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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1214: Meeting Bahasa Indonesia

Why was Gravis in the Darkest Stygian Sect?

Well, he was here to visit someone, and he had immediately found them.

At a random place inside the Darkest Stygian Sect sat a level four Ancestral God with pure black hair and an ominous, dark aura.

It was like the person had become one with the surrounding darkness.

He radiated danger and apathy without end, and everyone would flee from him as soon as he looked at them.

He was essentially the hegemon of this place.

However, Gravis only smirked when he saw him.

‘Quite clever,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis looked at the man from a distance.

‘He hasn’t even noticed me. Quite ballsy of you. Seems like you’re pretty confident in your security. You essentially only concentrate on comprehending the True Law of Heavenly Darkness. You don’t even care about your surroundings.’

‘Bad idea.’

Gravis slowly moved closer to the man, keeping himself perfectly hidden with his True Law of Control and his Law of Perceived Reality.

Then, when Gravis arrived directly behind the person, his smirk widened.

Gravis slowly leaned forward as he prepared his saber.


The person’s eyes shot open.


Heavenly Lightning exploded around him, destroying everything in his surroundings.

At the same time, he used the True Laws of Space and Time to move into the distance at ridiculous speeds.

He was shocked beyond all reason as he escaped.

How did someone attack him in here!?

He quickly turned around to look at his attacker, and his eyes widened.

Gravis only stood in the explosion of Heavenly Lightning as he absorbed it.

“Thanks for the meal,” Gravis said with a smirk.

The person looked with shock at Gravis.

Then, he broke out into laughter.

Gravis also broke out into laughter.

“Man, you nearly startled me to death!” the man shouted with laughter as his aura and appearance changed.

The black hair gave way to blonde hair, and three additional eyes appeared on his face.

His Realm also dropped from the fourth level of the Ancestral God Realm to the first level.

It was Arc.

“You were a little too focused on comprehending the Law of Heavenly Darkness,” Gravis said with a smirk. “I couldn’t resist.”

Arc walked back to Gravis and punched him on the shoulder.

“You’ve become incredibly powerful,” he said.

In fact, Arc was still in shock because of the power he felt from Gravis.

Arc had expected that Gravis would one day catch up to him, but he hadn’t expected that it would happen this quickly.

At the moment, Arc felt a feeling of mortal danger emanating from Gravis.

Arc had never seen anyone with such a powerful Battle-Strength, and he knew that a fight with Gravis could go either way.

Gravis had truly caught up to him.

Even more, this was only Gravis. Mortis wasn’t even here, and Arc already felt like Gravis had a real shot at killing him.

If Mortis was added to the mix…

“A lot of stuff happened since we last talked,” Gravis said with a smirk.

Then, Gravis took out some coffee and sat down.

Arc also sat down opposite Gravis, and they shared a cup of coffee.

“I’m honestly shocked that you managed to catch up to me in only a million years. Your speed of growth is ridiculous,” he said.

Funnily enough, everyone else would think that Gravis’ speed of growth was only average.

Sure, he was getting through the Realms without tribulation, but he always only reached the next Realm shortly before his tribulation would take place.

There were definitely people in this world that were younger than Gravis that could fight him.

However, these people only looked at the absolute power of the Cultivator, not only at the Battle-Strength.

In terms of absolute power, Gravis was only growing with average speeds, but in terms of Battle-Strength, Gravis was growing at impossible speeds.

How long would a normal Cultivator need to gain the ability to jump only three levels?

They would need to comprehend several level eight Laws as level one Ancestral Gods.

How long would that take?


Very long.

Even more, every additional jump in level would take several times longer, and in order to reach Gravis’ power, one needed to know several level nine Laws.

How long would a normal level one Ancestral God take to comprehend several level nine Laws?

Impossibly long.

How long had the Opposer taken to reach Gravis’ Battle-Strength?

Ten million years!

How long would a normal person take?


