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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1219: – Decision Bahasa Indonesia

Of course, the Sect didn’t react with silent acceptance to the Sect Master’s words.

What was she talking about!?

They had lived like this forever, and they had built their entire lives around living in such an environment, and suddenly, all of this was no longer important?

Criticism and complaints immediately rained down on the Sect Master.

The people were not happy.

However, after the first person that had actually made a threat had been thrown into the fire, everyone became more taciturn.

“Stay in the Sect or don’t stay in the Sect. Things will happen this way. Accept it or leave.”

Most of the disciples looked with frustration and anger at their Sect Master.

She could only suppress them because she was so much more powerful!

She wasn’t able to defend herself with logical arguments, so she resorted to her power, forcefully suppressing all dissent.

This was so unfair!

After the Sect Master had made her stance clear, the Sect calmed down somewhat.

What did the disciples do?

Some of them continued debating in a calm tone with the Sect Master, trying to convince her that the old way was better.

That didn’t work.

Some of them silently accepted the changes. They had been in the Eternal Fire Sect all their life, and it wouldn’t be easy to join another Sect. After all, it was possible that they could be perceived as spies. Changing Sects was possible, but truly becoming part of another Sect took time and effort.

Some were quite happy about the changes. They had seen that the Sect was putting too much emphasis on strategy, and they rejoiced when the Sect finally changed.

Some straight-up left the Sect. This was not their home anymore, and they would search for a new home somewhere else. Some of them decided to make their own Sects, while others decided to join other powerful Sects.

These people swore to take revenge on their old Sect Master.

The last group of people went on strike.

They created some form of union and refused to do anything for the Sect until the old ways had been reinstated.

What could the Eternal Fire Sect do when nearly a hundred Ancestral Gods refused to help them?

After the three leaders of the strike had been thrown into the fire, the remaining Ancestral Gods joined any of the other camps. They didn’t dare to continue going on strike for fear of their lives.

They could only accept the change or leave.

Gravis watched all of this while it was going on.

He actually found it incredibly interesting.

In Gravis’ mind, he had only appeared, had done whatever he wanted, and the entire Sect somehow started to adapt a bit to his ways.

It was like Gravis had been scratching his balls while walking down the street when some teacher charged out of the building to show her class that they should also all scratch their balls in this way.

Gravis had never intended to help the Eternal Fire Sect. He also hadn’t thought about teaching them anything.

The first time, he only wanted to guarantee his way back into the Sect to visit his friends.

This time, he only wanted to ask where Orpheus was.

That was it.

Yet, everything around him just suddenly started to change, and essentially, Gravis didn’t even do anything.

He was just there.

After the Sect had calmed down somewhat, the Sect Master looked at Gravis.

“Thank you for your teachings,” she said with a polite voice.

Gravis only blinked a couple of times.

‘What teachings? I didn’t do shit! I only want to visit Orpheus!’

Gravis scratched the back of his head as he looked at the Sect Master.

She was a weird one.

The first time they met, she and Orpheus nearly clashed, and she had believed that she could suppress Orpheus.

Then, her Ancestor had suppressed her, and Gravis believed her to be quite an ignorant person.

Then, she went against Orpheus several times with lots of different plots, making her appear even more narrow-minded.

After that, she stopped Gravis and wanted to punish him for his actions when she obviously didn’t have the power to punish him.

And now, she had suddenly done the incredible smart thing of entirely changing the Sect to more accurately reflect the real world. In one swift motion, she had transformed the entire Sect.

And lastly, she had even thanked Gravis for his teachings?

It was like she had transformed from a blind idiot into a bright-eyed commander.

Gravis looked at the Sect Master for a bit longer and scratched his chin with interest.

“I want to know something,” Gravis said.

The Sect Master looked at Gravis. She wasn’t super respectful, but she also wasn’t deferential. Her gaze was simply neutral towards Gravis.

“Yes?” the Sect Master asked.

Then, Gravis slowly landed in the Eternal Fire Sect and stopped beside one of the firewalls.

After that, he looked at the Sect Master with interest. “What if I stand right here? Will that change anything?” he asked with a smirk.

At the moment, the Sect Master’s mind went wild.

All these changes and everything had been dependent on the fact that she couldn’t kill Gravis. The chance of failure was simply too high.

Would all of this had happened if she could have killed Gravis?

If she could have killed him, this entire thing wouldn’t have happened. Gravis would have simply died when he had left the Eternal Fire Sect some time ago.

No one in the Eternal Fire Sect would have died, and she wouldn’t even have thought about changing the philosophy of the Eternal Fire Sect.

Everything had been based on the fact that power was absolute and that she couldn’t kill Gravis.

But now, Gravis had walked to a place where power wasn’t absolute.

Besides the fire, even a weaker person could kill a stronger person.

At the moment, the Sect Master was hovering in the sky, while Gravis stood directly beside the fire.

She could just shove him.

If she wanted to be sure, she could even explode the entire streets of the Eternal Fire Sect in case Gravis had some sort of illusion technique. Sure, that would kill a lot of disciples, but it would also be more likely to kill Gravis.

Killing Gravis wasn’t a surefire thing, but shoving him slightly to the side?

As someone eight levels above him?

Gravis only looked at the Sect Master with interest.

He wondered what she would do.

The Sect Master wrung with herself.

Was there some resentment towards Gravis inside of her?

Of course!

Gravis had treated her like she didn’t exist, even though he was only a level one Ancestral God.

Gravis had also attacked one of her Vice-Sect Masters.

Even more, Gravis had killed over 30 of her Ancestral Gods!

If Gravis weren’t so powerful, he would have been branded as a life-and-death enemy of the Eternal Fire Sect.

The entire Sect would be sent to hunt him down.

Yet, the only reason why that didn’t happen was that Gravis was so powerful.

Now, the Sect Master actually had an opportunity to end his life.

Had she done the correct thing?



Gravis was shoved into the fire, and he burned into nothingness.


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