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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1101: Divine Gods Leave Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked at the battles going up above him.

Well, at least, he tried to.

Funnily enough, all the battles had already ended.

Only around 20 people were left in the sky, and they were talking with each other.

Apparently, everyone that had wanted to fight had fought.

Right now, they were only drinking wine and talking with each other. Some of the Divine Gods even watched the battles at the ground.

“Anyone know these two Sects?” one of the Divine Gods asked.

“No,” nearly all of them echoed.

Sects like the Eternal Fire Sect and the Myriad Sect were so far below their levels that these Divine Gods didn’t even know them.

“It’s funny that a war between such little Sects even pulled us into it,” one of the Divine Gods said with a smile. “Truly, a Heaven Clash can come from anywhere.”

Most of the Divine Gods echoed that sentiment.

“By the way, I want to have the Lightning Peak Sect,” a man with silver hair said.

“How ironic,” another Divine God said with a scoff. “You’ve been banished from the Lightning Peak Sect and made your own Sect, but your new Sect could never compare to the Lightning Peak Sect. Who would have thought that you would win against their Sect Master? Even their Ancestor died. Was this your plan all along?”

“Maybe,” the man with silver hair said with a smile. “I always wanted to rule over a Peak Sect, but the opportunity never presented itself.”

“Are you sure you can protect a Peak Sect?” another Divine God asked with a sneer. “You don’t even know two of the four Main Laws. Every other Ancestor knows at least two of the four Main Laws.”

The silver man only smirked.

Then, he turned to a blue-haired woman. “Zero’s Essence, you still remember the favor you owe me?” he asked.

The blue-haired woman glanced at the silver-haired man. “I do, Silver Seer,” she said.

Silver Seer laughed a bit. “How about you become the new Ancestor of the Lightning Peak Sect while I become its Sect Master? When I comprehend the True Law of Life, you can leave.”

Zero’s Essence played with her hair in thought. “I’ll give you three million years,” she said after a bit.

At the side, the Divine God that had commented on Silver Seer’s weakness grimaced.

This Divine God was a woman with long, brown hair, and she was the Ancestor of the Fathomless Earth Sect.

Both the Fathomless Earth Sect and the Lightning Peak Sect were Peak Sects.

The Lightning Peak Sect wasn’t called Lightning Peak Sect because it was a Peak Sect, but because it had one of the highest mountains in the entire world. The “Peak” referred to the mountain, not to their status as a Peak Sect.

The Divine God with brown hair had indirectly threatened Silver Seer. Silver Seer obviously wasn’t powerful enough to become an Ancestor of a Peak Sect, and she had wanted to intimidate him.

Yet, as soon as Zero’s Essence had declared her standpoint, the woman with brown hair could only give up.

Zero’s Essence belonged to the highest category of Divine Gods.

She was only missing the True Law of Control.

If she managed to comprehend the True Law of Control, she could attempt to comprehend the True Law of the True World and become a Heaven’s Magnate.

She was more powerful than nearly all Ancestors of the other Peak Sects.

Silver Seer laughed loudly. “Then, it’s a deal!”

Zero’s Essence nodded. “I will only get involved if another Ancestor gets involved. If you’re being attacked by someone on the level of a Sect Master, I won’t interfere.”

Silver Seer waved dismissively. “That’s fine,” he said.

“By the way, do you feel like there’s a lot of Energy here?” Silver Seer asked.

The brown-haired woman furrowed her brows and nodded. “Now that you mention it, there is a lot of Energy here. Is it because of all the Divine Gods?”

“I don’t think so,” Silver Seer said in thought. “It shouldn’t be that exaggerated.”

“The Opposer is below us,” Zero’s Essence said neutrally.

The brown-haired woman quickly checked through her surroundings, and her eyes opened in terror.

“Hahaha!” Silver Seer laughed loudly. “I didn’t know you could joke like that! The Opposer? Here? Pfft!”


All the other Divine Gods also stopped talking as they focused on a spot below them.

After a while of laughing, Silver Seer noticed that the atmosphere felt awkward.

Then, he also looked down.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Silver Seer immediately shouted as he jumped up and bowed to the Opposer. “It wasn’t meant like that, I swear!”

As everyone looked at the Opposer, the atmosphere became very quiet.

Well, relatively speaking. There were still several Star Gods fighting.

The Opposer glanced at the group of Divine Gods.

“You can leave,” he said.


All the Divine Gods immediately teleported away.

They didn’t dare to remain near the Opposer. The only reason why they hadn’t fled before was that they had been afraid of offending the Opposer.

“You’re not really popular, father,” Gravis commented with a snicker.

“No,” the Opposer confirmed.

“Do Heaven’s Magnates also act like this in front of you?” Gravis asked.

“Yes,” the Opposer confirmed with the same neutral tone.

Gravis glanced at the Black Magnate.

The Black Magnate only shrugged. “The guy’s scary. I was already one of the most courageous Heaven’s Magnates back then due to my dispassion for life, but even I was afraid of going to him.”

Then, the Black Magnate smirked. “However, who would have thought that the big guy could act so cute?”

“You dropped something,” the Opposer commented.

The Black Magnate was a bit taken aback and looked at the ground.

Wait, was that his arm?

“Oh, ha ha,” the Black Magnate said mockingly. “Also, who’s to say that this is my arm?”

Gravis blinked as he looked at the one-armed Black Magnate.

He was pretty sure that this arm belonged to the Black Magnate.

“Then whose arm is this?” the Opposer asked.

“Dunno, not mine, at least,” the Black Magnate said. Then, he pointed at his bleeding torso, where his arm had been. “My body is at its peak! I can’t just heal another arm in existence since it doesn’t belong to my being. Therefore, it’s impossible for this arm to be mine!”

Gravis blinked a couple of times in surprise. ‘Father used the Major Law of Death as a joke? That’s a bit extreme, isn’t it?’

The Opposer looked at the arm and then at the Black Magnate.

“Fine,” he said.

The Black Magnate’s smirk widened. “I win again,” he commented.

The Opposer looked at the Black Magnate, and for some reason, the Black Magnate felt like the Opposer became bigger.

“Then, if that arm isn’t yours, whose head is this?” the Opposer said, looking into the Black Magnate’s eyes from above him.

The Black Magnate’s eyes widened in terror.


The earth around the Black Magnate exploded as he came out of the earth.

The Black Magnate quickly touched his head and his body.

The Black Magnate had been terrified beyond belief! If the Opposer had actually cut his head off, he would die!

Yet, that guy had only stealthily buried the Black Magnate in the ground, making it seem like he had lost his head.

The Opposer smirked widely as he saw the Black Magnate’s reaction.

“Hey, that’s not funny!” the Black Magnate shouted.

“It is to me,” the Opposer answered.

Gravis had to laugh at their antics, but his laugh quickly vanished as he focused on something else.

Down in the ground, Broad Walker was having issues with his opponents.

The two of them had been fighting all this time, and Broad Walker seemed to be slightly on the losing side.

Both of them had already comprehended a level seven Law each during the fight, which made Broad Walker very powerful among everyone in the Myriad Sect. His opponent had also risen severely in status.

Gravis looked at the fight and scratched his chin in thought.

If both of them had already made a breakthrough, there wasn’t that much use in continuing the fight.

Gravis informed Broad Walker of what had transpired in the war aboveground.

Broad Walker quickly stopped the fight and told his opponent that the war was over.

The opponent was careful, but he still looked at the war.

A cold shudder ran down his back when he saw several Star Gods watching the fights.


They had lost!?

He would die!


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