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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 187: So Much Gold Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis charged at the barrier with his full speed. Sadly, he couldn’t use his new way of movement since he was using the saber for something else right now. Gravis readied a big swing and swung his weapon at the barrier, hitting it with the spot of concentrated lightning.


The point of contact exploded, creating a loud explosion. The explosion made a massive hole in the barrier, nearly five meters wide. Gravis smirked. “Just as I thought. An attack with a weapon will always be stronger than an attack without one,” Gravis said.

Gravis noticed that the hole was slowly mending, yet his Spirit was no longer blocked from looking through the castle. He saw everything inside the castle, including the core of the Formation Array. He didn’t have sufficient knowledge about Formation Arrays to determine what the Formation Array was doing, but that didn’t matter.


Since Gravis’ Spirit had access to the castle, he could create lightning wherever he wanted now. He summoned some lightning above the Formation Array’s core and destroyed it, which destroyed the runic lines around the big pile of Energy Stones in the process. The barrier surrounding the castle vanished without a sound.

“Another guild would have probably protected the core of their Formation Array with another Formation Array. I guess that the Heaven Sect isn’t really afraid of attacks. Who would attack the undisputed overlord of this world?” Gravis asked with a self-satisfied smirk.

Gravis checked the Heaven Sect for valuables with his Spirit. He found around 5,000 Energy Stones and an unreal amount of gold. Most of the Energy Stones were inside the destroyed Formation Array. There was just as much gold as Gravis had expected, but he was a little surprised about there “only” being 5,000 Energy Stones.

“Well, when Cerb came back with Energy Stones, Aion had absorbed them into his Spirit Space. He probably keeps most of the Energy Stones in there,” Gravis guessed.

He was right. The branch of the Heaven Sect needed to submit a lot of Energy Stones to their headquarters. When Aion had left, he had taken as many Energy Stones as he could fit in his Spirit Space, which was a lot. The other disciples had also carried sacks of Energy Stones to the guild. These 5,000 Energy Stones weren’t even 5% of the branch’s total amount.

Aion also carried the most valuable treasures with him. The Body Ascension Pill, for example, had been kept in Aion’s Spirit Space, but Gravis didn’t mind.

“So many body tempering pills!” he shouted in excitement. He saw over a thousand, many of them incredibly expensive. He immediately pocketed all the body tempering pills and Energy Stones. “I still have around three cubic meters of storage left. Let’s push in as much as gold as possible!”

Like this, a lot of gold coins vanished. Yet, Gravis furrowed his brows. “Those coins use up a lot of space. We can do better than that,” he said.

Like this, he absorbed gold coins from the storage and then retrieved them from his Spirit Space again, dumping them right in front of him. He did that a couple of times until a small lake of gold was formed before him. Then, Gravis summoned lightning and shot it at the gold.

The power of the lightning melted the gold while Gravis’ Spirit worked as a mold. Like this, he had melted nearly all of the gold coins into a cube with a volume of three cubic meters. The gold hadn’t cooled down yet, but that didn’t matter. His Spirit could keep the form, even if the gold were liquid. Like this, Gravis made some space in his Spirit Space and pushed the cube into it.

The cube vanished, and Gravis was finally satisfied. His whole Spirit Space was packed with pills, Energy Stones, and especially gold.


Gravis put his saber into the earth, ready to depart, but stopped that thought. “Wouldn’t I leave a long track for a priest of the Heaven Sect to follow me like this?” he muttered. Gravis jumped down from his saber again and retrieved it. Then, he just ran into the direction of his next target. “Gotta be careful!” he said.

Gravis couldn’t travel with all his speed, but he didn’t mind. Robbing the Heaven Sect had been the only time-sensitive target that he had since the members would return soon. It made no difference how fast he traveled.

Because of the pressing time, he had also stopped here first, even though the route would be suboptimal like this. If Gravis had taken an optimal route, the Heaven Sect would have been the second target on his trip.

Even when traveling like this, he was still multiple times faster than Skye when it had been a middle-grade Energy Beast. While he was running, he was stuffing his mouth with body tempering pills. He wanted to reach a body, at least, equal to his current Energy.

After traveling for nearly half a day, Gravis noticed that his body had gotten stronger, but by less than he had expected. “Seems like I need way more pills than I had thought. I thought that this small hill of pills would boost my body to the Seed-Stage, but at this rate, I can barely reach the initial stage of Spirit Forming.”

After this half-day, Gravis finally arrived at his target. This target was to the west of the Heaven Sect, while his other targets would be to its east. If he had chosen an optimal route, this would have been his first target.

Gravis looked with a smile at the mountain range with a lot of trees surrounding it.

This was the Wind Guild.

He had three things to do here.

“First things, first!” Gravis said with a smirk. He used his Spirit to look at all the elders in the Wind Guild until he found his target. His smirk intensified.

This specific elder was currently sitting in his house, reading a book. Out of interest, Gravis checked the book and saw that it was about some hybrid, darkness cultivator. He checked some of the contents. “What is an individuality?” he asked himself. “Well, doesn’t matter.” After finding his target, Gravis did something unexpected.


Some lightning appeared above the elder and hit him, slightly shocking him. The elder seized for a second, then jumped up in panic. He touched his head, which was the spot where the lightning hit and found that he was bald now. His flowing green hair was incinerated.

“That’s for making me eat that gust fruit!” a voice said in his head.

The elder first was a little panicked, then confused. Then, he seemed to realize something and smiled bitterly.

Yet, that bitter smile wasn’t kept up for long. Shortly after, he broke into actual laughter.

“Alright, I deserved that!” the elder said with a smile. Then, he looked into the mirror to check his new look. He rubbed his chin in thought. “This doesn’t look that bad, actually.”

Gravis laughed happily.

He loved the Wind Guild.


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