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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 196: Big Disagreement Bahasa Indonesia

The three experts didn’t know what they should think about that. On one point, apparently, some of their disciples had “annoyed” the new arrival, and he only wanted to annoy them back. Inherently, there was nothing wrong about that.

Yet, on the other side, this was wholly different if Gravis annoyed them back. The disciples of the Earth Guild had been inside their own guild. If they did something minorly wrong here, it was still understandable. It was their home, after all.

Previously, Gravis had walked inside, and he hadn’t been stopped from leaving. The Earth Guild wasn’t required to accept every visitor into their house. It was their property, so, of course, they could also throw the visitor out.

Yet, if Gravis, as an outsider, came into their guild and did whatever he wanted, it would be a humiliation! He did not live here, yet he wanted to barge into their property and home to antagonize them. This was a humiliation! Could they still lift their heads in front of others when random people could just walk into their home and arrogantly humiliate their disciples?

“Even if they have been unfriendly to you, you were the visitor while they were in their home. It is our right to throw out visitors! I won’t allow you to humiliate us!” sent the Guild Master to Gravis.

Now, Gravis felt a little annoyed. “There is a difference between telling someone that they should leave, and purposely inviting them into your home and then being as big of a dick as possible. If you had wanted me to leave, you shouldn’t have allowed me to enter in the first place!” Gravis sent back.

The Guild Master sneered. “So? We are the Earth Guild, part of the Earth Sect, and we accept every path that anyone had chosen! We agree to talk with anyone, even if we don’t want to. Don’t turn the respect we have shown you, by inviting you in, into a devious plot!”

Deep inside, the Guild Master knew that his guild shouldn’t have done that. They should have been honest from the very beginning. Yet, he couldn’t allow Gravis to just come in and humiliate them. Even if he believed otherwise, he had to remain stalwart now! He had to protect his guild from humiliation!

Gravis laughed. “Interesting!” he shouted into their minds. “You’ve done something wrong, yet won’t accept reparations for your guild’s action! How very ‘earth-like’ of you! You won’t accept it when you are wrong and blame others. You’d rather break than bend! Under normal circumstances, I would admire an attitude like this, but not when it is in combination with hypocrisy!”

“How dare you!” shouted the Guild Master and one Vice-Guild Master in outrage. The Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild had smartly kept himself away from this. Gravis had already said that no one would die, so he wouldn’t mind just watching from the sidelines.

“How dare you humiliate the temperament of our Earth like this!? The only reason why you can still spout such insults is that I don’t want to destroy our home by fighting you here! Leave and never return! The Earth Guild and the Earth Sect no longer welcome you!” the Guild Master shouted in aggression.

Now, Gravis decided to expand his original goal of coming here. He had only intended to annoy the guilty disciples, yet the upper echelon of the Earth Guild showed him a supreme display of hypocrisy. The lightning inside his mind abhorred hypocrisy, and it grew angry. As the lightning grew angrier, Gravis also grew angrier. The lightning was influencing him.

Yet, in comparison to back when he had still been in the Proxy-Lightning Guild, Gravis still retained his rational mind and had noticed this happening. Even though he grew angry, he still decided against killing them. A disagreement, even if justified, was not reason enough to kill people. There were other ways to release his anger.

“Sure,” Gravis said with an arrogant sneer. “I’m outside right now. Both of you can fight me at the same time! I promise on my life that your Earth Guild won’t get damaged by our fight!”

The eyes of the Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master shone with battle-intent. This arrogant youngling had just reached the Spirit Forming Realm and thought himself invincible already! The Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master had been in the Spirit Forming Realm for many years and were both at the peak of the initial stage.

The only reason why they hadn’t reached the Seed-Stage yet, was because their Will-Aura wasn’t powerful enough. Yet, they still had been in this Realm for decades, making them very familiar with their power. Someone who had recently broken through, like Gravis, had no chance against them. On top of that, they were two, while Gravis was alone.

“You asked for it!” shouted the Guild Master and burst out of the guild. The Vice-Guild Master followed him in anger while the Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild also slowly followed. This was actually really interesting to him. He rarely saw Spirit Forming experts fight.

Gravis retreated for several kilometers. He had promised that their fight wouldn’t damage the Earth Guild, and in comparison to those hypocritical assholes, he would keep his word!

Gravis stopped when he was at a distance of 20 kilometers. There was no way that the Earth Guild would get damaged from this distance. Like this, he waited for them to arrive.

Two minutes later, they finally arrived, seething in anger. Gravis simply sneered at them. “Took you long enough. How can someone at the Spirit Forming Realm be this incredibly slow?” he spat with disdain.

Of course, Gravis knew that the earth element was the slowest element. He had only said this to release some anger and to enrage them even further, which worked.

The Guild Master shouted and retrieved several items. He now carried a massive club in his right hand, nearly two meters long, while he carried an imposing, tower shield in his left hand. The Earth Guild was famous for their defensive and counter-heavy fighting style.

They would block attacks with their powerful defense and counter at an opportune moment. The opponent only had to make one mistake. When they committed that mistake, the disciples of the Earth Guild and Earth Sect would attack with all their power, injuring the opponent heavily, at the very least. The disciples of the Earth Guild often won with only a single attack.

Surprisingly, the Vice-Guild Master retrieved a thinner but even longer shield and a nearly three-meter long lance. The Vice-Guild Master placed himself behind the Guild Master and put the lance on the Guild Master’s shoulder. Like this, he could stab his weapon forward, which increased both the defense and offense of their combination. The shield was placed behind him, protecting their backs.

Gravis saw this and smiled with battle-intent.

‘Finally, some proper targets to test my new powers. Just watch me play you to death!’


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