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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1215: Eternal Fire Sect Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Arc talked about many different things for a long time, but eventually, Gravis left.

It was nice to see Arc again, and Gravis felt quite proud of his new power.

Gravis still remembered how he had evaluated Arc’s Battle-Strength back in the higher world.

At that time, Gravis hadn’t been that long in the higher world, and he had thought about how powerful Arc had been. Back then, Arc already had access to the Major Law of the True World and the Law of Heavenly Lightning. This meant that he had had access to at least two level nine Laws.

When Gravis had thought about these things, he had just become an Immortal King, and he hadn’t even comprehended a level five Law yet.

A ton of level four Laws versus at least two level nine Laws.

The difference couldn’t be overstated.

Defeating Arc while being on the same level had seemed absolutely impossible.

And now?

Now, Gravis could fight Arc equally.

He had made the impossible possible.

On the path of Battle-Strength, Gravis had walked past all the Cultivators to reach the illustrious Heavens. Then, he had walked past them and stood at Arc’s side at the very front.

Only the Opposer and Orthar were left in the distance.

There was nothing between Gravis and the two of them.

This would be the last sprint.

‘But for now, I have to visit someone else,’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

Gravis left the Darkest Stygian Sect and traveled back to the Eternal Fire Sect.

When Gravis reached the border of the Eternal Fire Sect, a couple of Ancestral Gods looked at him, but they didn’t stop him.

They didn’t even interact with him.

It was like Gravis didn’t exist to them.

Gravis wasn’t surprised by this situation. After all, he had known exactly what would happen as soon as he talked with the Sect Master.

Gravis went back to Manuel’s faction.

“Hey, do you know where Orpheus is?” Gravis asked.

“I think he’s focusing on the Mixed Elements,” Manuel answered. “He should be in some Law Comprehension Area.”

Gravis nodded and left Manuel’s faction again.

Then, he traveled to the core of the Eternal Fire Sect.

‘I’ve never actually been at the true headquarters of the Eternal Fire Sect,’ Gravis thought. ‘Wonder what it looks like.’

After a couple of hours of traveling, Gravis saw the headquarters of the Eternal Fire Sect for the first time, and he thought that the name fit the Sect quite well.


So much fire.

There was so much fire that it was ridiculous.

The houses were made of a material that looked like obsidian, and violent fire columns and firewalls shot out of the side of the streets.

There was a street going through the middle of the Eternal Fire Sect, and at its edges, the violently burning firewalls shot high into the sky. It was like someone had poured a line of gasoline along the road and lit it up, except for the fact that the fire here was burning with absolutely unreal intensity.

There were some gaps in the firewalls whenever the street split into different streets. There were also some small gaps for the houses on the side of the street.

The houses were also surrounded by violent fire coming out of the earth, only leaving the entrance open.

From the sky, the firewalls looked like thin and brightly shining lines going through the Eternal Fire Sect. It was almost like the lines created Formation Arrays.

‘Wait, they actually do!’ Gravis thought with surprise. ‘They are actually Formation Arrays!’

The sky had been completely darkened by the overbearing black smoke coming out of the burning Sect, but the surroundings definitely couldn’t be described as dark. The fire was simply way too bright.

When Gravis looked at the fire more closely, he felt its sheer power.

The fire was way more powerful than he had believed.

‘If I touch any of the firewalls, I will die,’ Gravis realized with shock.

This fire was Heavenly Fire, but the power of higher tier Elements and Laws were always capped by the quantity of Energy they used. The surrounding Heavenly Fire on Gravis’ fight with the younger version of his father had been at the level of a level nine Star God. That was why Gravis had been able to resist it.

However, the Heavenly Fire in the Eternal Fire Sect was way more powerful. According to Gravis’ estimate, the Energy this Heavenly Fire burned was equivalent to a level six Ancestral God.

So, the power of the Heavenly Fire here equaled the power a level six Ancestral God would be able to unleash while not using any fancy attacks. The Ancestral God would only unload their Element.

It was a very rudimentary way of attacking, but it was still an attack with a level nine Law. If Gravis wanted to survive touching the fire, he would need to reach the level four or level five Ancestral God Realm first. Then, he would need to use all of his defensive Laws, and then he could finally resist the Heavenly Fire.

However, a normal Cultivator wouldn’t have it that easy. In fact, if someone shoved the Sect Master into the fire, she would probably get severely injured if she didn’t die.

Only the Ancestor would have the power to ignore the Heavenly Fire.

This meant that not a single person in the Sect, except for the Ancestor, could allow themselves to touch the fire.

It was ridiculous.

Every part of the Sect was a death trap. One wrong step and one would die. One slightly disgruntled person and one would be shoved into the fire on the side.

Every single person in the Sect had the ability to kill someone else by just shoving them to the side.

In a way, this entire thing was unreal.

Individual power didn’t even matter that much in this place. If someone weaker took someone stronger by surprise, it wouldn’t be difficult to shove them to the side. Weaker people had the opportunity to kill far stronger people.

So, how could one survive in such a place?

Don’t offend anyone.

Always be careful.

Join a faction.

Background and loyalty were more important than individual power here. What did individual power matter if someone far weaker than you could kill you?

‘The polar opposite of the Darkest Stygian Sect,’ Gravis thought.

“Hey! Flying is forbidden!”

Gravis furrowed his brows and looked down to the streets. A young man with red hair was currently glaring at Gravis.

“It’s forbidden?” Gravis asked.

“Yes, it’s forbidden! Come down here!” the man shouted.

Gravis scratched the side of his head and looked around.

Then, Gravis noticed something and smirked.

“Is it really forbidden, or is it just that you can’t fly?” Gravis asked.

“Both!” the man shouted with annoyance. “Get down here, or I’m telling the Elders!”

Gravis only smirked.

Gravis had noticed that there were several Formation Arrays suppressing the Sect. They stopped teleportation by freezing space with the Major Law of Space and the Major Law of Time, and they stopped flying with the Major Law of Gravity.

This was why it was impossible to fly and teleport in this place. One could only walk.

Well, except for Gravis.

The True Law of Freedom wasn’t bound by anything.

That was why Gravis was the only flying person in the entire Sect right now.


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