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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1249: – Waiting For Death Bahasa Indonesia

This was the worst Samsara Gravis had ever undergone.

Not only was it long, but surviving Samsara wasn’t even the hardest part.

Gravis had to find a solution to the incredibly powerful explosions happening on the outside. As soon as Gravis had put the Ancestral God into Samsara, her Zero Blaze lost all will on it, making it explode together with the surrounding Zero Blaze.

Gravis knew that if he didn’t find a solution to this issue, he would be attacked by over a hundred attacks equal to someone in the ninth level of the Ancestral God Realm.

What could he do?

Even if he somehow managed to comprehend the True Law of Perceived Reality, what would it even do for him?

The attacks happened in physical reality, and Gravis’ manipulation of perceived reality wouldn’t change the outcome.

The attack would still hit him.

During this ten-million-year-long instant, Gravis also couldn’t possibly advance in his Realm. The time was simply too short.

As Gravis absentmindedly watched Samsara, his mind was trying to come up with a solution.

What kind of Law would even allow Gravis to resist such an explosion?

True Law of Space?

Sure, Gravis could expand the space between him and the explosion, but there simply wasn’t enough time.

Time freeze and then use the True Law of Space?

Freezing the time of so much Energy at once would immediately drain Gravis of all Energy.

True Law of Gravity?

Same thing.

Any Elemental True Law?

The opposing attack was too powerful.

Law of Sentience?

That only stopped Laws from being unleashed, but the Zero Blaze existed in a natural form. It already existed, and no one was manipulating it.

Using Mortis as a shield?

Even if Gravis wanted to do that, what would that even accomplish? Mortis would die, and the explosion would still be easily powerful enough to kill him.

User the Major Law of Death? Same thing. The opposing attack simply had too much Energy.

Comprehend the True Law of Matter?

Same thing again. Creating a powerful shield out of nothing still required an infinitely larger amount of Energy than Gravis had.

Comprehend the True Law of Energy?

Pfft, as if. That was a level eleven Law. Gravis didn’t even know a level ten Law.

True Law of the Dead World?


True Law of Life?


True Law of Emotions?


True Law of Perceived Reality?


All the Laws were useless.

Gravis’ Realm was simply too low, and he simply didn’t have enough Energy to create a satisfying defense.

Increasing his Realm was impossible.

Gravis also didn’t have any God Stones to supplement his Energy usage.

Beg for help?

Sure, Gravis might be able to survive if his father intervened, but this would mark the end of his journey. Gravis had to walk his path to the end.

Beg someone else for help?

Gravis wouldn’t even be able to use a voice transmission before he died. Additionally, there had been no one around him.

Destroy physical reality like back when Gravis resurrected Mortis?

Then Gravis would be killed by the Primordial Chaos, and even if it didn’t kill him, Orthar would probably kill him.

There was nothing.

There was absolutely nothing he could do!

Even if Gravis knew the True Law of the True World, which was a level eleven Law, he wouldn’t be able to survive the attack. The opposing attack was simply too powerful!

Yes, Arc had been able to use the Law of the True World to manipulate Gravis’ Heavenly Lightning, but back then, Gravis had only been two levels above Arc.

At the moment, Gravis was a level one Ancestral God, and the approaching attack was equal to about a hundred all-out attacks of level nine Ancestral Gods.

One level nine Ancestral God was already ten levels above Gravis!

Those were one hundred attacks of individuals ten levels above Gravis!

Gravis wouldn’t be able to block an attack of someone six or seven levels above himself.

What was he supposed to do against a hundred attacks ten levels above himself!?

What was he supposed to do?

What could he do?

Gravis thought and thought, but no matter what he came up with, it was all useless.

He simply didn’t have the resources to resist the attack.

In front of overwhelming power, everything became useless.

The random forces of nature would kill Gravis.

Gravis had gone through three worlds, and he had dominated all of them. He had even become unprecedently talented in the highest world, but that didn’t change a thing.

Gravis wouldn’t die to an enemy.

He would die to some random level eight Law Comprehension Area.

Thousands of years had already passed in Samsara, but Gravis only stared absentmindedly into space.

There was nothing he could do.

From time to time, Gravis threw a glance at Samsara.

He couldn’t even say his goodbyes to his friends and family.

He couldn’t even control the last million years of his life.

This was Samsara, and Gravis had no control over anything in here.

The years passed, and Gravis only waited for his death.

He wanted to give up.

What was the point of even surviving Samsara?

He would die anyway.

Yet, Gravis just couldn’t give up, even if he wanted to.

There was always this small glimmer of hope in the back of his mind.

Even if everything appeared hopeless, there was always this tiny bit of hope.

Maybe reality isn’t as horrible as he imagined?

Maybe all of this was just a dream?

Maybe the Zero Blaze hadn’t actually exploded?

Because of that, Gravis continued surviving in Samsara.

Time dragged on, and the closer the end of Samsara came, the more nervous Gravis got.

By now, a couple million years had passed.

Then, some more million years.


Gravis comprehended a Law during Samsara, but he only scoffed.

‘A bit late,’ Gravis thought with a snort. ‘The level eight Law of Zero Blaze? I could’ve used that earlier. Now, that won’t help me. Sure, I can make the power of the Zero Blaze around me drop a level, but then it’s still nine levels above myself.’

‘Sure, I can create more Zero Blaze now, but what’s the point? Creating a shield of Zero Blaze is only there to stop the surrounding Zero Blaze from exploding, and the Zero Blaze has already exploded.’

Normally, Gravis would feel elated that he comprehended another level eight Law, but at the moment, he didn’t care.

There was nothing he could do.

In comparison to his approaching death, he was powerless.

He was nothing.

His power amounted to nothing.


Gravis scoffed again.

‘The True Law of Humility is actually feeling powerless and helpless. I mean, I get it. Constantly being self-deprecating can be seen as an extreme form of humility.’

‘Sadly, even that has become useless. If I had comprehended this Law before I came to the tournament, I could have probably hidden my power. Only someone that also knows the True Law of Humility can see through the mask of humility.’

‘Although, there are bound to be some members in the Peak Sects that know the True Law of Humility. I would’ve probably still been found out.’

Gravis snorted again.

‘It’s actually hilarious. The feeling of pressure has never been this intense. I’ve been waiting for my inevitable death for millions of years without wanting to die.’

‘I know I will die, but there is still so much time left.’

‘That’s how I’m able to comprehend so many Laws at this moment.’

‘Additionally, my Will-Aura would probably jump by quite a few levels.’

‘Yet, what’s the point?’

‘I’m dead either way.’

If Gravis could control his body, he would sigh right now.

More time passed, and soon, Gravis arrived close to the present.

Someone else was looking at the woman and told her about her new mission.

She was supposed to find a person in the ring of Zero Blaze around the Lightning Peak Sect.

She could kill him or bring him back alive. It was up to her.

‘So, this is it, huh?’ Gravis thought.

Gravis watched the woman move around from the perspective of some other people, and eventually, Gravis’ perception went back to his own body.

Gravis saw how he approached the woman.

In his perception, she was a dangerous obstacle.

Gravis took a deep breath inside the last seconds of Samsara.

‘I still don’t know what to do.’


Under the unending pressure, Gravis comprehended the True Law of Danger, and with it, the True Law of Perceived Reality.

‘What’s the point?’ Gravis thought with a sigh.

And then, Samsara ended.



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