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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 188: New Look Bahasa Indonesia

When the Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master noticed a foreign Spirit entering their domain, they furrowed their brows. When another Spirit Forming expert visited, it was rarely pleasant. The Wind Sect was the only neutral one, while the other sects always fought in the Core-Continent.

The sects in the Core-Continent were fighting from two sides. One side consisted of the Lightning Sect, the Fire Sect, and the Light Sect. The other side was the Water Sect, the Darkness Sect, and the Earth Sect. Their Wind Sect was the only party that didn’t participate in this conflict.

Because of their way of life, the Wind Sect was very close to beasts, making it arguably the most powerful Elemental Sect in the Core-Continent. Due to their strength, they successfully managed to remain neutral. If they didn’t have this power, they couldn’t have remained neutral successfully. Yet, they also didn’t have any allies due to that.

For that reason, when a Spirit Forming expert visited, it rarely was about something good. Even though the division of the Elemental Guilds in the Middle-Continent was not the same as in the Core-Continent, the other guilds mostly kept themselves away from the Wind Guild.

The two Spirit Forming experts checked the new person that had arrived, and their brows furrowed. This person didn’t look familiar at all.

“Do you know this guy?” asked the Guild Master with a voice transmission to his only Vice-Guild Master.

“No clue,” he answered. “Never seen him.”

At that point, Gravis used his lightning to prank the elder. First, they grew a little anxious and solemn by that person arrogantly using his element to attack one of their elders. Yet, before they could do anything, they noticed that this elder only lost some hair. After that, the elder went through several different emotions until he finally laughed.

The two people didn’t hear Gravis’ voice transmission, so they didn’t know what was happening. One of their elders was attacked by lightning, yet that elder only laughed? What was going on?

“Uh, I guess he is not here to attack us?” asked the Guild Master unsurely.

The Vice-Guild Master also looked confused. This whole situation was weird.

“Wait!” said the Vice-Guild Master. “Do you remember that one Heavenborn from a couple of weeks ago?”

“Yeah, I do. Gravis was his name, right? What about it?” he asked back.

“Doesn’t he look kind of similar?” asked the Vice-Guild Master.

The Guild Master took a closer look at Gravis and furrowed his brows. “His face, age, and height are similar, but he has a different hair color and different eyes. Without those two things, I can see the similarity.”

“Well, why don’t we ask him?” asked the Vice-Guild Master back.

“Hello, Guild Master, Vice-Guild Master,” a new voice appeared in their heads. This could only come from the person looking similar to Gravis.

“Hello, traveler. What brings you to our Wind Guild?” asked the Guild Master, keeping the Vice-Guild Master informed by sending him the same message.

Gravis furrowed his brows in confusion. They acted like they didn’t know him. It’s only been a couple of weeks, and Gravis doubted that they forgot him already. “I came for three reasons. No worries, I’m sure you won’t mind any of those. The first one is already accomplished, as you might have noticed,” said Gravis back. “Remember how that elder offered me a gust fruit in your palace? I thought he deserved some repayment for that.”

Now, the two were sure that this was Gravis. “Oh, you’re Gravis, right? Sorry, I didn’t recognize you with your new look,” said the Guild Master back.

Now, it was Gravis’ turn to be confused. He had only changed his clothes. How would that confuse someone at the Spirit Forming Realm? “What do you mean with, ‘changed my look’?” Gravis asked back.

And now the Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master were confused again. “I mean your new hair color, and your eyes,” the Guild Master sent back.

“My hair color and eyes?” asked Gravis unsurely. He quickly checked himself with his Spirit, and his eyes widened. “Wait, what?” he exclaimed with his actual voice.

What was he seeing? What was up with his hair? What was up with his eyes? When did that happen?

Gravis’ hair was completely silver now. His old black hair was nowhere to be seen. The color of his hair mimicked the color of his lightning. Actually, as Gravis looked closer, it was exactly the same as his lightning! If one looked at it, one would think that sparks would shoot out of it if they touched it.

And what was up with his eyes? His eye-color changed from black to silver too. Even worse, the form of his pupils had changed. They were no longer round. Instead, they looked like two cuts intersecting, creating a symmetrical cross, seemingly splitting his eyes into four parts, each. Gravis was too shocked to judge what he thought about that.

“Is that still me?” he asked himself involuntarily.

He continued looking at himself and found something that confused his emotions even more. “With a silver eye-color, will people think that I am blind?” he asked himself. Many blind people had silver or grey eyes due to a medical condition. “I’m not blind, right?” he asked himself, unsurely.

Gravis deactivated his Spirit and looked around. “I’m not blind,” he concluded, obviously. If he were blind, he would have already noticed, but he had been too shocked to think about that.

Yet, when Gravis concentrated on his actual vision, he noticed some differences. ‘I don’t need to focus my eyes anymore if I want to look at something closely. All the surroundings appear incredibly clear, even without me focusing on them,’ Gravis thought.

Like always, his mind quickly went to how he could utilize that. Even though he had his Spirit to keep track of things, his eyes were still useful. If he didn’t need to focus on his target, he wouldn’t need to actually move his eyes. On top of that, someone couldn’t leave the focused spot of his eyes with an unexpected dodge like this.

“Wait,” Gravis said with a grim expression. “If I stop moving my eyes, wouldn’t I look even more like a blind person?” he asked himself. Gravis imagined himself always looking forward with silver eyes. This image made him feel surreal. Was this a joke?

Sadly, this wasn’t a joke. When the physical manifestation of the concept of lightning took ahold of Gravis’ body, it had changed as much of Gravis’ whole being into lightning as possible. Sadly, it had only remained in that state for a couple of seconds until the Opposer and the highest Heaven appeared.

In that short time, Gravis’ whole body had started becoming closer to lightning. The first thing that the manifestation did was to change the Spirit and the Energy into lightning. After that, it would have converted the whole body, yet it was stopped before it could finish that process.

If it had had more time, Gravis would have gotten a pure lightning body. At that point, his body would have become unrecognizable. Luckily, it had been stopped just in time. Yet, its possession didn’t go over without several changes. The changed eyes and hair color came from that.

The Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master from the Wind Guild felt a little awkward as they watched Gravis going through an avalanche of different emotions. They hadn’t expected that Gravis hadn’t known about his new look.

After a while, Gravis seemed to fall into thought. He only stood there, scratching his chin while looking up.

“Do I look like I’m blind with these eyes?” Gravis suddenly asked them out of nowhere.

The Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master first didn’t know how to react to the sudden, direct question. Then, the Guild Master smiled sheepishly.

“Maybe a little bit.”


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