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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1111: Tempering Bahasa Indonesia

“How many Star Gods does the Shining Purity Sect have?”

“Where are they normally located?”

“What Sects have you already taken down?”

Stella’s questions became more and more personal and invasive, and the guy talking to Stella started to become uncomfortable.

Yes, he was interested in that beautiful woman, but he couldn’t tell a stranger all of these sensitive things. Because of that, he always deflected when he answered the questions.

Was she here to spy on the Shining Purity Sect?

He didn’t want to believe that, but he wasn’t stupid.

Yes, he had been smitten by Stella, but he still was a Star God, and nearly no Star God was stupid.

Of course, if Stella had wanted to siphon information out of the Shining Purity Sect, she would have never done it this directly.

Asking these questions was like directly admitting that she was spying on them.

Eventually, the guy informed one of the Elders about Stella’s questions with a sigh.

He knew that she would never leave this Sect again.

At the same time, the guy also felt a lot of pain.

He had been used.

Of course, Stella hadn’t been informed of the fact that her guide had already ratted her out to his Sect.

They only continued walking through the Sect, but eventually, they arrived near the center of the Sect.


Five Star Gods appeared around Stella in nearly an instant, and they all glared at her.


A powerful Ancestral God also appeared in front of Stella.

Stella immediately became shocked, and horror clouded her face.


A Formation Array that isolated every form of teleportation was activated.

As long as this Formation Array remained active, no one would be able to teleport.

“What’s the meaning of this!?” Stella asked in rage and fear.

“You think your attempts of siphoning information out of the great Shining Purity Sect are able to hide in front of our eyes? Foolish!” the Ancestral God shouted.

The Ancestral God saw that Stella wanted to defend herself, but he didn’t give her the chance.

“Win a fight, and we will let you live another day,” the Ancestral God declared.

Stella didn’t put up any pretenses, and her eyes narrowed.

“Who’s my enemy?” she asked coldly.

The other people around her scoffed in disgust. This vile harpy had finally unveiled her true colors!

A level two Star God stepped forward. A radiant light of holiness shone around her as she looked at Stella with justified anger.

Stella took out her saber.


An explosion of fire appeared around her, making her body seem like it was burning.

The eyes of the people surrounding Stella narrowed further.

This was a powerful pressure!

This fight wouldn’t be easy for the level two Star God.

However, this was exactly what they wanted.

They wanted to temper their disciples.

The two enemies looked at each other, and a Judge appeared in the air.

The Judge was supposed to protect the Sect while one of their disciples was fighting a stranger.

Judges only ignored the wellbeing of the Sects when they were embroiled in a war. However, this couldn’t be called a war. It was simply one disciple fighting a stranger. Because of this, the Judge had to protect the Sect.

Stella and her enemy immediately clashed.

The fight had been brutal.

The level two Star God was no joke, and Stella definitely didn’t have it easy.

However, in the end, Stella managed to win by unleashing all of her power in a single strike.

Stella had won!

The leaders of the Shining Purity Sect looked at this loss like it had nothing to do with them.

So what if their disciple died? The fact that their disciple died only showed that she had been worthless.

If their level two Star God had lost against a level one Star God, it meant that their level two Star God had never had the power of an actual level two Star God.

After this fight, Stella’s Will-Aura increased to the third level of the Star God Realm. Her Will-Aura was now two levels above her own level. Now, she wouldn’t even need to use her Law of Freedom to ignore the Will-Aura of her enemy.


A terrifying pressure suppressed Stella after her victory, and she looked at the Ancestral God with anger.

“You said you would let me go!” she shouted in anger.

“I said you get to live another day,” the Ancestral God said coldly. “Tomorrow, your next fight will take place.”

Stella seemingly exploded with anger, but there was nothing she could do.

A day quickly passed. Waiting for a day was nothing to such powerful Cultivators.

To them, waiting for a day was not any different from a mortal waiting for a couple minutes.

This time, Stella’s opponent was the most powerful level two Star God in the Shining Purity Sect.

He was about to comprehend his second level seven Law.

The Sect had sent this disciple to fight Stella to kill her and to help this disciple awaken his second level seven Law.

Maybe this disciple would be more cooperative than the other one.

Just like the level four Star God, this level two Star God had a Will-Aura equivalent to the third level in the Star God Realm.

Stella was forced to use her Law of Freedom yet again.

This Star God could already attempt to jump a level. He wasn’t fully there, but after comprehending another level seven Law, he would be able to fight level three Star Gods.

The fight was even more brutal than the first one.

However, when Stella was about to lose, she managed to comprehend the level six Law of Zero, which she immediately used with her Weapon Technique.

Yet, just when Stella was about to win, her enemy comprehended another level seven Law!

Stella was about to die again!


And then, Stella comprehended the level six Law of Cold!

The addition of another level six Law shouldn’t have made a difference, but Stella managed to add the upgraded version of the Law of Cold to her Avatar of the Dead World.

The Law of the Dead World also used the Law of Temperatures. However, the Major Law of Temperatures was just another level five Law, and there was a limit to how far level five Laws could be pushed.

By adding the level six Law of Cold, Stella’s Law of Cold reached the power of a level eight Law without using a Weapon Technique!

Stella unleashed half her remaining Energy in a cold blast and managed to freeze her enemy.

Then, Stella closed her eyes and struck down.

She hadn’t been able to use her new attack yet since it required a bit of preparation. After all, she wasn’t really familiar with that attack.

Time, space, and gravity warped and split apart as Stella bisected her enemy.

It was a simplified version of Exar’s Weapon Technique.

With the Law of the Dead World, Stella now also had access to the Law of Primordial Forces. She had seen that Exar had been far more used to fighting with the Law of the Dead World, and Stella had asked him for a short lesson.

After just a bit, Stella understood the principles behind the attack. After all, she already knew all the relevant Laws.

She wouldn’t be able to unleash Exar’s technique with as much power, but it was still incredibly powerful.

Her opponent had been prepared for more elemental attacks, and he had created several different forms of shields to cancel her Elements.

However, because of that, he had been completely unprepared for an attack with the Law of Primordial Forces.

Stella had won, and this time, the leaders of the Shining Purity Sect no longer watched on neutrally.

This time, they gritted their teeth in hatred and frustration.

They had just lost their most powerful level two Star God!

Even more, he had even managed to comprehend a second level seven Law!

How powerful was this level one Star God!?

Stella’s Will-Aura increased to the fourth level of the Star God Realm.

Now, she could attempt to fight an average level three Star God.

With her Will-Aura, Stella was now probably also the strongest Star God in the Myriad Sect.

A long period of silence took place.

“Call Austin,” the Sect Master told one of the Elders.

The Elder nodded. “We have lost out this time, and we have created a far too powerful Star God. If she increases her Realm, she can endanger Austin. We must end her right now. I would do it myself, but I can’t sacrifice so much Karmic Luck.”

The Elder called the level four Star God, Austin.


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