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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1136: Everyone Will Die One Day Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis went to the next Emblem.

This one was also amongst the Elders.

Stormy Horizon

Gathering Elder of the Myriad Sect

Died in the war against the Storm Brand Sect

When Gravis saw this grave, another wave of pain hit him.

It was Skye’s grave.

Gravis’ mind was filled with memories of Skye.

The time the two of them had met. Back then, Gravis had only wanted to try his new power by fighting an Energy Beast, but then, the Lightning Guild and Fire Guild had attacked.

The two of them had fought against the enemies together, and they had eventually won.

The time Skye’s parent had returned and how Skye had protected Gravis from her parent’s wrath.

The time Skye had decided to follow Gravis.

She had been Gravis’ first real friend.

She had been the one that allowed Gravis to feel some form of happiness in the lower world.

The time the two of them had fled from the ambush of the Lightning Guild in front of the Heaven Sect. Skye had nearly died back then.

The time Skye and Gravis had visited the Wind Guild because of Wendy. Skye’s parent had also been there.

The time Skye and Gravis had fled from the Heaven Sect.

The time Skye and Gravis had fought against the disciples of the Fire Guild.

The time Gravis had to leave Skye. Leaving Skye had been the only correct choice since she had been growing more powerful without fighting herself.

That was a painful memory.

The time Gravis had seen the corpse of Skye’s parent, knowing that Skye was now completely alone in the world.

The time Gravis had met Skye again after he had killed the lower Heaven.

Back then, Gravis had been devastated by the uncountable lives he had taken by taking his revenge on the lower Heaven.

Yet, Skye had accepted Gravis for who he was.

There had been no judgment.

The time Gravis had spent four Immortal Stones to allow Skye to enter a different middle world.

The time Gravis had heard from his father that Skye had comprehended the Law of Freedom, just like himself. Gravis had felt that the two of them were truly kindred spirits.

Skye had managed to reach the highest world all on her own. She wasn’t part of the group of the lower world or the middle world.

She had been completely alone, and she had managed to reach this point.

She had been born from an Energy Beast in a lower world.

Yet, she had nearly managed to become a Star God.

But now, she had died.

Skye had also died against the Storm Brand Sect. Judging by the casualties, that war had been one of the most brutal ones.

Skye had rampaged through the Peak Immortal Emperors, her speed and offense unhindered by the Formation Arrays, Will-Auras, and different Laws with suppressive effects.

One of the Star Gods had noticed that Skye was slowly turning the tide of the war in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm nearly all on her own, and they had realized that she had to die.

The Star God had killed Skye.

However, the distraction had allowed Azure and her legion to kill the Star God.

Skye’s death had happened because she had been too outstanding, and her death had saved an uncountable number of lives. When Skye had died, the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm part of the war had stabilized again, but the death of her attacker had resulted in the collapse of the Star God part of the war, which spelled victory for the Myriad Sect.

Gravis could only sigh heavily.

‘Sleep well, big sister,’ Gravis thought with a sad smile.

Gravis slowly stood up again and went to the next Emblem.

This one had been placed amongst the uncountable graves of the normal disciples.

Lightning Calamity

Core Disciple of the Myriad Sect

Died in the war against the Storm Brand Sect

Gravis was surprised to see the grave of this person here.

It was Yi Lu’s grave.

He had taken Gravis’ old title from the lower world for himself.

Yi Lu had joined the Myriad Sect after his last battle. He had believed that this was only natural. After all, Gravis was his master.

Gravis had never truly accepted Yi Lu as his disciple, but Yi Lu had always tried to help him.

His appearance and actions had been ridiculous back then, but his intentions had been pure.

Yi Lu had seen how powerful the enemies had been, and he had still been willing to protect Gravis from all of them.

He had been willing to put himself in front of danger to protect Gravis.

He had even attacked a Star God.

Yi Lu had died similarly to Skye, but due to a different reason.

A Star God had targeted Skye due to her danger to the enemy’s Peak Immortal Emperors.

Yet, Yi Lu had directly attacked a Star God with his form of Mortality.

The Star God had blocked Yi Lu’s Mortality and had directly killed Yi Lu, but that had created an opening, which allowed Liam to kill the Star God. This gave the Myriad Sect enough time to survive until Skye had broken the equilibrium.

Liam had still been alive in that war since the war against the Storm Brand Sect had happened before the war against the All-Metal Sect.

Yi Lu had had a significant impact on that war, and he had given his life.

His sacrifice had saved uncountable lives.

‘I’m proud to have had such an outstanding disciple, Yi Lu,’ Gravis thought. ‘You have only been a random mortal, and I have only given you my memories of the lower world. Yet, you managed to reach the highest world.’

‘I have only helped you during your start, and you’ve achieved everything else on your own.’

Gravis sighed and stood up.

Then, he walked to the last Emblem.

It was placed outside the Myriad Sect, in a place that represented Exar’s organization.

Shadow Hunter

Ally of the Myriad Sect

Died in the war against the Starburst Sect

When Gravis saw that grave, he furrowed his brows.

‘Was the Black Magnate right? Does resurrecting someone actually make them weaker?’ Gravis thought.

It was Siral’s grave.

Siral had attempted to assassinate a Star God during the war, but the Star God had managed to block the assassination.

Then, Siral had run away to buy time for everyone else while the Star God tried to kill him. Siral had learned from Dorian how to run away, and he had managed to buy a couple of seconds for everyone.

These couple of seconds of delay had saved uncountable lives. The Myriad Sect had had fewer Star Gods than the Starburst Sect, and if Siral hadn’t bought several seconds, the Star God would have killed thousands upon thousands of Peak Immortal Emperors. He might have even killed another Star God.

Siral hadn’t killed anyone in that war, but his contributions in that war were unparalleled.

Gravis remembered how he had met Siral.

Back then, Siral had tried to assassinate Gravis, and Gravis had decided to spare his life.

Then, Siral had followed Gravis under the influence of the Life Ring.

Then, when Siral had been freed of the effects of the Life Ring, he had decided to remain Gravis’ friend.

Siral had joined Underworld and had kept Gravis informed about everything.

Siral had also been the only one of Gravis’ friends that had died to Gravis’ Samsara.

This had allowed Siral to survive for another 50,000 years.

Sadly, he hadn’t been able to undergo his second Samsara due to his mindset. He had been working on it, but there was still a lot that had to be done.

‘You were a great companion, Siral. Sadly, you have chosen the wrong path in your life. This was as far as I could take you,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis slowly stood up and looked at the hall again.

There were thousands of Emblems, all representing a dead member of the Myriad Sect, but these had been the most relevant to Gravis.

Six of his friends had died.

This had been the biggest number so far.

Gravis took a deep breath.

‘Death comes for us all one day,’ Gravis thought. ‘Father is not an exception. Orthar is not an exception. Stella is not an exception. I’m not an exception.’

‘I will also lie here one day.’

‘Will I still have friends or a family by the time this happens who will grieve for me, or will I be alone?’


‘I don’t know.’

Gravis remained in the hall for another 30 minutes, just thinking about his friends.

Then, he left the hall with Mortis.

Mortis had only silently looked at everything, just like Gravis.

However, Gravis knew that Mortis was in just as much pain as Gravis.

These people had also been Mortis’ friends.

“Done crying? I need to talk to Mortis!”

Gravis’ rage exploded as he noticed Joyce in front of him.

Mortis narrowed his eyes.


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