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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1135: Death Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was inside a dark room below the Myriad Sect. No light reached this room, but the grass still grew here.

The room was very long, and several small columns were placed inside the room. On top of every column was an emblem, which released a peaceful, white glow.

Every emblem represented one person that had given their life for the Myriad Sect.

Gravis was in front of the biggest column, and he looked with forlorn eyes at the emblem on top of it.

Heart Seeker

Vice-Sect Master of the Myriad Sect

Died in the war with the All-Metal Sect

This was Liam’s grave.

Liam had chosen the title Heart Seeker since he felt like this title reflected himself the most. The original meaning behind the title was his wish to reach his sister’s power, but after that, it transformed.

In the end, it had been about searching for true love.

Sadly, Liam would never find his heart.

Only silence filled the room as Gravis and Mortis silently looked at Liam’s grave. Memories of their past with Liam filled their minds.

The moment Liam had tried to interfere in the fight between Gravis and Stella, even if that meant his death.

The moment Liam had decided to help Gravis to allow Stella to comprehend the Law of Freedom.

The time Liam had worked in the Gravitas in the higher world.

The moment Liam had decided to leave Gravis and Stella to become more powerful.

The time Liam had spent with Stella in the Purist Sect.

Liam’s incredible power in the battle between Gravis’ friends.

The moment Liam decided to search for his own love.

Liam had rarely been the decision-maker, but he had always been there. He had always supported Stella, and by extension, Gravis.

No one in the Myriad Sect had believed Liam to be unworthy of his position as Vice-Sect Master.

He had been powerful, charismatic, and helpful.

Back when Gravis had evaluated all of his friends, he had believed that Liam would become a Divine God in the future. On top of that, Liam’s Battle-Strength had always been powerful.

He definitely wasn’t one of the weak Star Gods.

Sadly, Liam’s time was up.

He had fought against a very powerful disciple of the All-Metal Sect, but the enemy had just been more powerful than him.

That was it.

There was no trickery.

There was no heroic sacrifice.

The enemy disciple hadn’t even been the most powerful of the Sect.

There were no special reasons for why Liam had died.

The only reason was that Liam was weaker.

That’s it.

Gravis released a shaky sigh.

He hadn’t felt this feeling in a while, the feeling of losing one of his close ones.

‘When was the last time I felt something like that?’ Gravis thought. ‘It was so long ago.’

‘I’m partly responsible,’ Gravis thought. ‘If I hadn’t been so careless, the Myriad Sect wouldn’t have needed to jump this violently into war. They had just gone through a war, and they needed time to comprehend Laws again.’

‘Yet, my carelessness forced them into war again.’

After a while, Gravis slowly stood up as he walked to the next emblem.

The column that held the emblem was of similar height to Liam’s column, but it stood apart from nearly all of the columns.

This column represented a special position, one outside the normal hierarchy.

Wise Ape

Oracle of the Myriad Sect

Died in the war against the Storm Brand Sect

This was Styr’s grave.

Styr had fought with one of the most powerful Peak Immortal Emperors. Yet, when his enemy had suddenly comprehended a level seven Law, Styr had died.

Styr hadn’t had enough time to learn enough about a level seven Law to comprehend it.

The war came too soon.

Memories of his time with Styr filled Gravis.

The time the Red King had unveiled that Gravis could kill Styr with a thought and how Styr hadn’t even minded. Styr had simply said that all of this was too complicated and that Gravis shouldn’t be that tense.

The time Styr had made fun of Gravis’ naming sense, which made Gravis realize that his naming sense sucked.

The time Styr had killed that one snake, which had been a spy of the sea beasts.

The time Styr had sent the Inquisitor to keep watch over Gravis.

The time Styr had taught Gravis about how to run an Empire.

The time Styr had tempered Gravis’ Will-Aura.

Styr had always been one of Gravis’ weaker friends, but his mindset, experience, and personality more than made up for it.

The beasts inside the Myriad Sect had seen Styr as their connection to the humans. Styr had been the one that represented all the beasts in the Sect.

‘This is also partly my fault,’ Gravis thought. ‘I made them go to war too early. Styr hadn’t had the time to comprehend a level seven Law yet.’

Gravis took a deep breath to deal with his emotions.

He knew that he was partly responsible for these deaths, but he wouldn’t break down.

Yes, it hurt immensely to see the death of his friends, but he wasn’t a kid anymore.

He could deal with these things.

Gravis slowly stood up and went to the next column.

The size of the column indicated that the person lying here was an Elder, and the placement of it indicated that the Elder had been responsible for recruitment.

Life Mother

Recruitment Elder of the Myriad Sect

Died in the war against the Storm Brand Sect

This was Sary’s grave.

Sary had been one of the weakest of Gravis’ friends, but her unique charm had made her popular amongst everyone. With her abilities, she had been able to gather an incredible number of Peak Immortal Emperors.

Out of nearly all of Gravis’ friends, Gravis’ interactions with Sary were probably one of the fewest in number.

Gravis had only talked to Sary briefly in the middle world.

Back then, Azure had introduced Gravis to Sary, and Sary had tried to hit on Gravis immediately.

After that, Gravis had said some careless words, and Sary had immediately fought against the sea beasts.

Lastly, she had thrown a wink at Gravis before ascending.

After that, Sary hadn’t had many interactions with Gravis. She had seen that Gravis already had a partner, and she kept herself in the background.

However, even if Sary hadn’t interacted with Gravis a lot, Gravis had still seen her life through Samsara, just like with all of his friends.

Sary had been one of the brightest lights in the Myriad Sect, not due to her power but due to her personality and likable character.

Sadly, she had died against another Peak Immortal Emperor.

Styr’s death could be attributed to the sudden breakthrough of his opponent, but Liam’s and Sary’s deaths couldn’t be attributed to anything.

They had simply been weaker.

Sadly, even though Sary had amazing qualities, these amazing qualities were not as important as power in this Cosmos.

In a sense, the Black Magnate was right when he had said that power was everything.

Gravis sighed as he slowly stood up again.

Gravis looked around the hall and went to the next grave.

He was only halfway done.


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