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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1275: – Old To Young Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Mortis focused on comprehending the Law of Heavenly Fire again as the entire world underwent a massive reshuffling.

One of the Peak Sects had been destroyed, leaving six of them. One could even say that there were only five since the Mortal Sect had completely vanished from the perspective of the world.

However, Gravis and Mortis didn’t notice any of that.

They simply continued comprehending their Laws.

Up to now, all the level nine Laws the two of them had comprehended had been special Laws that didn’t require the watching of something physical. The only two exceptions were the Law of Heavenly Lightning, but that was a special Law in and of itself, thanks to their unique existence and the Law of Matter.

The Law of Matter had been the first level nine Law where Gravis had needed to actively watch to comprehend it.

So, how long did it take Gravis to comprehend the Law of Heavenly Fire, a level nine Law, the highest kind of naturally occurring Law?

With both of them working together, it took them 300,000 years.

Working on the same Law didn’t double the speed since they were often trying to comprehend the same thing. Instead, it increased the speed by around 50%.

So, on his own, as a level nine Ancestral God, Gravis would need around 450,000 years to comprehend a naturally occurring level nine Law.

That was incredibly fast, even for a Peak Divine God.

Normal Peak Divine Gods needed around 800,000 to 1,000,000 years to comprehend such a Law.

That was also one of the reasons why there were such gigantic differences in power and age amongst the Peak Divine Gods.

A Vice-Sect Master of a Peak Sect was probably already ten to fifteen million years old, while a Sect Master was already older than 20 million years. Ancestors were all at least 25 million years old.

Usually, Peak Divine Gods focused on the Law of the Dead World and the Law of Life first. Depending on one’s situation, these Laws took the least or the most time.

Most of the time, they took the least time.

When one had already finished the Law of the Living World, one had to focus on the Emotional Laws and the Laws of Perceived Reality. Comprehending these Laws couldn’t be done by just watching some stuff. No, one had to go through different experiences and live these concepts.

Something like that was difficult for Peak Divine Gods. After all, they were as far away from normal as it got.

Because of that, most Ancestors were stuck in their Realm for a very long time. Most of them would eventually die to each other when it was time for their tribulation, but some of them would manage to survive again and again, becoming more powerful during that process.

However, some of them also managed to comprehend these Laws rather quickly.

For example, Zero’s Essence.

Zero’s Essence had finished her Law of the Living World when she had only been 17 million years old, and in just three million more years, she had finished every Law except for the True Law of Control.

And then, Zero’s Essence had been stuck in that stage for nearly seven million years.

Seven million years without any progress.

This was the life of a Peak Divine God.

The beginning was easy, and after getting through all the easy Laws, a nearly insurmountable wall stood before them.

And when they managed to break through one wall, another wall would stand behind it.

The first few Emotional Laws weren’t difficult since every person had a strong affinity for at least one Emotional Law, but it became tough after that.

Every person had at least three Emotional Laws that were incredibly difficult to comprehend.

Empathetic people would have trouble with the Law of Apathy.

Calm people would have trouble with the Law of Rage.

Confident people would have trouble with the Law of Humility.

That was why nearly every Ancestor was stuck with having comprehended two level ten Laws and a couple more level nine Laws.

The only exceptions were the people from the Mortal Sect. However, they had also worked extremely hard for the Law of Emotions, and they were still missing the Law of the Dead World most of the time.

The Mortal Sect was focusing on the hard part before the easy part, making them weak in the beginning but strong later on.

Sadly, their strongest people often died before reaching that point since the other Peak Sects knew that they couldn’t allow a really powerful Ancestor to appear in the Mortal Sect.

After showing all of this, it would become far easier to see how fast Gravis’ comprehension actually was.

These Peak Divine Gods were ancient in comparison to Gravis.

Yet, Gravis had comprehended the same number of Laws as an average Ancestor, and how old was Gravis again?

A bit more than four million years old.

Four million years compared to over twenty million years.

In the middle world, Gravis had once decided on a path for his life.

He had said that he would prepare himself fully before breaking into the next Realm.

He had proclaimed that he would become Old Man Gravis.

And that had been proven to be true. After all, Gravis had gone through a tribulation in the Immortal Realm. Over 90% of Immortals didn’t reach their tribulation.

Then, Gravis had also spent over 200,000 years in the higher world, the age of an Immortal Emperor.

Gravis had also nearly reached his tribulation as a Star God, and now, he was reaching his tribulation as an Ancestral God.

He definitely could be called Old Man Gravis at this point.

Yet, all of this would soon change.

After being an old man for a very long time, Gravis would soon comprehend the remaining level nine Laws. It would only take a couple million years at most.

And then?

There was no then.

After comprehending all these Laws, there wouldn’t be any point in waiting.

Gravis would directly become a Heaven’s Magnate.

From an old Ancestral God, Gravis would soon transition into becoming the youngest Heaven’s Magnate in history.

From an ancient existence, Gravis would transform into a young child amongst his peers.

All of this had been Gravis’ goal.

For his entire life, Gravis had always taken his time. Instead of reaching the next Realm, he had always focused on working on his foundation.

He always focused on Laws for incredible periods of time.

He always focused on pushing his Will-Aura as far as he could.

When others shot through the Realms, Gravis was working on the foundation of his Laws.

Back then, the Opposer had told Gravis that the level one Laws were the most important Laws since they allowed a Cultivator to take the first step into the category of that Law.

Others were focusing on their main Laws. They focused on their Elemental Affinity, created some Form Laws, and comprehended some supporting Laws.

They didn’t look at the Plant Laws.

They didn’t look at the Matter Laws.

They didn’t look at the other Elemental Laws.

Gravis had always focused on everything. Instead of only going with his lightning, he had gone with everything at once.

It had been a lot of time-consuming work, and Gravis’ Realm had progressed slower than his friends’ Realms.

But soon, everything would change.

After an eternity of being slower than everyone, Gravis would soon shoot forward with incredible speeds, breaking through all the impassable walls in one go.

After 300,000 years, the two of them had managed to comprehend the Law of Heavenly Fire.

300,000 years was terrifyingly fast.

Gravis’ mad dash towards power had already begun.

With all of this said, only one common phrase came to mind.

Sharpening the axe didn’t take time away from cutting trees.


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