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Gravis looked with surprise at his father. “I saw my strongest sister once?”

The Opposer nodded. “Back at the Heaven Clash. She was among them.”

Gravis went through all the people he had seen, but everything had happened way too fast for him. Gravis hadn’t been able to keep up with all the figures, but he remembered the few of them that had remained at the end.

Gravis didn’t find anyone that gave him a similar feeling to his father.

However, Gravis remembered that it was also possible that his sister might be more similar to their mother.

After looking at the people in his memory again from a different angle, one person stood out.

It was a woman with long blue hair. In a sense, her beauty had radiated a similar purity as his mother. It was like she had been a person that stood above the mere struggles of the world. She wasn’t looking down on the world, but she had simply watched all of it with disinterested eyes.

It was like the things that had happened around her hadn’t been connected to her.

In a sense, her demeanor was similar to the Opposer’s demeanor, while her body and appearance were similar to the Economistress’.

“Was it that one blue-haired woman?” Gravis asked. He hadn’t heard the discussions between the Divine Gods, and he didn’t know their identities.

The Opposer nodded. “Her title is Zero’s Essence. She is currently your oldest sibling, and she’s a Peak Divine God.”

“She’s only missing the True Law of Control.”

Gravis took a deep breath.

He had anticipated that this sister of his was powerful, but this was way more powerful than he had anticipated.

Zero’s Essence was only missing the True Law of Control. This meant that she was only one level nine Law away from becoming a Heaven’s Magnate.

She was literally at the absolute peak of the Divine God Realm. There were uncountable Divine Gods beneath her, very few Divine Gods on her level, and no Divine Gods above her level.

A fight between her and an equally powerful opponent could very likely end in the birth of a new Heaven’s Magnate.

How hard was it to become a Heaven’s Magnate?

Well, normally, Cultivators needed to comprehend a Law of a new level to reach the next Realm.

Nascent Nourishing Realm Cultivators needed a level two Law to become a Law Comprehension Realm Cultivator.

Law Comprehension Realm Cultivators needed a level three Law to become an Immortal Realm Cultivator.

It continued like this until one attempted to become a Star God.

To become an Immortal Emperor, one only needed a level five Law.

However, to become a Star God, one needed a level seven Law.

That was a jump of an entire level!

Because of that, reaching the Star God Realm was unreasonably more difficult than any other breakthrough before that.

Then, it continued again normally.

Level eight Law for the Ancestral God Realm.

Level nine Law of the Divine God Realm.

And then, another jump.

To become a Heaven’s Magnate, one needed to comprehend the Law of the True World, which was a level eleven Law!

Just to comprehend the True Law of the Dead World, one needed to comprehend the nine level nine Laws of the Elements, the three Laws of Primordial Force, and the level nine True Law of Matter.

This meant one needed to comprehend 13 level nine Laws just to get one level ten Law.

And they needed a level eleven Law!

After that, they had to get through all the Life Laws.

Then, they had to comprehend all the Emotional Laws.

And lastly, they had to get the Laws of Perceived Reality.

Even amongst Peak Divine Gods, there was a gigantic gap of Battle-Strength. Some Divine Gods could reach the peak of their Realm while only knowing a single level nine Law.

Yet, there also were Peak Divine Gods that knew over 20 level nine Laws and up to three level ten Laws.

And Zero’s Essence was one of the most powerful Divine Gods.

She knew three level ten Laws and all the level nine Laws in existence, except for one.

Zero’s Essence’s Battle-Strength might actually be stronger in relation to her Realm than Gravis’ Battle-Strength in relation to his Realm.

“She’s powerful,” Gravis answered after thinking about Zero’s Essence’s Battle-Strength.

The Opposer nodded. “There’s a high chance that she will become a Heaven’s Magnate in her next tribulation in about four million years.”

“Four million years,” Gravis repeated absentmindedly. “I’ve only been away from my friends for a little over 150,000 years, and I already feel like an eternity has passed for them. Yet, you’re talking about four million years like it’s nothing.”

“To your friends, it might appear like 150,000 years is a long time, but to you, it doesn’t feel that long, right?” the Opposer asked.

Gravis nodded.

“The perception of the passage of time is relative. To you, seemingly no time has passed, while for your friends, an eternity has passed.”

“Yet, if there is no other perspective, the passage of time only has one subjective perception, and when there’s only one perception, the perception might as well be objective,” the Opposer said.

If one wasn’t knowledgeable in several Laws or didn’t know the Opposer very well, one might not have understood what the Opposer had just said.

However, Gravis understood.

“You’re saying that she has no friends, family, or companions?” Gravis asked.

The Opposer nodded. “She and I have a good relationship due to our similar mindsets. At least, our mindsets had been very similar about a million years ago.”

“Your sister is chasing power, not happiness,” the Opposer explained. “Her priorities are partially due to me but also partially because of the old bastard. His zero Karmic Luck policy for our family makes it inherently difficult to form friendly relationships. Trading with others is fine since we aren’t that much in contact with them, but a friendship is risky.”

“Friends often spend time together, and when our lack of Karmic Luck strikes, we attract mortal dangers. These dangers are often not tempering, but situations where we can’t survive by battling.”

“Many of our friends die from that.”

“Your sister has realized that long ago, and just like you in the lower world, she has decided to avoid any kind of companionship, excluding your mother and me.”

“However, in comparison to you, she has lived like this for her entire life, which has spanned millions of years. She has long since adapted to that lifestyle, and it has become normal to her.”

Gravis sighed.

“Will she become like the old Black Magnate?” Gravis asked.

“Most likely, but it will take a long while,” the Opposer answered. “In comparison to Blac- the Black Magnate, she isn’t fine with only reaching the Heaven’s Magnate Realm. She won’t be satisfied until she is the strongest Heaven’s Magnate there is.”

“If she manages to reach that level, she will probably get struck by reality and realize that her goal no longer exists and that it has led her to an abyss.”

“However, that’s a big if. Remember that every single Heaven’s Magnate had once been in your sister’s position. They had all once been so overwhelmingly powerful in their Realm. Becoming the strongest out of that group is nearly impossible.”

Gravis scratched his chin.

“If you strive for an empty goal, but you never reach it, you will never realize that your goal has been empty,” Gravis mused.

“If one person strives for a goal that ends in fulfillment and one strives for a goal that ends in an abyss of despair, and if they both never reach their goals, there’s essentially no difference between them.”

“Both are chasing a dream, and their life experiences will be filled with similar emotions.”

“So, in a sense, the problem isn’t an actual problem. It’s only the possibility that a problem might come into existence in the future, right?”

The Opposer nodded. “If she can become the strongest Heaven’s Magnate, I might have to talk to her. Right now, no amount of talking would change her perception since her goal had been firmly engrained in her personality and existence.”

“If we want to help her, we have to wait for a very significant event, which has to happen a long time after she has already reached her goal.”

“Just like with me back then,” the Opposer added.

Meanwhile, Gravis was smirking happily.

Gravis had realized that his father had truly changed, and even more…

The Opposer had said “we”.

Gravis felt like his father had included Gravis in the “we”.

The Opposer had never done that before.


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