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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1074: Who’s in Control? Bahasa Indonesia

The four of them went to the Teleportation Formation Array, and Power Walker paid a couple of God Stones to allow all four of them to teleport to his Sect.

The highest world was absolutely gigantic. If Power Walker wanted to get to his Sect by himself, he would need to teleport continuously for several decades.

The distance was just too vast.

The four of them appeared in a small city. In a sense, it was more imposing than Opposer City since all the buildings were gigantic. Obviously, there was no form of restriction in place to control the size of the buildings in this city.

Gravis saw a lot of Peak Immortal Emperors in this city, and many of them even bowed to Power Walker as soon as they saw him.

Gravis even saw a couple of Star Gods.

Obviously, Gravis had arrived in the part of the highest world where the Peak Immortal Emperors and Star Gods actually cultivated.

Gravis had only left Opposer City while doing his job, but these were isolated incidents. He would simply teleport back after his job was done.

This time, it was different.

Gravis was really in the middle of the Cultivation territory now.

The area where the Myriad Sect would be created would be in a similar area.

The Myriad Sect hadn’t been created yet since Manuel was still searching for a good location to found the Sect first.

Sadly, Gravis couldn’t enjoy the scenery of the city for long since Power Walker immediately teleported them away.

An hour later, everyone arrived above a mountain range.

Gravis looked down and saw Power Walker’s Sect.

It wasn’t on top of the mountain range but between the individual mountains. The Sect was surrounded by mountains, making it rather dark most of the day.

The buildings were made of grey and brown stone, and they obviously were created with quite some valuable materials.

Peak Immortal Emperors were walking through the streets of the Sect, and Gravis even spotted two level one Star Gods.

They were probably the Vice-Sect Masters.

Everything looked rather normal, but Gravis noticed several little things.

The streets had several stones lying on them in random places, which was surprising since most of the streets were dirt roads.

‘These stones had once been part of the street. This means that the road hadn’t always been a dirt road,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis also noticed that some buildings had some dents and small holes in them. From the outside, everything looked normal, but if one looked closer, one would be able to see that nobody really cared about the appearance of the Sect.

‘Money problems?’ Gravis thought. ‘The Purist Sect lived in even simpler conditions, but the simple conditions had felt deliberate and pure. In comparison, this feels like nobody actually cares about the feeling of the Sect.’

Gravis glanced at Silent Walker and Power Walker.

‘He’s siphoning wealth out of the Sect via the Sect Master.’

Gravis also looked at the Law fragments of the Peak Immortal Emperors, and he saw a general trend.

‘Frustration, stagnation, disgust, annoyance, lament, anger,’ Gravis thought. ‘The disciples are quite unhappy.’

Gravis smirked inconspicuously.


Power Walker teleported the four of them into the hall of the Sect Master.

Gravis noticed that the hall looked desolate and empty. The walls were pristine, and nothing was damaged, but it was mostly empty. There were some scattered ornaments and decorations, but they felt isolated. It was like there was no consistency.

‘It feels similar to father’s room, but father’s room feels consistent. It has a form of pureness, while this room doesn’t. If this room were a person, they would be an outwardly proud and confident person, but deep inside, they are plagued with worries.’

‘This is a dying Sect. It’s like a sick person that only waits for death. Sadly, the actual leader of the Sect doesn’t seem to realize that his Sect is dying, judging by his room.’


Several spires appeared around Gravis in the form of a cage. If Gravis had been able to move, he could have easily escaped them before they closed.

Power Walker placed the Formation Array that suppressed Gravis beside the cage.

Now, Gravis’ Laws were suppressed, and he couldn’t escape.

However, Gravis was calm.

He only had to wait five years.

Gravis sat down in the cage and looked with interest at the three people in front of him.

From outside the cage, the three people were glaring at him.


“You can take your revenge now, junior brother,” Power Walker said to Silent Walker.

Silent Walker walked forward and looked coldly at Gravis.

He looked at Gravis like he was nothing but an ant he could crush.

