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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1248: – Sphere Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was charging through the Zero Blaze in his Void Lightning form.

Two months had already passed, and he hadn’t seen anyone so far.

However, that didn’t mean much.

The area was absolutely gigantic, and there could only be so many people searching for him. Additionally, they wouldn’t all take note of a random bolt of weird Energy shooting forward. After all, the power of the Zero Blaze around him would mask Gravis’ Energy very well.

Gravis managed to move millions of kilometers per second, but that was absolutely nothing in comparison to the sheer size of this area.

The powerful Ancestral Gods that knew the Law of Zero Blaze and the Divine Gods could easily look at tens if not hundreds of millions of kilometers of their surroundings, but in such a gigantic area, their Spirit Senses were comparably insignificant.

Gravis had left in a random direction, and he specifically didn’t go towards Northsky City since that would be the obvious place to go.

The searching teams didn’t know how fast Gravis could be, which required them to search for a vast area in all directions.

Surrounding the Zero Blaze region?


They would need millions of Divine Gods for that, and Gravis was sure that there weren’t millions of Divine Gods in this world.

Divine Gods were still a rarity.

Because of that, the searching teams would have to comb a ridiculously big area.

The first day had been the riskiest one, but Gravis had managed to get through that day without meeting anyone.

On top of that, some of the people would probably believe Gravis to have already died. After all, Gravis was a level one Ancestral God, and even if he had an insane Battle-Strength, the Zero Blaze could annihilate him with one touch.

However, there were also those who believed that Gravis knew the level eight Law of Zero Blaze, which would make him immune.

Yet, even if he knew it, he wouldn’t be able to teleport.

The Law of Zero Blaze would allow Gravis to stop explosions from happening. After all, he would only need to create a layer of Zero Blaze around him. As long as Zero Blaze touched more Zero Blaze, it wouldn’t explode.

However, if Gravis teleported, the warping of space would detonate the Zero Blaze at the entry and exit point.

Gravis would be able to stop the Zero Blaze from detonating, but he wouldn’t be able to stop its force when it had already exploded.

Of course, all of that wasn’t very important since Gravis didn’t know the Law regardless, but these were the thoughts that the searching teams thought of.

Gravis hadn’t seen the conversation between the leaders of the Peak Sects, but he was certain that they were all searching for him.

Gravis had destroyed a huge chunk of the Lightning Peak Sect, and he had threatened the lives of the other Peak Sects. Even more, he was responsible for the death of the Vice-Sect Master of the Twilight Council.

The only Peak Sect that wouldn’t want to take revenge on him was the Heavenly Divine Sect.

As more and more time passed, Gravis’ nervousness increased.


Wasn’t it good that he got further without an incident?

If one didn’t know anything about Gravis’ life, they would be confused by Gravis’ growing nervousness. However, if one had seen Gravis’ life, one would be able to understand why Gravis became so nervous.

Both sides didn’t know where the other was, and they both blindly moved forward, one side searching, one side fleeing.

When there was no information to make a reliable decision, one had to take a chance.

In short, it all depended on luck.

If Gravis got lucky, no one would find him.

If the enemy got lucky, they would find him.

And that was exactly why Gravis was nervous.

Gravis refused to believe that no one would find him. His luck was simply too bad for that.

Because of that, Gravis waited every day for the inevitable confrontation.

At some point, someone would find him.

What then?

At the moment, Gravis couldn’t even really fight.

As soon as Gravis unleashed any kind of Law or transformed into his physical body, the Zero Blaze around him would explode, killing him.

And even if he could fight, how powerful would the interfering person be?

This was not some Eternal Fire Sect.

These were members of the Peak Sects!

Gravis guessed that probably hundreds if not thousands of Divine Gods were searching for him.

Then, even if Gravis managed to kill his opponent, wouldn’t the surrounding members not also notice that someone had died? Then, several more would go to Gravis’ location, and Gravis would be confronted with even more powerful enemies.

There was no way out.

As soon as someone found him, he would die.

At the moment, Gravis felt like he was back in the lower world after he had accidentally killed Gorn.

Back then, the entire world had been searching for him. There had even been a Spirit Forming Cultivator that had attacked Gravis when he had only been in the third or fourth level of the Energy Gathering Realm.

One wrong move and everything would end.

Gravis was like a wild animal. The local human village wanted to capture him to use him as a service animal, but he had killed some of the hunters.

The animal had refused to be tamed, and it had dared to kill a human. Because of that, the animal was dangerous to society, and it had to be killed.

Six more months passed with no incident.

And then, it finally happened.