Yet, Gravis had managed to catch up to Arc in only about a million years.

It was ridiculously fast!

“So, you’re comprehending the True Law of Heavenly Darkness, right?” Gravis asked.

Arc nodded with a smile. “Yes, it’s amazing! I can finally actually look at Laws! I no longer need to just randomly guess. The difference is astounding!”

Gravis sighed. “I still can’t believe that you managed to comprehend so many Laws by simply guessing. I can’t even imagine how tedious, frustrating, and annoying that must have been. No matter how much I think about it, it still feels impossible to do something like that.”

“Time, Gravis,” Arc said. “With enough time, you can do everything, but you already know that. After all, I already feel the power of the True Law of Time on you.”

Gravis nodded with a smirk. “You would be surprised how I managed to comprehend it.”

“How?” Arc asked.

“By fighting you.”

Arc became shocked and confused.

Fighting him?



He didn’t remember fighting Gravis.

When Gravis saw Arc’s expression, he broke out into laughter again.

“Let me explain.”

Then, Gravis narrated his experiences in the Heaven’s Trial, but he kept the sensitive things to himself. In the Heaven’s Trial, Gravis and Mortis had learned of things that no other being in this Cosmos was allowed to know.

“Man, Mortis really got the shaft in the Heaven’s Trial,” Arc said with a laugh when Gravis told him about the third trial.

Gravis laughed and nodded. “Yeah, but he managed to get through it.”

Then, Gravis narrated his fight with Arc’s copy.

“Huh, my copy even summoned Charlie,” Arc said.

“Charlie?” Gravis asked.

“The general you fought,” Arc clarified. “I call him Charlie.”

“Charlie,” Gravis repeated with a laugh. “The name is so incredibly normal. It doesn’t fit that imposing general at all.”

“Hey, Charlie is cute. Don’t insult him!” Arc said.

After hearing about the end of the fight, Arc nodded. “Yep, that copy was about as powerful as I have been at that level.”

Then, Arc smirked. “However, I became more powerful in the meantime.”


An oppressive force of gravity wrapped around Gravis, and Gravis’ eyes opened wide in surprise.

“The True Law of Gravity?” Gravis asked.

Arc nodded with a smirk. “Powerful, isn’t it?”

Gravis also nodded. If Arc’s copy had known that Law, Gravis and Mortis would have died.

Then, Gravis smirked. “However, I have also grown substantially since then.”

“I noticed,” Arc said. “If you were still as powerful as you were back then, I wouldn’t feel such danger emanating off you. I presume your growth comes from the fifth trial?”

Gravis nodded. “Yep, in the fifth trial, I fought a copy of my father when he had been a level nine Star God.”

That surprised Arc.

Arc was ancient, and he knew a lot of things.

However, the Opposer had come to power even before Arc had been born.

So, Arc had no idea about the Opposer’s power.

“How powerful was he?” Arc asked.

“Very powerful,” Gravis said with a smile.

Gravis narrated his fight with the Opposer, and Arc nodded in shock and appreciation.

“Honestly, I think he could have beaten me. His True Law of Freedom would have made him immune to my Laws of Space, Time, and Gravity. Even more, his Will-Aura together with his Laws would have made it nearly impossible for me to move.”

“Even Charlie wouldn’t have been able to do anything to him. Your father would have simply suppressed him. Then, he would have shot past him, and he would have killed me with one explosive strike.”

“It wouldn’t even be a fight, and the main reason for that is his True Law of Freedom. I mainly fight by keeping everyone at bay until my Law of the True World can create enough living beings to make Charlie basically invincible.”

“However, your father would have killed me before that could take place.”

“Now, if I had some preparation time, I would definitely win, but I can’t ask for preparation time in a fight.”

“Your father is really powerful, Gravis,” Arc said with a smile.

For some reason, Gravis felt happy when Arc praised his father.

“I know,” Gravis answered.


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