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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1176: The End Of The Way Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis talked some more with everyone, but eventually, it was time for him to continue with his Laws.

He hadn’t even gotten halfway to understanding the True Law of Adamantite’s Cutting.

Gravis quickly went back and lost himself in time again.

60,000 years later, Mortis informed Gravis that he was done with the True Law of Ancestral Wood’s Destruction. Mortis also told Gravis that he would take a short break of 10,000 years and then focus on the True Law of Adamantite’s Explosiveness.

Gravis didn’t mind, and he continued to focus on the Law of Adamantite’s Cutting.

Sadly, comprehending this Law took way too long.

Gravis only finished the Law 80,000 years after Mortis had contacted him. Gravis had even needed to extend the Virtualization Array.

‘That took me 170,000 years,’ Gravis thought after taking a deep breath. ‘Sure enough, my comprehension ability regarding the Metal Element is horrible.’

Mortis was only halfway done with the True Law of Adamantite’s Explosiveness, and he would probably need another 70,000 years or so to finish.

‘Let’s get some Law Comprehension Life Fruits,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis quickly bought some Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Stone’s Explosiveness. He couldn’t possibly spend 300,000 years or so on comprehending a single level seven Law.

It only took Gravis a couple hundred years to comprehend the True Law of Stone’s Explosiveness with the Law Comprehension Life Fruits.

‘Now, I only need to wait for the True Law of Adamantite’s Explosiveness. Then, I can condense my new Form Law.’

Gravis sighed.

‘How long have I been in seclusion for my Form Law? 600,000 years or so? Honestly, without Mortis, it would take me an entire tribulation to comprehend all the Laws. Mortis is a huge help.’

‘Mortis will still need about 70,000 years, but I don’t have to wait and do nothing for that long. There are other things I can do.’

‘But first of all, I need to contact Stella,’ Gravis thought with a bit of happiness and nervousness.

‘I hope this isn’t going to be as awkward as the last time.’

Gravis contacted Stella for the first time in 140,000 years, and Gravis became quite surprised when he actually thought about that.

Stella hadn’t contacted him for 140,000 years? That was quite a long time.

However, he also hadn’t initiated contact for that long.

When Gravis contacted Stella, he realized why it had taken her so long to contact him.

She was still busy comprehending her own level seven Law, and Gravis had just interrupted her comprehension.

Gravis apologized a couple of times, but Stella told him that it was fine.

She had also missed him.

The two of them talked for a while, and Gravis nodded with a smile when he heard that she would need to spend even more time in comprehension.

Stella hadn’t changed one bit. Just like Gravis, Stella’s time seemingly stood still while comprehending Laws.

After getting Stella’s OK, Gravis went back to the Smart Cultivator and asked for a couple of Virtualization Arrays.

However, when Gravis said how long he wanted to rent them, the manager became shocked.

Gravis only wanted to rent them for 10,000 years each!

That was basically nothing!

After a while, Gravis went back to his home and activated the first Virtualization Array.


Divine Lightning appeared in the room, and it started to adhere to all the surfaces. A powerful force pulled on everything in the room, but nothing moved. The Opposer had created this room, and some mere Divine Lightning couldn’t even attempt to move something in here.

This was the True Law of Divine Lightning’s Magnetism and also the highest Law regarding magnetism.

Highest Law? But what about Heavenly Lightning?

Well, level nine Laws were very different from all lower-ranked Laws.

Level nine Laws already demonstrated perfection.

It was impossible to make Heavenly Lightning faster.

It was impossible to make Heavenly Lightning more powerful.

Heavenly Lightning was the perfect form of lightning, and one couldn’t improve on perfection.

Because of that, there were no Battle Laws for level nine Laws.

Only Laws that were directly needed to condense the Law of the True World could be level nine Laws. Everything else was below them.

This also meant that someone who has managed to comprehend the Law of the True World automatically knows all existing level nine Laws.

Well, a Form Law could also be pushed to the power of a level nine Law, but Form Laws were special and weren’t naturally formed.

So, why was Gravis comprehending the True Law of Divine Lightning’s Magnetism?

Simply so he didn’t have to do it later.

It wouldn’t increase Gravis’ power since he already knew the Law of Heavenly Lightning, but he wanted to comprehend it regardless.

Gravis finished the level seven True Law of Divine Lightning’s Magnetism in only 10,000 years.

Then, Gravis comprehended the True Law of Divine Lightning’s Stasis, which also took him 10,000 years.

After that, Gravis comprehended the True Law of Divine Lightning’s Efficiency, which also took him 10,000 years.

Then, Gravis comprehended the True Law of Divine Lightning’s Speed, which also took him 10,000 years.

Lastly, Gravis comprehended the True Law of Divine Lightning’s Power, which also took him 10,000 years.

When Gravis finished the last Law, he closed his eyes and combined all the insights he had gained over the years.


And then, Gravis comprehended the level eight True Law of Lightning’s Manipulation.

Usually, Gravis would have needed to temper himself to comprehend a level eight Law since he didn’t have much experience with them, but due to his incredible affinity for lightning, comprehending the Law came naturally.

It hadn’t even been difficult.

Sadly, the level eight True Law of Lightning Manipulation didn’t change Gravis’ Battle-Strength. Heavenly Lightning was already perfect, and it was superior in every way.

However, Gravis was still quite happy.

Gravis opened his eyes with a wide smile.

‘I know everything about pure lightning that there is to know,’ he thought with happiness.

‘The only missing things regarding lightning are the level eight Mixed Elements, but they can’t really count as pure lightning.’

‘I now know all the Laws of pure lightning. I’ve really come far, haven’t I?’

Gravis remembered the time he had entered the lower world. Back then, Gravis had searched for a way to learn more about lightning. Eventually, he had seen the flyer for the yearly entrance exams of the Proxy-Elemental Guilds, and Gravis had finally found a way to learn more about lightning.

Then, he had been the first person in that world to comprehend pure Destruction Lightning.

Yet, Destruction Lightning had only been a tiny part of all the Lightning Laws. There had still been the Punishment Lightning, Divine Lightning, Heavenly Lightning, and all the Lightning Battle Laws Gravis didn’t know about.

The path of lightning had been incredibly expansive, more expansive than Gravis could have ever imagined.

But now, Gravis knew all of it.

‘There’s only Orthar’s personal lightning left, but I don’t even know if it is lightning. His lightning hasn’t been created in his Cosmos, and it obviously only exists in his own being. All my knowledge of lightning comes from this Cosmos, which could mean that his personal lightning might be very different.’

‘My way of lightning comes to an end here.’

‘Now, I need to focus on everything else.’


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