Suddenly, around two million kilometers away, a cacophony of explosions occurred.

Gravis stretched his Spirit Sense to that location in fear, but he couldn’t see anything due to the force of the explosion warping space and time.

Gravis only knew that someone had appeared, and they obviously didn’t care about the Zero Blaze.

This meant that the other side had to be a Divine God.

An instant later, the explosions vanished again.

Teleporting in this area was impossible for Gravis, but not for Divine Gods.

The act of teleporting wasn’t impossible in and of itself. The teleporting person only had to survive the backlash of the Zero Blaze.

Gravis couldn’t.

Divine Gods could.

Gravis would have released a sigh of relief if he actually had a physical body right now.

The Divine God hadn’t noticed the Void Lightning.

Two more months passed.

During these two months, Gravis had seen two other clusters of explosions, which made him more nervous.

They were closing in!

Gravis had already thought about going below the ground, but that would trap him. In order to move, Gravis needed to use some Energy, and if he were completely submerged by Zero Blaze, Gravis would never be able to move again.

Additionally, Zero Blaze didn’t stop one’s Spirit Sense like earth.

So, if Gravis decided to burrow below the snow, he would be a sitting duck until he comprehended the Zero Blaze Law, which would take him probably 300,000 years or so.

During that time, there was bound to be at least one person that noticed a stationary bolt of black lightning in the snow.

Gravis could only continue.

Two more months passed.

On this day, Gravis noticed something.

A sphere of Zero Blaze was quickly moving through the snowstorm.

‘An Ancestral God that knows the Law of Zero Blaze,’ Gravis thought with nervousness.

Gravis couldn’t just stop since a stationary bolt of Void Lightning was even more suspicious than a moving bolt.

Because of that, Gravis continued.

After a bit of charging around, the sphere of Zero Blaze moved towards Gravis.

If Gravis had a heart, it would beat in his head right now.

As Gravis continued, the sphere of Zero Blaze appeared beside him.

Then, it simply followed him for a couple of seconds.

The Ancestral God inside the sphere had definitely noticed the bolt of Void Lightning, but they weren’t sure what they should do with it.

When Gravis saw that the sphere hadn’t immediately attacked him, he felt some relief.

The Peak Sects didn’t know of his Lightning Transformation.

The Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect hadn’t told them.

After some more seconds, the sphere suddenly shot away at full speed.

It shot towards the direction where Gravis had come from.

‘They believe that I released this bolt of lightning to distract them,’ Gravis thought.

For a minute, nothing else happened.

Suddenly, Gravis noticed another sphere of Zero Blaze, and it was directly on his path!

The second sphere was stationary, and Gravis felt a Spirit Sense envelop him.

This sphere was waiting for him!

If Gravis evaded, the Ancestral God would know that this bolt of Void Lightning had a will.

If Gravis didn’t evade, he would collide with the Ancestral God, and his Void Lightning body would vanish. Void Lightning was pure Energy in a different form, and if he came into contact with a human, he would be absorbed by them.

Obviously, that would end in his death.

Evading would kill Gravis.

Not evading would kill Gravis.

There was nothing he could do!

Gravis’ mind was going wild as he charged at the sphere.

In his perception, time moved incredibly slowly as Gravis tried to think of a plan.

However, Gravis couldn’t come up with any plan.

‘I don’t know what it can do, but there’s literally nothing else I can try right now.’

‘I don’t know if it will achieve anything, but it’s better than doing nothing!’

Gravis closed in on the sphere.

Then, Gravis passed the sphere.

It was like time had frozen.

Gravis saw a woman with white and black hair looking at him with narrowed eyes, a sphere of Zero Blaze around her.

Inside the isolated barrier, Gravis stopped and transformed into his physical body.

The woman’s eyes widened as a warping wave shot at her.

At this very moment, she lost control over everything in her surroundings.

Her Zero Blaze barrier exploded violently as Gravis unleashed a Law.

The combined power of several all-out attacks of Peak Ancestral Gods swallowed the surroundings.

Neither she nor Gravis could survive this.

This instant felt as long as an eternity.

“I’ll call you Grace!” the voice of a woman could be heard.

Gravis opened his eyes to see a baby in a woman’s hands inside a grand palace.

Gravis narrowed his eyes as he tried to think of a plan.

Samsara was the only thing he could think of to save himself.

Yet, would Gravis be able to find a solution inside Samsara, or would he be forced to spend the last ten million or so years of his life just waiting for the inevitable explosion that would end his life?

At this moment, Gravis had no idea what he could do.

But he had to do something!

When Samsara ended, he would die!


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