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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1294: Judgment Bahasa Indonesia


Suddenly, the world broke apart as the isolating Formation Array vanished around Gravis.

The members of the Life Sect looked with nervousness at the area where Gravis had just fought.

Everything had happened so suddenly that they all had had no opportunity to even react. They had just been going through life, and suddenly, explosions had occurred.

Most of the people hadn’t even been able to do anything before the Core Elder and the intruder had clashed.

They had realized that their Core Plant had died when the fight between Gravis and the Core Elder had ended, but before they could react, the Ancestor had returned, and another fight broke out.

Now, the fight had ended in only about two seconds, and the members only hoped that their Ancestor had won.

Yet, when they saw Gravis and Mortis, their fear turned into panic, and they all began to flee in different directions.


Yet, Gravis’ Will-Aura got activated, and the entire Sect turned quiet again.

At this moment, Gravis’ Will-Aura was still strengthening, but with the addition of the True Law of Suppression, no one could resist Gravis’ Will-Aura regardless.

After all, the strongest members currently inside the True Life Sect were level six Divine Gods.

And Gravis?

After absorbing the Ancestor, Gravis had also reached the sixth level of the Divine God Realm.

The members of the True Life Sect had realized that they had been caught.

There was nothing they could do anymore.


Only mortals and weak Cultivators thought of begging for their lives. It wasn’t that they felt themselves above such actions, but that it was simply useless. Every Cultivator that had reached such a level had long since gotten used to killing people, even if they were innocent.


In such a situation, that would be just as useless. None of the members were ignorant kids. They had all lived for millions of years, and they all knew how the world worked.

You only followed orders?

You didn’t know the truth?

You were afraid of me, so you wanted to kill me?

All of these arguments that were used by mortals to absolve one of guilt and wrongdoing didn’t work at this level.

Everyone knew exactly how everything had played out. None of them had been born yesterday, and they could all see through the political intricacies.

If they didn’t want to go against Gravis, they could have simply not searched for him. None of the Peak Sects forced their members to do something against their will. Because, if they did, that member would very quickly run to another Peak Sect.

Restricting the members’ freedom? Same thing. They would simply go to another Peak Sect before that restriction even took effect.

So, all of these members knew exactly what they had done and why they had done it.

They had been complicit.

Gravis’ eyes went over the members of the True Life Sect, studying them closely.

Gravis knew the True Law of Sentient Life, and he could read all their Law Fragments clearly.

He couldn’t perfectly read their minds, but Gravis could see their emotions and make some very educated guesses.

Gravis looked through the minds of the present people to see what their philosophy had been regarding him.

Then, Gravis slowly pointed his finger at one of the Elders.

The Elder felt the hair on his neck stand on end.


The Elder was turned to dust by a bolt of Heavenly Lightning. The Heavenly Lightning quickly grew more powerful and returned to Gravis.


Then, Gravis’ finger pointed at the next Elder.


The same thing was repeated again.

After absorbing that Elder, Gravis’ Realm became unstable, and he broke through the seventh level of the Divine God Realm.

The Elders had been level six Divine Gods, and Gravis had been close to reaching the seventh level after absorbing the Ancestor.

Then, Gravis pointed at the next Elder.


Then the next.


In total, the True Life Sect had about 50 Elders.

In just a couple of seconds, Gravis had killed 37 of them.

37 level six Divine Gods weren’t nearly enough to let Gravis advance to the eighth level of the Divine God Realm, but that hadn’t been his goal regardless.

These people had hunted him, and he decided to kill them.

After the 37th Elder, Gravis stopped.

Then, the remaining Elders felt the pressure around them vanish.

They were shocked, and they took some deep breaths. They knew exactly what that meant.

Gravis had allowed them to leave!

The remaining Elders thanked their past selves for doing the right thing. For some reason or another, these Elders had decided not to care about Gravis. Either they didn’t take him seriously, or searching for him went against their conscience, or due to different plans.

Yet, it didn’t matter.

The surviving Elders had not gone against Gravis, and for that, they would survive today.

Then, Gravis’ perception went to the next weaker people.

