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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1174: One Million Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis talked some more with his father, but in the end, he decided not to meet any of his siblings.

Gravis wasn’t very thrilled at meeting his Star God sister or Ancestral God brother since he felt like they didn’t have much in common with him.

However, Gravis felt a certain connection with his sister, Zero’s Essence. She was going through something that Gravis knew very well, but her life had also gone very differently.

Yet, all of this was irrelevant. His sister might be interested in exchanging some words with Gravis, but Gravis knew that she wouldn’t really form any relationship with him due to how she had lived her life.

It was even possible that she was incapable of having any companions at this point.

In a way, she was similar to Joyce, but she was dealing with that aspect of her personality very differently.

Joyce had dealt with these things by burying everything under a mountain of anger and hatred, while Zero’s Essence had simply accepted her reality.

In a way, Zero’s Essence also reminded Gravis of the old Azure.

Before Azure had become a Star God, she had been incapable of feeling love or strong feelings of happiness, and she had accepted that part of herself.

Even if she didn’t feel any strong feelings of friendship towards her friends, she had still been a great friend.

Sometimes, people had very similar disadvantages or issues, but different people would become very different.

If the same traumatic experience happened to different children, they would all still become different adults.

One of them would probably be able to see how this experience had shaped their personality, and they could accept that these things had happened to them.

One of them would probably get over the experience in adulthood and maybe even forgive the person responsible for their traumatic experience, resulting in a form of inner peace.

However, one of them would also probably never recover, and that incident would haunt them for the rest of their life. They might become unstable with rage, might commit suicide, might become depressed, might become isolated.

Overcoming trauma was like tempering. One would go through intense and unimaginable pain, and if they failed to get over it, their life would be ruined.

However, if they could overcome it, they would learn a lot about these things, and they would even grow as a person. If another horrifying event happened after that, the person would be better equipped to deal with it since they had gone through a similar experience before.

It was all a matter of perspective and how one handled their issue.

Zero’s Essence, Azure, and Joyce had similar problems.

Yet, all three of them dealt with them in very different ways.

One had accepted that she would never have friends in her life.

One had become curious and had tried to learn as much about this concept as possible while acknowledging that she would never feel these things.

One had never been able to deal with this issue, which resulted in her personality transforming into something unlikable.

Ironically enough, the only person that had voluntarily put themselves into this situation had also been the one that had failed to recover from it.

Gravis wanted to meet his sister, but he also knew that it wasn’t time yet. Zero’s Essence would keep living for a very long time, and she wouldn’t be interested in forming a relationship with Gravis.

That was fine for Gravis.

After talking with his father a bit more, Gravis visited his mother again and spent some time with her.

Some time later, Gravis left his home again and went back to Manuel’s faction to spend more time with his friends and Stella.

10,000 years later, Mortis finished comprehending the True Law of Ancestral Wood’s Cutting.

Then, Mortis and Gravis spent another 10,000 years with everyone.

During that time, Gravis had also seen several Star Gods of Manuel’s faction fighting with the enemy, and he was quite impressed with their power.

Sure enough, no Star God in the Eternal Fire Sect was weak.

Sadly, Gravis had to get back to comprehending more Laws. He had initially wanted to spend even more time with Stella, but she had basically thrown him out, telling him that she also had to comprehend Laws. She couldn’t spend all this time with Gravis.

Gravis didn’t mind, especially since Stella and Azure would also both focus on comprehending level seven Laws.

They hadn’t been able to focus on their Laws until now since their presence had been pivotal to the survival of Manuel’s faction, but now, Manuel’s faction was no longer in danger of collapsing anymore.

One reason was the power and number of all the Star Gods in Manuel’s faction, but that wasn’t the main reason.

The main reason was Meadow and Narcissus.

Over the course of being in the Eternal Fire Sect, Meadow and Narcissus had received a frightening amount of Star God corpses.

Both of them knew several level seven Laws by now.

They wouldn’t go to the frontlines, but those two would become an impenetrable barrier for any enemy.

Another reason was also the equipment Gravis had created for everyone, but Gravis still felt a bit embarrassed by that event.

The important thing was that Stella and Azure could finally focus on their Laws.

Gravis went back to Opposer City and rented another Virtualization Array, and he directly rented it for over 150,000 years.

This was the Virtualization Array for the True Law of Adamant’s Cutting.

Gravis knew that his affinity for metal wasn’t very great. It always took Gravis at least 1.5 times as long to comprehend the Metal Laws compared to the other Elemental Laws.

Well, the Earth Laws were even worse, but Gravis would simply get another Law Comprehension Life Fruit for the True Law of Stone’s Explosiveness.

Meanwhile, Mortis was focusing on the True Law of Ancestral Wood’s Destruction, which was basically the Law of Explosiveness for Ancestral Wood.

Time passed again, but this time, Gravis was interrupted before he could comprehend the Law.

Only 30,000 years after starting his comprehension, Gravis was interrupted by five people arriving in his room unannounced.

Gravis hadn’t been ready for their arrival, and before he could do anything, it had already happened.


Several weak explosions occurred in the room, and Gravis felt the Laws in the room change.

The transforming Laws changed the color of the room from a dim grey and black to a bright yellow, green, and blue.

At the same time, different streams of Elements flowed over Gravis as they calmly lay down on his body.

Gravis only looked at everything with confusion and shock.

Gravis quickly realized what was happening when the Laws calmed down.

Gravis’ room had been transformed into a party room. There was a beautiful spectacle of Laws dancing around Gravis, radiating joy.

On top of that, the streams of Laws that lay on Gravis’ body were just fancy streamers.

In front of Gravis stood five people.

At the left was Orpheus, his face showing a bright and happy smile.

Beside Orpheus was the Black Magnate, his face showing an amused smirk.

At the right was Mortis, his face showing a light but awkward smile.

Beside Mortis was the Economistress, her face showing an excited, proud, and happy smile.

And in the middle was the Opposer, his face showing his trademarked, deadpan expression.

All five of them had streamers in their hands.

Gravis almost couldn’t hold himself back when he saw his father holding bright streamers in his hands.

“Happy one-millionth birthday, Gravis!”


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