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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1220: – Stop! Bahasa Indonesia


The entire Sect fell into a stunned silence.

That one guy that had caused all of this had died?

Just like that!?

The Sect Master looked with shock at the place where Gravis had just been.

He was dead?

“Hahahaha! I’ve done it!” a disciple near the old position of Gravis shouted with wild laughter. “You were all so afraid of him, but you didn’t realize that he was only bluffing!”

Then, the disciple pointed at the Sect Master. “Do you see that!? You’ve been fooled by this level one Ancestral God. Jumping five or six levels? Who would believe that shit!? Something like that is straight-up impossible.”

“Yet, you all still believed him. You all thought that he was so invincible and powerful and that you were all helpless in front of him!”

“You have all been led on by some random level one Ancestral God! A mere level one Ancestral God had fooled the entire Sect!”

“It even went so far that he became overconfident. He believed that no one would dare to attack him!”

“Yet, I called his bluff, and I was right!” the man shouted with loud laughter.

The Sect only remained in stunned silence.

No, this was not how it was supposed to go down!

He died… just like that!?

“Anyway, you can all thank me later. Sect Master, I hope I will receive an appropriate reward for my services. I have something to do. See you later,” the man said with a wide smirk.

Then he continued laughing as he walked away.

Right into the fire.

The eyes of everyone in the Sect widened even more.


Was this what he had to do?

Also, why did he say see you later before killing himself?

Was he cursing them, telling them that they would also soon die!?


Everyone turned to the person that laughed loudly, and their eyes widened when they saw Gravis.

At the moment, Gravis was wheezing from laughter.

Where did he come from!?


Gravis was thrown into the fire again.

The Sect became shocked yet again.

Another person was currently glaring at the spot where Gravis had just been with nervous eyes. He was sweating nervously.

“Now, he has truly become too confident,” the man said slowly. “He has cast an illusion on everyone, but when that illusion worked, he must have shown his true self just to gloat.”


Gravis appeared behind that person and kicked him into the fire.

“Fucking asshole! That was a billion God Stones!” he shouted with anger.

In a sense, the man had been right.

Gravis had become a bit too reckless, and he had unveiled his true body.

Or at least one of his two real bodies.

Just to be sure, Gravis had created a second body in case something went wrong.

However, Gravis had lost a billion God Stones now due to his recklessness, which made him quite angry and frustrated.

Sure, he had a lot of money, but a billion God Stones was still nothing to scoff at.

‘Fuck! I shouldn’t have become so reckless!’ he thought with frustration.


Gravis was thrown into the fire again.

This time, it must have been the real one!

After all, they had all seen how Gravis had kicked the person!


“Stop that!” Gravis shouted after kicking the next person into the fire. “You can’t kill me! Get that into your heads!”


Gravis was thrown into the fire again, and another person immediately charged into the distance with all of her speed.


Suddenly, she stopped in the air.

Her body was still in a moving position, and her gaze had frozen.

It was like she had been frozen in time.


Gravis arrived beside her, grabbed her body like a statue, and threw her into the fire in the distance.


Another person had caught the person before she had hit the fire. This was his lover, and he wouldn’t watch as the love of his life would die just like that!

Gravis’ left eyelid twitched.


Gravis took out his saber and unleashed his Form Law from a distance.

In an instant, the shockwave hit the two of them, and they were turned into nothingness.

In the sky above Gravis, a man in white clothing scratched the back of his head.

‘That was fast,’ he thought.

Then, he broke his emblem and returned to The Heaven Company.

Quick job, quick money.

This had technically been a fight, and a Judge had to oversee all of these fights.

Luckily, Gravis had only used his Form Law, which had a very concentrated destructive effect, meaning nothing else was destroyed or damaged.


Everyone took a deep breath as an apocalyptic pressure suppressed them all.

The Sect Master had watched all of this with a stunned expression, being shocked again and again by what was happening.

She had just lost several more Ancestral Gods to their own stupidity, and she couldn’t afford to lose more!

She had already lost over 30 at the beginning, and now, there had been even more deaths.

Even more, a lot of Ancestral Gods had left!

The Eternal Fire Sect had lost over 20% of their Ancestral Gods!

They couldn’t afford to lose even more to such ridiculous actions!

“You can’t kill him!” the Sect Master shouted in fury. “Stop trying it! If you continue on like this, we will run out of Ancestral Gods!”

The Sect didn’t answer but mainly because they simply couldn’t due to her Will-Aura.

After some seconds, the Sect Master released a long sigh.

This had been too ridiculous for her to handle.

She still couldn’t fully believe that all of this had actually happened.

Eventually, the Sect Master only looked at Gravis calmly.

‘He had always been in control from the very beginning.’

‘His control over the situation wasn’t an illusion.’

The Sect Master’s thoughts went through all the times she had interacted with Gravis, and she realized that she had done the right thing.

She was far more powerful than Gravis, but she had never been in control.

The only thing she could do was get out of his way.

It was difficult to come to terms with, but it was the truth.

This was the power of control.


And that’s when the Sect Master’s eyes widened in comprehension.


So, this was control!

The Sect Master had just comprehended the True Law of Control!

She had already known the Major Law of Control, but now she knew the True Law!

Was Gravis able to teach someone a level nine Law just like that?


One had to remember that the Sect Master was a level seven Ancestral God.

In order to become a Divine God, one needed to comprehend a level nine Law.

The Sect Master had already led her Sect for over a million years, which had given her a lot of comprehension regarding control.

Even more, she was in the late stages of the Ancestral God Realm.

Comprehending one’s first level nine Law was normal in these levels.

One could say that Gravis had only given her the last push.

Why had Gravis done so?

Because he had been impressed by her great change.

It was quite shocking and impressive how quickly she had grown.

So, why not give her an opportunity to comprehend the True Law of Control?

Now, the question was, why had Gravis done so?

Because he wanted to.


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