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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1257: – Windfall Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis waited for Mortis’ feedback. Right now, Gravis was too far away to see everything for himself, so he had to wait for Mortis.

Just when Mortis had unleashed Samsara, he had felt an incredibly powerful Spirit Sense envelop him. However, that Spirit Sense quickly vanished after Mortis had hit the plant with Samsara.

Mortis immediately became intangible again and flew away for a bit.

And then, he simply watched.

The plant didn’t move.

It hadn’t changed in any way.

It was simply doing nothing.

Mortis furrowed his brows, used the Law of Perceived Reality to change into the form of Silver Seer, and contacted the plant.

“What happened!? Your Spirit fluctuations were chaotic just now!” Mortis transmitted to the plant.

The plant didn’t answer.

Then, Mortis slowly flew closer and put his hand on one of the roots.


Mortis unleashed some Heavenly Lightning, and parts of the roots were burned away.

Usually, Mortis wouldn’t be able to injure someone so much more powerful than him, but when there was no will left in a living being, their resistance was far weaker.

Mortis smirked when he saw that he could easily turn the root into Heavenly Lightning.

“It lost its will!” Mortis transmitted to Gravis.

Gravis also grinned when he heard Mortis.

Dying to Samsara didn’t mean that someone just died. No, they simply lost their will. In mortal terms, one could say that the living being had become brain-dead.

Their body would still live on, and their memories also remained, but the Spirit simply couldn’t be used anymore since nothing was directing it anymore.

By all intents and purposes, the plant appeared alive and healthy, but it was actually dead from a Cultivation-perspective.

“Seems like a billion years of Samsara was too much for this plant,” Gravis commented as he came closer to the plant.

“I expected as much,” Mortis answered. “It has probably done nothing but simply wait here and cultivate with not much else to do. Living for a billion years without any progress was simply too much. I’m not even sure if Heaven’s Magnates can live that long.”

Gravis put his hand on one of the roots and moved it along it.

“Isn’t it fascinating and frightening?” Gravis asked.

“What?” Mortis asked.

“Divine Gods can only live for ten million years before they have to undergo a tribulation. If we say that the strongest Divine Gods have only gone through one tribulation, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that this plant has probably gone through three or four different Sect Masters.”

“This plant was probably the very foundation on which one of the Peak Sects built their prosperity and power.”

“And now, we killed something like that.”

“So?” Mortis asked. “If it found you, it would have simply eaten you like an annoying insect. After all, we would be seen as intruders.”

“I know,” Gravis answered. “I was simply marveling about how far we have come.”

“Anyway, what do we do now?” Gravis asked.

Mortis only smirked. “Obviously, I’m going to harvest its fruits.”

Gravis smirked back.

What was the status of this plant?

It had probably been a Peak Divine God, and it was probably as powerful as an Ancestor or even more powerful.

Would there be guards around it?

Of course not. The plant was more powerful than any member inside a Peak Sect. Why would it need guards? Probably not even Ancestors could kill it with just themselves.

Additionally, it wouldn’t be the Sect Master or Ancestor demanding the fruit, but the plant allowing them to take the fruit.

This plant was the very foundation of a Peak Sect, and it probably was the most powerful being with the highest authority inside the Sect. The only reason why these plants were ignored by everyone was that they didn’t care about politics, and they didn’t move, which meant that they didn’t fight anyone.

They simply sat in their Sects like eternal guardians.

Gravis and Mortis had just ripped out the deepest and most stable foundation of a Peak Sect.

If the other Sects got wind of the death of this plant, they would probably launch an all-out attack on this Sect.

A Peak Sect without its plant was not a Peak Sect.

Gravis and Mortis absorbed one of the roots to get some Energy, and Mortis created a clone with said Energy.

Gravis and Mortis retreated back to the bottom of the world while Mortis’ clone went upward to check the fruits.

At some point, Mortis found the Formation Array, but with the True Law of Perceived Reality, all Formation Arrays could be ignored.

Mortis easily slipped past the Formation Array.

Then, Mortis surfaced.

Mortis was inside a grand cave.

It was absolutely gigantic, and a lush tree grew at its center. A lot more Formation Arrays were around the walls of the cave to protect the tree.

Before doing anything else, Mortis went to the entrance of the cave and went past the Formation Arrays.

Then, Mortis kept his Spirit Sense in check and only looked at the world around him with his eyes. He didn’t want his Spirit Sense to be found by some fancy technique or something.

Up in the sky, Mortis felt a lot of Heavenly Lightning being created. It wasn’t on the level of a Law Comprehension Area, but it also didn’t feel like the Heavenly Lightning was used in a fight.

It was like someone was trying to dump Heavenly Lightning into this place.

Mortis already had an inkling as to where he was, and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw that the cave was in a gigantic mountain with a very flat top.

“Huh, turns out we’re at the Lightning Peak Sect again,” the Mortis in the underground told Gravis.

Gravis scratched the back of his head. “I mean, it makes sense. We only traveled for like a bit more than a century without any guidance. I don’t think that the Peak Sects are that close together.”

The Mortis above-ground went back into the cave and looked at the tree again.

It was filled with fruits!

There were over 100,000 Law Comprehension Life Fruits for level seven Laws, over 1,000 Law Comprehension Life Fruits for level eight Laws, and 25 Law Comprehension Life Fruits for level nine Laws.

Mortis looked at the beautiful array of fruits hanging in front of him with a smile and gathered them quickly.

Then, he went below the ground again and met up with Gravis.

The two of them looked at their loot with excitement.


What money?

That stuff he was swimming in?

“We should go,” Mortis said. “If they find out what happened, they will turn everything around here into nothingness.”

Gravis was pulled out of his thoughts and nodded.

“I know exactly where we should go next. Additionally, since we now know where we are, we can go there directly. However, it will take a long time. I guess we probably have to move at full speed for nearly 50,000 years or so.”

Mortis and Gravis looked at each other with grimaces.

“Why does this world have to be so big?” Mortis asked with annoyance. “Not being able to use Teleportation Formation Arrays sucks.”

“I know,” Gravis answered.

Then, the two of them charged towards the southwest.

It would be a long and very boring journey.


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