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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1112: Destroying a Sect Bahasa Indonesia

A young man with white hair and white eyes walked out of the central palace of the Shining Purity Sect.

His eyes were calm like the deep ocean, and it seemed like nothing could shake him.

This was someone that had created his own conviction.

He was the polar opposite of the Shining Radiance Sect. While the Shining Radiance Sect put up a holy front, this person seemed distant from everything.

He was not a person that talked a lot, but he would always show his loyalty with his actions.

He was not a fan of the current leadership of the Shining Purity Sect. The leadership wanted to sacrifice his future for their gain.

However, this wasn’t important to him.

The Shining Purity Sect had allowed him to become powerful, and he would help them as long as they didn’t threaten his future.

Because of that, he had adamantly refused to become a level five Star God. He hadn’t even wanted to become a level four Star God yet, but after a lot of persuasion, he had given his Sect at least that.

After all, he didn’t want to be helpless when an enemy was threatening his home.

All of this was for protecting the Shining Purity Sect.

Stella looked at Austin with cold eyes.

She didn’t seem nervous.

Instead, fierce battle-intent raged in her eyes.

Austin stopped in front of Stella and neutrally looked at Stella.

“I don’t want to kill you, but I need to defend my Sect. I don’t expect you to forgive me. However, I can offer you peace of mind,” he slowly said.

Stella didn’t react to his words.

“What’s your name, and from which Sect are you? I will protect your Sect from any unjust actions. If the Shining Purity Sect ever wages war with your Sect, I will do my best to make the resolution as peaceful as possible,” he said.

Stella was surprised by his words.

He hadn’t activated any kind of Law while saying these words, but she somehow knew that he was honest.

He didn’t want to kill her. However, he also couldn’t put his Sect at risk.

Because of that, he tried to make it as easy as possible for Stella.

In a sense, he was a good person.

Sadly, he belonged to the wrong power.

“Stella, Myriad Sect,” Stella said slowly.

The leadership of the Shining Purity Sect didn’t like that Austin was making promises without having the authority, but there was nothing much they could do.

They knew that Austin was fiercely loyal. They genuinely liked and supported him. Their differing opinions didn’t stop that.

Austin nodded. “I will do my best to protect the Myriad Sect. You can go in peace,” he said.

Stella smiled in peace.

“Can you at least kill me with your strongest attack? I want it to be quick, and I want to feel the extent of your power before I die,” she said.

Austin nodded.

Then, Austin slowly took out his spear.


Austin’s spear started to shine in pure white and pure black.

Austin had comprehended the level seven True Law of Twilight. The True Law of Twilight was a mix of the Law of Purity and the Law of Stygian, the level six Law of Darkness.

It was a True Mixed Element.


Suddenly, the light and dark aspects of his spear ground at each other. This slightly damaged his spear, but it increased the explosive power manifold.

This was the level seven Law of True Twilight’s Explosiveness, a Battle-Law.

This guy had two very powerful level seven Laws, and he definitely was not a joke.

If Austin were a level two Star God, he could fight Stella equally.

Austin pulled his spear back and struck forward.

The black and white light crashed against each other as they closed in on Stella.

Stella only neutrally looked at the attack.

Then, the attack hit.

And this was the moment that would spell the doom of the Shining Purity Sect.


The attack exploded with apocalyptic power.

Its destructive powers stretched for nearly 100,000 kilometers.

The eyes of the leaders opened wide in terror and shock.

Where was the Judge!?

Why was there no Judge!?

Yet, it was already too late.

The attack decimated the entire Shining Purity Sect.

All the Peak Immortal Emperors and level one Star Gods died in the attack.

Only the Peak Immortal Emperors and level one Star Gods that were currently out on missions had survived.

The buildings were destroyed.

The mountains were destroyed.

The Shining Purity Sect was destroyed.

The attack slowly vanished.


Austin, the leaders, and one heavily injured level two Star God looked at the crater below them.

There was nothing left.



Even the Formation Arrays were destroyed since they hadn’t been activated previously.

Over 500,000 Cultivators had died.

For a long time, the survivors were only in shock.

A couple million kilometers away, Gravis snickered.

Stella only sighed.

She found Gravis’ actions a bit extreme.


Was it because of the Shining Purity Sect?


It was because there was no tempering left anymore.

The Shining Purity Sect only had one level four Star God, one level two Star God, and three level one Star Gods left. The three level one Star Gods were currently not inside the “Sect”.

What had Gravis done?

He used his Law of Perceived Reality, of course.

Stella had gotten her two fights, and then, Gravis had silently replaced her.

Gravis had made it appear like Stella had remained on her spot when, in reality, Stella had been on her way to Gravis.

As soon as the Shining Purity Sect had summoned Austin, Gravis’ imitation of Stella had replaced her.

However, this wasn’t everything.

Gravis had kept one of the level two Star Gods in a perpetual illusion for the last day.

In his mind, Stella would be fighting against him tomorrow, and this would be her only fight.

So, this level two Star God had only waited for his fight with Stella.

Since he hadn’t seen Stella fight previously, he hadn’t been very nervous.

And just when Stella was replaced by her imitation, this Star God walked forward and took Stella’s place.

It was his time to fight!

In his mind, Stella stood in front of him.

Of course, the Stella he saw had been Austin.

The Star God had only waited for the start signal of the Sect Master.

However, before the Star God could react, the Stella in his perception had unleashed an apocalyptic attack.

So, without knowing it, Austin had annihilated a level two Star God of his own Sect.

And the Judge?

Judges wouldn’t get involved in a fight between fellow disciples.

This was a Sect affair. The two disciples belonged to the same Sect, and they were fighting inside the Sect. Additionally, there were several Ancestral Gods in that Sect.

This had nothing to do with The Heaven Company.

They couldn’t send a Judge for internal strife inside a Sect.

Sects were seen as their own entities in the eyes of The Heaven Company.

If one member of the Sect decided to destroy their Sect, it would be like someone committing suicide.

A level four Star God of the Shining Purity Sect had attacked a level two Star God of the Shining Purity Sect inside the Shining Purity Sect.

The Heaven Company wouldn’t get involved.

Of course, as a Judge, Gravis knew the rules of The Heaven Company very well.

Gravis was not officially a member of the Myriad Sect. Because of that, if an Ancestral God was willing to make the sacrifice, they were allowed to attack him.

The only reason why no Ancestral Gods were attacking the Myriad Sect was because of the Eternal Fire Sect.

Ancestral Gods were forbidden from taking part in the wars.

Because of that, Gravis couldn’t just go into the Shining Purity Sect and kill everyone himself.

If Gravis were part of the Myriad Sect, he could just waltz into the Shining Purity Sect, execute every Star God, spit the Ancestral Gods in the face, and then leave.

They wouldn’t dare to kill a Star God of a subservient Sect of the Eternal Fire Sect.

However, Gravis wasn’t.

Because of that, he had to become creative.

Now, the question was, why wasn’t Gravis part of the Myriad Sect?

One reason.

Karmic Luck.

Right now, the Karmic Luck of the Myriad Sect was very powerful, but what if he joined?

Gravis’ negative Karmic Luck could put the entire Sect in danger.

Of course, in return, Gravis would actually gain Karmic Luck!

However, the decision was obvious. Gravis wouldn’t put his friends in danger.

After looking at the destruction, Gravis turned to Stella with a smirk.

“I told them about the Myriad Sect. Who knows, maybe they will attack us?”


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