering? This seemed unreal to the expert, which made him even more cautious.

Sadly, none of the present people cultivated lightning, making it impossible for them to feel the enormous amount of lightning inside Gravis’ dantian. If he could feel that, most of his questions would be resolved.

“Please excuse my rudeness, powerful stranger, but the Earth Guild is important to our business. I can’t just step to the side when someone wants to hurt it,” the expert sent back politely. In his mind, he had just stepped into a situation where he would most likely die, but he didn’t back down. He was from the Fire Guild, and the Fire Guild always fought!

Gravis groaned. “Don’t worry. No one will die today,” Gravis sent back.

First, the Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild was shocked but then sighed in relief. “I’m glad to hear that, but what are you planning on doing?” he asked again.

Now, Gravis smirked. “You don’t have to worry about that. You might enjoy what you will see soon.”

By now, the Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild had forwarded Gravis’ messages to the Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master of the Earth Guild. They had to remain unified.

“What do you want to do to my Earth Guild?” sent the Guild Master of the Earth Guild to Gravis, aggressively. Obviously, Gravis was not here for something good. On top of that, he showed disregard to the Guild Master by not contacting him first.

Gravis laughed slightly. “Guild Master, you might not recognize who I am,” Gravis sent over. “I am Gravis, the Heavenborn that has visited your guild about a week ago. However, I have cast aside the mantle of Heavenborn. I am just Gravis now.”

The Guild Master thought back, but he wasn’t sure about the event that Gravis referenced. He remembered that someone from the Heaven Sect had come to visit, but they had quickly left. At that time, he hadn’t paid much attention to the situation. As long as the Heaven Sect didn’t come with official business, he didn’t care.

“I do remember that you have visited us before, but I don’t know why that would make you return with enmity to us. Why are you here?” he asked again with a severe voice.

Gravis smirked. “When I last visited, your guild did a great job of being as loud and obnoxious as possible. Your guild wanted to annoy me as much as possible so that I would leave. Back then, I only came to look around and maybe trade a high-grade Energy Beast Core, yet your guild purposely gathered many disciples around me to annoy me away. You think I didn’t notice?”

The Guild Master narrowed his eyes. He remembered that the guild was rather loud for a while on that day, but he hadn’t minded. So that had been the reason. Yet, that didn’t answer his question. “I’ll ask again. Why are you here?”

Gravis narrowed his eyes slightly with a smile. “Of course, I came to annoy you back!”


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