Gravis didn’t mind.

“Do you feel stifled?” Silent Walker asked slowly.

“A bit, but it’s only five years,” Gravis answered nonchalantly.

“Do you want to take revenge?” Silent Walker asked.

Gravis nodded with a smile. “Yes. I will kill you in the future.”

Gravis’ voice sounded polite and chipper. It was like he was telling someone that he was about to go to an event that he was excited about.

“Insolence!” Power Walker shouted. “If you dare to lay a finger on my junior brother, I will immediately kill you and everyone you hold dear! I don’t care if I will die afterward!”

Gravis looked with surprise at Power Walker.

‘The manipulation already runs that deep?’ Gravis thought. ‘He’s even at a point where he would sacrifice his life merely to take revenge for someone else?’

Gravis scratched his chin.

‘However, it’s also possible that he merely says these things to intimidate me. I should test it out.’

Gravis smirked at Silent Walker.

“Do you feel safe right now?” Gravis asked.

Silent Walker snorted with disdain. “Of course. What can you do? My senior brother is right beside me, your Laws are suppressed, and you can’t even escape this cage. You couldn’t even kill a Unity Realm Cultivator like this.”

Gravis’ smirk widened.

“What? No! Senior brother, save me! Argh! No!”

Silent Walker suddenly started screaming in panic as he flailed around on the ground.

Power Walker and Broad Walker were frozen in shock.

What was going on!?

They watched as Silent Walker screamed and flailed around on the ground.

What was he doing?

Silent Walker’s screams became hoarse and shrill. It was like someone was genuinely tearing him apart.

Broad Walker and Power Walker felt a shiver roll down their spine.

Something like this couldn’t be faked!

They felt the genuine terror, pain, and fear in Silent Walker’s voice.

What was happening to Silent Walker?

Right now, in Silent Walker’s perception, demons with indescribable forms were tearing him limb from limb. Their approach wasn’t erratic but very methodical.

However, Silent Walker was a Peak Immortal Emperor.

Physical pain would never make him act in such a way.

No, the most terrifying thing was an eldritch horror standing beside his head as the other demons suppressed him.

A proboscis came out of the tentacles on the horror’s face and dug into Silent Walker’s brain.

Silent Walker felt like his entire being was being taken away from him!

It was like this horror was sucking out all of his emotions, thoughts, and personality!

Silent Walker noticed how creating coherent thoughts became harder and harder. It was almost like someone was hollowing out his Spirit and mind.

Silent Walker’s speech became slurred as he could only shout weak and confused noes.

He was vanishing.

Gravis’ smile hadn’t vanished from his face.

Power Walker still looked with stunned eyes at Silent Walker.

There was nothing wrong!

There was no Law!

There was nothing!

So, why did it feel like his disciple was currently dying!?

However, Power Walker gritted his teeth as he looked at Gravis. “I don’t know how you accomplished it, but illusions are illusions. You won’t be able to kill him with that. Instead, you will only increase the power of his Will-Aura.”

Gravis didn’t say anything.

After a while, Power Walker’s body started shaking.

Silent Walker’s Spirit was vanishing!

Power Walker almost couldn’t believe it!

If this continued, Silent Walker would die!

Power Walker gritted his teeth.


Then, he grabbed Silent Walker and teleported away.

As long as Silent Walker left the range of Gravis’ Spirit Sense, he should recover!

‘Illusion, huh?’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘This is not an illusion, but reality. If you believe with all your heart that you are dead, you are dead.’

It would take some time for Silent Walker to regain clarity, and Power Walker would probably stay by his side during all of this.

Now, there were only two people in this room, Gravis and Broad Walker.

Broad Walker looked with fear at Gravis, while Gravis only smirked back.

“Let’s talk,” Gravis transmitted.

Broad Walker gulped.

Gravis’ Laws didn’t work.

Gravis couldn’t move.

An Ancestral God was here.

So, why did it feel like Gravis was the one in control!?

Broad Walker started to fear Gravis.


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