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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1102: The War Ends Bahasa Indonesia

Broad Walker’s opponent gritted his teeth.

“You don’t have to be worried,” Broad Walker said. “This war is not a war but tempering. Don’t forget that you have a powerful Sect behind you. Your Sect can accept disciples of your Sect dying to tempering but killing you now would be going a bit overboard.”

Broad Walker’s opponent calmed down a little bit, but his fear was immediately replaced by anger.

“You will pay for killing all of my friends!” he threatened.

“If you have the power, return in the future, and we can have another battle,” Broad Walker said with battle intent.

Broad Walker’s opponent spat to the side and teleported into the distance. He didn’t want to risk the Myriad Sect going back on their words.

Broad Walker’s fight had been the second battle that involved a Star God that finished. The others were still going on.

The reason why Broad Walker’s battle had ended this early was due to the fact that Broad Walker was on the losing side.

However, not everyone could see it.

A normal person would believe that the fight had been equal.

Even Broad Walker and his opponent had believed that.

Both hadn’t shown all of their powers, which made the outcome of the fight uncertain.

However, Gravis had felt how the fight would go.

There had been a high chance of Broad Walker losing.

By ending the fight now, Broad Walker wouldn’t feel like he had been saved, which was for the better.

Right now, three battles were still going on.

They were one of the legions fighting a Star God, Liam versus his opponent, and Aris versus his opponent.


With a lightning strike, Mortis arrived beside Gravis.

“Did we comprehend something?” Gravis asked.

“No, but I managed to extrapolate a lot of information of the other level six Elemental Laws. The things you saw in Samsara now make a lot more sense,” Mortis answered.

Gravis nodded. “So, we still only have the Law of Blaze, the Law of Ancestral Wood, and the Law of Zero?” Gravis asked.

“Yes,” Mortis answered.

These three Laws had been the Laws Mortis had comprehended in the 75,000 years they had been back in the highest world. Five more Laws and the two of them would be able to condense the Major Law of Pure Elements. Then, they could incorporate it into their Major Law of the Dead World.

After that, it would be time for the new level seven Laws.

Gravis and Mortis didn’t focus on the Laws of Life yet since they wouldn’t strengthen them at all. After all, the Major Law of the True World was impossible for them to comprehend.

They could easily comprehend all the Life Laws later when their Spirit and concentration were more powerful.

“What did you get from your opponent?” Gravis asked.

“Around four million God Stones in the form of materials, plants, and resources,” Mortis answered. “That should be enough to repay the God Stones I used.”

Gravis nodded, and Mortis handed all the things he had looted from Ishtar to Gravis.

“Do you want to overlook the fight between the Star God and your darling?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

Mortis’ body shook.

“No, thank you,” Mortis said.

Gravis knew that something was up with Mortis’ relationship with Joyce, but Mortis had never elaborated on it.

“Anyway, time’s money, right?” Mortis said. “I should get back to comprehending Purity.”

Gravis lifted an eyebrow.

“Are you running away?” Gravis asked with a lifted eyebrow.

“No, only trying to think of a solution to something,” Mortis said.


And Mortis was gone.


Liam’s opponent exploded.

Liam had comprehended one more level six Elemental Law, which increased the power of his Weapon Technique by a lot, allowing him to win against his opponent.

After winning, Liam immediately looked at Aris’ fight.

When he saw that Aris was still fighting, Liam smirked.

Ever since the two of them had become Star Gods, Liam and Aris had become rivals.

Back then, one of the major reasons why Aris had won against Liam was due to him receiving the Heavenly Treasure early. Because of that, Aris had had a far more powerful body while having the same amount of Energy and Spirit.

However, when Liam became a Star God, he had also received his Heavenly Treasure.

Aris didn’t receive his since he had already gotten it earlier.

Yet, even with that advantage nullified, Aris was still very powerful.

Liam and Aris were very close in power, making them see each other as rivals.

Aris noticed that Liam had finished first, and he narrowed his eyes.


Aris attacked his opponent with such ferocity that one would think that he wanted to die.

Aris was basically throwing all caution to the wind and went all-in!

When Gravis saw that, he became a bit worried.

Sure, Aris had changed and matured, but there was still a bit of the young Aris left in him.

Aris hated losing!


At the moment before death, Aris comprehended the level six Law of Lightning’s Speed.

The True Law of Lightning’s Speed made Aris fast enough to hit the opponent first.

Aris had won!

Then, Aris looked at Liam, and Liam looked back.

It was very hard to discern which of the two was stronger now.

Now, there was only one battle left.

Joyce was fighting violently with her opponent, and the battle was bloody and brutal.

Joyce was definitely on the losing side.

However, whenever she was about to lose, another couple of Peak Immortal Emperors would join the Formation Array to strengthen her.

These sets of armors had been purchased in Opposer City for a hefty sum, each one costing 50,000 God Stones.

Yet, these sets of armors were insanely useful. After all, a bunch of Peak Immortal Emperors managed to keep two Star Gods occupied.

They were definitely worth the money!

Joyce’s opponent became more and more frustrated as the fight dragged on.

Whenever they were about to win, another Peak Immortal Emperor would join the enemy!

However, they had to continue attacking!

The Eternal Fire Sect needed them!

In their perception, a violent war was going on around them.

Of course, this was Gravis’ doing.

He made it appear like the war was even when, in reality, it had already ended.

After all, he didn’t want the opponent to flee.

The fight dragged on for several minutes, and eventually, the opponent died.

They only hoped that their Sect would win the war.

They also felt sorry that they couldn’t win more time for their Sect.

When Joyce won, she only gritted her teeth in fury.

She looked at the 500 Peak Immortal Emperors behind her.

Her Energy Storage, Spirit, and physical power had been about twice that of her opponent.

Yet, she had barely won!

Joyce looked at everyone watching their fight.

They had been the last ones to finish, which infuriated Joyce.

It was like she had put on a performance for everyone!

Joyce hated that she wasn’t a Star God yet!

“Anyway, it’s time for us to go,” the Black Magnate said to Gravis. “Have fun with the negotiations!”


The Black Magnate teleported away, and the Opposer had simply vanished like he had never been here.

‘Negotiations?’ Gravis thought in confusion.


Up in the sky, the Child of Heaven also teleported away.

The fighting had ended.

Suddenly, Gravis noticed something.

Up in the air, two people were left.

They were the Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect and the other Ancestral God that had been with them.

Gravis grimaced.

‘Seems like Power Walker died,’ he thought.

The Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect looked at the Myriad Sect.

The Opposer and the Black Magnate had kept themselves hidden from him. Because of that, he hadn’t known that they had been present.

“Sect Master, step forward,” the Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect ordered.


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