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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1258: – Selling Bahasa Indonesia

Navigating the world so deep underground was a challenging task. Just being off by one degree would make them miss their destination by hundreds or thousands of years of travel.

After around 30,000 years, they began to triangulate their relative positions according to the flow and density of the Energy in the world.

By now, enough time had passed that Gravis and Mortis could create another clone due to their passive absorption of Energy.

Now, two Gravises and two Mortises flew around in the underground.

They all flew in slightly different directions and crosschecked the pull of Energy from their different positions, which gave them a general direction towards their goal.

In total, the journey took 50,000 years, just as Gravis had anticipated.

By now, the pull of Energy was astonishingly powerful. It was like the Energy of the entire world was just in front of them.

Shortly after, the four of them fused again.

They had reached their goal.

In front of Gravis and Mortis was a Formation Array of unmistakable power.

It was impossible to penetrate even for Gravis and Mortis, and it stretched towards the very bottom of the world.

Not even Peak Sects could create such a Formation Array.

Gravis smirked, and he moved his hand towards the Formation Array.

Knock, knock, knock!


A hole in the Formation Array opened, and the two of them entered.

God Stones!

So many God Stones!

Gravis and Mortis were swallowed by God Stones!

Their entire perception was filled with God Stones!

“Don’t touch your mother’s stuff,” the Opposer told them via voice transmission.

“I’m not suicidal,” Gravis answered.

This had been Gravis’ goal, their home.

Yes, surfacing anywhere in the world was a major risk, and there were probably an insane number of Divine Gods overlooking all the major cities.

However, these Divine Gods couldn’t look this far down into the ground.

Usually, getting into their house would have been impossible. After all, their home was in the middle of a busy city.

Yet, couldn’t they just enter from the underground? After all, their mother’s ocean of God Stones probably stretched towards the very bottom of the world.

And, sure enough, Gravis had been right. Additionally, Gravis had also been certain that no one would be able to see him inside here.

First of all, the Divine Gods probably didn’t dare to look into the Opposer’s home, and even if they dared, they probably couldn’t. After all, the Opposer wasn’t known for being a social butterfly.

While swimming through the ocean of God Stones, they accidentally absorbed a couple million of them, but Gravis didn’t mind.

After all, he would replace them very soon.

Eventually, the two of them came out of the ocean.


And were promptly kicked back in.

“Why don’t you absorb some more, you ungrateful brats!?” the Economistress shouted with annoyance.

“It wasn’t on purpose!” Gravis shouted as he lifted his head out of the ocean.

“Oh, shut up! As if it is so hard to keep your own Energy in check,” she said with a snort.

“Hey, I’m going to replace them, okay?” Gravis answered.

The Economistress snorted again. “You? Last I heard, you had no money left.”

Gravis and Mortis looked at each other in silence for a bit.

Then, they smirked.

“It seems like you’re not up to date with the news,” Mortis said.

“Not up to date?” the Economistress asked with ridicule. “What? Are you suddenly rich people? Are you saying you have more money than me?”

Gravis had been confident in their newfound wealth, but that last sentence put him back into his place.

Sure, they were rich, but not that rich!

How could their wealth compare to the Economistress’ wealth?

“No, we’re not richer than you, but we’re as rich as never before,” Mortis said.

“As rich as never before?” the Economistress asked with interest. “You once owned 16 God Crystals. Are you telling me that you earned more than that in only 100,000 years?”

Gravis and Mortis only smirked.

When the Economistress saw their reaction, she smiled warmly.

“Come in, boys! Welcome home!”

“What? Now that we have money, we are suddenly welcome?” Gravis asked with a snort.

“I don’t have freeloaders as sons,” the Economistress said with a smile.

The three of them joked some more, and eventually, they all went upstairs to their father’s room.

As always, the Opposer sat in the middle of his room.

“Hey, Gravis, Mortis! I’ve heard you made quite a stir,” the Black Magnate commented as he saw the two of them enter.

“Oh? You’re also here?” Gravis asked.

“Of course,” the Black Magnate said with a smirk. “Someone has to keep your father’s ego in check.”

Gravis saw that some kind of board game was sitting between the Black Magnate and the Opposer.

“Give me another 10,000 years, and I will start winning again,” the Opposer said evenly. “Eventually, you will run out of new games.”

“If I run out, I will simply create new ones,” the Black Magnate said. “My creativity has no bounds.”

“Give it another million years or two,” the Opposer answered absentmindedly.

“Anyway, why are you guys back?” the Black Magnate asked the two of them, changing the topic. “Did you get cold feet from being chased by the Peak Sects?”

“No,” Gravis answered with a smirk. “This time, we are here to do business.”

“Business?” the Black Magnate asked. “What? Did you find some nice ore in the ground somewhere? I’ve heard you declared yourself to be mole-people.”

“We sure did,” Gravis said, “and no, we are not here to sell ore. Our ore-selling days are behind us.”

“Oh? Then, what are you selling?” the Economistress asked as she joined everyone in the room. “Who’s your trading partner?”

“It’s you,” Gravis and Mortis said to the Economistress.

She only smiled. “Thought so. So, what do you have to offer?”

“You seem relaxed,” Mortis said. “Do you think it’s cute that we are here to trade with you, the big Economistress?”

“Of course it’s cute!” the Economistress said with a giggle. “My little boys are earning their own money. I’m so proud of you two little cuties.”

Gravis performed some grand gestures. “Not this time, mother,” he said with an official voice. “This time, we have become heavy-hitting businessmen! This time, we bring big business, even to someone as illustrious as you!”

“Big business?” the Economistress asked with a smirk. “Alright, I’ll believe you. Then, show me your big business.”

“Talking about big business with the Economistress,” the Black Magnate added from the side with a smirk. “Quite some bold words.”

Obviously, the two of them weren’t taking Gravis and Mortis seriously.

“Father, tell them that we brought big business,” Gravis said to the Opposer.

The Opposer looked at his wife.

“They bring big business,” he said like a machine.

“Aw, my little boys bring me big business. I’m so proud!” the Economistress said in a cutesy voice.

Gravis only frowned for a second, but his grin quickly returned.

“Behold! Big business!”


In an instant, a huge number of fruits appeared in the air.


Absolute silence.

The Black Magnate looked at the fruits like time had stopped for him.

The Black Magnate had believed that the two of them would bring something back that was worth a couple of God Crystals.

But this…


This was unreasonable!

The Economistress looked even more shocked.

She had believed that they had brought something that was quite valuable, but this was just too much.

This was a sum of money that she wouldn’t trust her employees with, and she trusted them with a lot of money!

“Where did you get all of that?” the Black Magnate asked with an absentminded voice.

“We killed the big tree in the middle of the Lightning Peak Sect and took its fruits,” Mortis said.

The Black Magnate’s mind stopped.

These two?


The plants of the Peak Sects were the most protected foundation of the Sects, and they were also the most powerful beings inside the Peak Sects.

These two were only level one Ancestral Gods!

How would they even go about doing it!?

Gravis smirked as he saw the shocked expressions of the two of them.

Then, Gravis saw how the gaze of the Economistress became very cold, distant, and professional.


An intricate and impossibly powerful table appeared between her and the two of them.

Two cups of hot tea landed on the table where Gravis and Mortis were, and she looked at the two of them with a professional gaze.

“Please sit down,” she said with a graceful gesture.. “Let’s talk about your wares.”


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