The Officers and officials.

They were level four and level five Divine Gods, and there were far more of them.

At that point, Gravis didn’t need to focus all his power on his Heavenly Lightning anymore, which meant that he didn’t need to kill them one by one.


Gravis exploded with lightning.

The officers and officials saw their death approach.

Yet, surprisingly, only 30% of them died.

The remaining 70% were left alive.


Because a lot of time had passed.

Over three million years had passed since Gravis had been hunted by the Peak Sects initially. Gravis had only been hunted by Peak Ancestral Gods and Divine Gods.

A lot of these officials hadn’t been Peak Ancestral Gods back then, which meant that they had never even gotten the request to search for Gravis.

Gravis absorbed the corpses, but his Realm still didn’t increase.

Then, Gravis focused on the Core Disciples.


Around 5% of them had been killed.

Then, Gravis focused on the normal disciples.


0.3% died.

After that, Gravis focused on the exchange hall inside the True Life Sect.


The Formation Arrays around it were destroyed, and Gravis pocketed everything inside there.

The majority of a Peak Sect’s wealth was in the Spirit Spaces of the Vice-Sect Masters and the Sect Master. After all, that was the safest place.

The Ancestor only carried their personal belongings with them since they weren’t involved with the day-to-day affairs of the Sect. If they had most of a Peak Sect’s wealth, they would be constantly annoyed by requests to access these resources, and they didn’t want that.

Yet, there was still a lot of stuff in the exchange hall.

After that, Gravis looked at the dead Core Plant, and he absorbed it with his lightning while pocketing the Law Comprehension Life Fruits.


Gravis reached the eighth level of the Divine God Realm.


At the same time, his Will-Aura suddenly exploded with power.

Suddenly, Gravis felt his will being restricted. He felt that his Will-Aura wanted to become even more powerful, but something was holding it back.

Gravis quickly realized that it was the Cosmos.

Just like a being had an upper limit in the density of Energy, there was also a limit to the power of one’s Will-Aura.

Orthar had created the concept of a Will-Aura, and his concept could only be pushed to a certain extent.

At this moment, Gravis had reached that point.

Gravis’ Will-Aura had reached the power of the Heaven’s Magnate Realm.

It had reached the peak of what one being could have.

If the Opposer didn’t have his own Cosmos, his Will-Aura would be just as powerful as Gravis’ Will-Aura.

However, with the addition of a Cosmos, one could increase the power of one’s Will-Aura even more by spreading it over a greater area.

Because of that, the Opposer’s Will-Aura was still worlds above Gravis’ Will-Aura.

Gravis had reached the peak of the concept of a Will-Aura.

Soon, he would reach the peak in terms of Energy and physical power as well.

The peak in terms of Laws was also on the horizon.

All aspects of Gravis’ being closed in on the hard limits of the Cosmos with one already having reached it.

After reaching these limits, Gravis would need to create his own Cosmos. Only with the help of a Cosmos would he be able to push everything even further.

Gravis took all the valuables of the True Life Sect he could find, and he essentially owned nearly 20% of the True Life Sect’s net worth. Sadly, the Vice-Sect Masters and the Sect Master held the majority of the wealth, and none of them were here.


Suddenly, a new person appeared after having been teleported by an emblem.

Gravis looked over, and his eyes widened in surprise.

A level nine Divine God had appeared, and based on what Gravis could read from her Law fragments, she was a Vice-Sect Master of the True Life Sect.

From what Gravis could see, she had just returned from a war in the Heavenly Divine Sect.

The war had gone very badly, and she had fled back to the True Life Sect to converge with her Ancestor after winning her battle.

Surely, the Ancestor would know what to do now.

The Ancestor was the last person she could turn to since her Sect Master had died. The other Vice-Sect Master had also died, leaving only the Ancestor and her alive.

They quickly had to find a way to alleviate their enmity with the Heavenly Divine Sect.

Yet, when she returned to the True Life Sect, she didn’t see the Ancestor.

Instead, she only saw two people who looked at her with shining eyes.

‘For once, I seem to be in luck,’ Gravis thought.


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