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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1177: 600,000 Years Of Comprehension Bahasa Indonesia

After thinking about his life for a bit longer, Gravis decided to contact Stella again.

Stella quickly told Gravis that she was still comprehending, and Gravis simply nodded.

Gravis didn’t know what kind of Law Stella was focusing on, but she obviously didn’t have as much experience in comprehending Laws as Gravis. So, logically, it would also take her longer.

Gravis visited his friends and spent some time reacquainting himself with them. A lot of time had passed again, but rekindling friendship was easier than rekindling love due to the different intensities of the emotions.

By now, basically everyone was already a level nine Star God. Weaker Star Gods became very rare.

When Gravis focused on all these people in Manuel’s faction, he felt a bit nervous.

‘Every single person in this faction is so powerful that they would serve as incredible tempering for me,’ Gravis thought.

‘If only one of them decides to attack me, I would have an immensely difficult fight ahead of me.’

‘Yet, if two attack, I would definitely die.’

The world had outgrown Gravis.

Gravis was still a level four Star God, and everyone in the faction was a level nine Star God.

Gravis felt a mortal threat from every single member, and it made Gravis feel humbled.

‘All of my friends are more powerful than me. A lot of them even have Will-Auras on the level of Ancestral Gods.’

Gravis had become an oddity. He was a level four Star God, and level four Star Gods didn’t exist in Manuel’s faction.

However, Gravis didn’t forget why he was so weak right now.

Gravis had accumulated Laws for a long time.

After Mortis comprehended the True Law of Adamantite’s Explosiveness, the two of them will have comprehended a grand total of 17 level seven Laws.

Even more, Gravis had even comprehended a level eight Law.

Right now, Manuel’s faction didn’t have a single member that knew a level eight Law.

All of them only knew several level seven Laws at most.

Meanwhile, Gravis knew two level eight Laws and one level nine Law.

Even more, Gravis would soon comprehend another level eight Law when he combined all his Battle-Laws into a new Form Law.

Of course, Gravis had become the butt of all the jokes in his friend group.

This was the first time Gravis wasn’t the most powerful one out of his friend group.

However, Gravis didn’t only receive jokes made at his expense.

No, he also received a lot of shocked and terrified looks.


Because his friends were finally powerful enough to actually feel Gravis’ Battle-Strength.

Gravis’ Battle-Strength had always been so powerful that of his friends felt it, but now, all of them had become powerful enough to finally feel it.

When Gravis had gone to greet Manuel, Manuel had only looked at Gravis with shock for several seconds.

Then, he had taken a deep breath through his teeth.

“How are you so powerful?” Manuel had asked.

Watching someone fight and fighting them oneself was a gigantic difference. In the past, Manuel had only been able to see what Gravis could do, but he hadn’t been able to truly feel his Battle-Strength.

Now, he could feel it, and it felt absolutely unreal.

When Dorian had seen Gravis, he had only gritted his teeth in frustration.

Ferris only let out a long “wooooow”.

Azure wasn’t very shocked since she had met Mortis only recently, and he had an equally powerful Battle-Strength.

However, that didn’t help Gravis with all the jokes. Everyone else was constantly talking about how they should take care of their weaker members, and then, everyone always looked at Gravis with a pitying expression.

Even Yersi had come to Gravis and told him that she would take care of everyone who bullied her father.

Of course, all of these jokes were only that, jokes. All of them knew that Gravis would soon explode with power.

Additionally, they all knew that Gravis was only a level four Star God because he didn’t want to advance levels right now.

If Gravis wanted, he could become an Ancestral God in less than a day.

He even had all the money he would need.

Yet, Gravis was still struck with nostalgia when he saw how powerful everyone had become.

Gravis still remembered when he had met everyone again and how he had feared that not everyone could become a Star God.

Sadly, his fears had proven to be true.

‘Liam, Styr, Sary, Skye, Yi Lu, Siral, Joyce, Broad Walker,’ Gravis thought.

Eight friends, eight deaths.

Gravis still remembered all their faces, their personalities, and their voices.

Liam, the charismatic and reliable brother of Stella.

Styr, the wise and kind old ruler.

Sary, the charismatic and funny beauty.

Skye, the freedom-loving and upbeat hurricane hawk.

Yi Lu, the unreliable but well-intentioned disciple.

Siral, the quiet but motivated Assassin.

Joyce, the unstable and angry mask suppressing kindness.

Broad Walker, the simple but loyal follower.

All of them had died.

However, when Gravis looked at his living friends, a small smile grazed his lips.

Manuel, the reliable and mysterious Sect Master.

Dorian, the eccentric but inwardly kind old man.

Ferris, the simple and kind wolf.

Azure, the curious but taciturn empress.

Stella, Gravis’ eternal love.

Aris, Gravis’ mature firstborn.

Meadow, the uncouth but reliable flower.

Narcissus, the prideful tree.

Exar, the taciturn and intelligent strategist.

Yersi, Gravis’ loving daughter.

Jake, Gravis’ proud son-in-law.

Eight friends were dead, but eleven were still alive.

Even more, they had all gone over the most difficult hurdle before the Divine God Realm.

Becoming Ancestral Gods wouldn’t be difficult for them.

For now, Gravis didn’t need to fear for his friends anymore.

Gravis spent the next 10,000 years with his friends, and then Mortis returned.

Mortis had finally comprehended the True Law of Adamantite’s Explosiveness.

Gravis wanted to concentrate on his Form Law, but Stella informed him that she would soon return. So, Gravis decided to delay comprehending his Law.

When Stella came back, she smiled happily at Gravis and jumped into his arms.

Gravis smiled back and kissed her deeply.

For some reason, Stella was more happy than usual, which made Gravis equally as happy.

“What’s the occasion? Why are you so happy?” Gravis asked.

Stella only smirked. “Can’t I be happy just to see you?”

Gravis raised an eyebrow. “You can, but I know you too well. You have something else.”

Stella only smiled seductively as she moved a finger across Gravis’ chest.

“Why don’t you find out?”

Gravis quickly excused himself and went to a private place with Stella.

And then, the two united for the first time in over 200,000 years.

It was like they had never been apart, and both of them enjoyed themselves fully.

However, during the act, Gravis’ mind seemingly widened as a new dimension of knowledge opened up before him.

“You asked why I was so happy,” Stella said with a shy and red face.

“I’m so happy because I finally found a way to help you.”

Gravis registered Stella’s words, and his heart seemingly melted.

So this was why Stella had taken so long to comprehend her Law.

Stella’s Law Comprehension experience was also astoundingly quick, and she shouldn’t have needed so long for a level seven Law.

No, Stella had needed so long because she had found a way to help Gravis.


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