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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1276: – Ready Bahasa Indonesia

After Gravis and Mortis were done with the Law of Heavenly Fire, they returned to Opposer City to focus on their Form Law.

Instead of using the level seven Battle-Laws, they were using the level nine Elemental Laws.

The level nine Elements already demonstrated pure perfection in their field, which meant that they already included the peak in all their aspects.

There was no Law of Heavenly Lightning’s Speed.

There was no Law of Heavenly Fire’s Explosiveness.

They were already at the peak.

Over the remaining years before their tribulation, the two of them focused on their Form Law.

Sadly, they only knew two of the nine level nine Elemental Laws, which made their Form Law lacking.

They didn’t have the weight of Earth.

They didn’t have the sharpness of Metal.

They didn’t have the speed of Light.

However, they had the sudden explosive power of lightning and the sheer destructive potential of fire.

Lightning was the second-fastest Element, which meant that the speed of their attacks was still fine. It wasn’t the best, but it was fine.

In the end, they managed to create two powerful Form Laws.

How powerful was their Form Law?

It was equivalent to a level ten Law.

This Form Law was just as powerful as the Form Law of the Ancestors of the Peak Sects.

The Ancestors knew all the Elemental level nine Laws, and by combining all of the aspects, they were able to create Form Laws that were equal to level ten Laws in power.

Gravis didn’t have all the Elements, but he had the True Law of Emotions.

If Gravis had all the Elementals and the True Law of Emotions, his Form Law could reach the power of a level eleven Law.

A level eleven Law was equivalent in power to the Law of the True World.

After all, that Form Law would combine all the destructive Elements that a True World could unleash.

However, it would be missing the sustainability, the adaptability, the foundation, and the flexibility of the Law of the True World.

But that was something for the future. Right now, Gravis and Mortis had only condensed two level ten Form Laws.

After they were done, they looked at each other without saying anything.

They had prepared themselves for around 2.5 million years.

They hadn’t seen their friends in 2.5 million years.

For 2.5 million years, they had been hidden from the world, just comprehending Laws.

And their time hadn’t been wasted.

They had known only one level ten Law when they had gone into seclusion, and now, they knew four.

The Law of Emotions, the Law of Sentience, and their Form Law had been added.

They had undergone an unimaginable transformation.

After looking at each other and nodding, Gravis walked over to a table in his room and lifted a ring that had been placed there.

This ring had been there for over a million years.

Gravis’ perception entered the ring.


Gravis saw an entire armory inside the ring, filled with spears and sabers.

All of them were black, and they exhibited unimaginable power.

Gravis recognized the materials these weapons were made out of, but the materials felt entirely different from the ones he had known.

These materials were made with the Law of the True World, and they had been forged with the most powerful Form Law for forging in existence, except for the two eternal, unapproachable beings.

These were Master Linus’ promised weapons.

These were the most powerful weapons in the normal world.

These weapons had come from a place beyond the normal world of Cultivation.

These weapons had been forged by a Heaven’s Magnate, who had dedicated his life to forging.

These weapons were so powerful that Gravis could even use them in a battle against a Heaven’s Magnate.

No Sect Master had such weapons.

No Ancestor had such weapons.

These weapons didn’t belong to the normal world of Cultivation.

When the two of them saw the weapons, they released a sigh of relief.


Because this had been the last unknown factor.

Yes, the two of them had several level ten Laws, but a jump of seven levels was unprecedented.

Not even the Opposer had been able to pull off a jump of seven levels when he had been young.

Just cutting through such an incredibly powerful body would need one’s entire power, one’s entire Energy, and incredibly powerful Laws.

And that was just the body. The opponent could also protect their body with Laws and Energy.

That’s where the weapons came into play.

Without these weapons, the two of them could only leave superficial cuts on their opponent after unleashing everything they got.

This was why these weapons were absolutely imperative in their success.

Gravis and Mortis shared the weapons and put them into their Spirit Space.

Then, the two of them left Opposer City without saying goodbye.

There was no reason to say goodbye.

They wouldn’t die.

They would return.

All of their work was for this moment, and they wouldn’t even entertain the thought that they would die.

Right now, there were still around 40,000 years left to their tribulation, but that basically counted as no time to people of their age.

It wasn’t enough to comprehend another Law.

After traveling for a while, the two of them stopped at one of the most isolated places they could find.

The Peak Sects still had them on their radar, but their search efforts had long since waned. If Gravis entered a powerful Divine God’s perception, he would be found out, but the Divine Gods weren’t specifically searching for him.

They were busier with trying to deal with the gigantic changes in the world of the Peak Sects.

For the Peak Sects, this was a grand age.

Battles broke out all the time.

To them, the world was a paradise of tempering and endless rewards.

Who cared about some Ancestral God they saw a couple million years ago?

That guy had completely vanished, and a lot of the Divine Gods weren’t even sure if that guy even existed.

After all, how many living witnesses were there?

The Vice-Sect Master of the Mortal Sect was dead.

The Vice-Sect Master of the Twilight Council was dead.

Silver Seer was dead.

That only left the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect and the Vice-Sect Masters of the True Life, Dusk Wind, and Eternity Sect.

Four people.

Only four living people had seen this so-called unprecedented genius, and one of them seemingly didn’t even care about him.

Sure, the Divine Gods would follow their orders, but they were really not sure if Gravis even existed.

Nearly all Peak Sects had searched the entire world for millions of years, and no one had seen even a sign of that person.

Did that guy actually exist?

Was this all some political event?

Was he created to motivate them?

Was he created to create a reason to go to war with another Sect?

Because of that, no one cared about Gravis’ existence right now, and that’s why Gravis had the courage to actually appear above ground.

This was the most isolated place he could find, which reduced the chances even more of being found out.

It was a gigantic wasteland with nearly no living being.

Gravis and Mortis floated in the air, and the two of them nodded at each other.

“Orthar,” Gravis whispered. “We are ready for our tribulation. You can send it anytime you want.”


Orthar didn’t answer, but Gravis had already expected something like that. After all, a tribulation was nothing special to Orthar.

However, even though Orthar hadn’t answered, something incredibly shocking happened in a particular city at this moment.


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