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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1073: One Glance Bahasa Indonesia

Power Walker and his two disciples looked at Gravis with hostile gazes while Gravis only looked at them with smirks.

Did they think that he was easy to take care of?

Did they think that they would just have to pressure him or torture him to give some kind of fake confession?

Gravis went through much worse.


A Formation Array appeared around Gravis, which blocked off all the Laws from the world. This Formation Array was specifically created to deal with captives. Basically every Sect that was led by an Ancestral God had such a portable Formation Array.

An Ancestral God could easily escape such a Formation Array before it took effect. After all, it took a while for the Formation Array to become active and to brand the culprit. Any Ancestral God would be able to run out of its effect before they got branded.

However, when these Formation Arrays activated their effects, all the physical Laws below level nine would become useless. This meant that matter, the Elements, Battle Laws, and Life Laws became useless.

Sadly, this Formation Array couldn’t deal with the Emotional Laws and Laws of Perceived Reality, but that was irrelevant.

Ancestral Gods knew, at most, some Emotional Laws and Laws of Perceived Reality. What could these Laws do when everything else was suppressed?

The Emotional Laws only increased the Battle-Strength of the user, but if the user couldn’t use any Laws with actual offensive power, the Emotional Laws became useless.

As for the Laws of Perceived Reality, suppressing them was also irrelevant.

Law of Danger? Law of Safety?

Those two Laws would change nothing.

Law of Suppression?

If the Ancestral God was already under the effect of the Formation Array, it meant that the Ancestral God had already lost a fight, and they would have used the Law of Suppression in the fight.

The only dangerous Laws, in that case, were the Law of Control and Law of Freedom, but how many Ancestral Gods knew these Laws?

As for the actual Law of Perceived Reality?

Ancestral Gods didn’t even know what that Law was.

Because of this effect, these Formation Arrays were sold to Sects with at least one Ancestral God in them for a ridiculously high price.

Why only Ancestral Gods?

Because Ancestral Gods were the only ones that could afford these Formation Arrays.

The price was over ten million God Stones.

It was a significant expenditure for a Sect. Luckily, the Formation Arrays could be reused.

Gravis felt all his Laws vanish. It was like the very foundation on which they were built had vanished.

It felt very similar to the time when Gravis had been in the Gate of Death, but not as overpowering.

One could also say it was similar to the Law of Sentience but not as perfect. After all, the Law of Sentience also dealt with ethereal Laws.

Right now, Gravis only had access to his Law of Heavenly Lightning, his Form Law, his Major Law of Death, and his Law of Sentience.

Funnily enough, this meant that Gravis had access to 99% of his power.

The Formation Array was literally useless against him.

Power Walker’s Will-Aura stopped Gravis from moving. Power Walker was a beast, but every Star God received the Heavenly Treasure that allowed them to condense a Spirit and Will-Aura.

Someone that managed to become an Ancestral God obviously wouldn’t have a weak Will-Aura.

If Gravis wanted to, he could escape the Formation Array and Power Walker’s Will-Aura with his Law of Freedom.

However, why would he do that?

If he did that, Power Walker would just drag him there. On top of that, Power Walker would become more careful of Gravis.

“You will pay for what you’ve done to my dis- junior brother!” Power Walker said with hatred.

One of Gravis’ eyebrows rose as he heard that short stutter.

‘That was unusual,’ Gravis thought. ‘I’m pretty sure the thief said that he had a powerful master, and this master is probably the person in front of him. Yet, the master referred to the thief as junior brother. Initially, he wanted to refer to his disciple as disciple, but he changed his form of address quickly. This probably means that he isn’t used to addressing his disciple like this.’

Gravis looked at Broad Walker and analyzed his Law fragments.

Broad Walker and Silent Walker had appeared behind Power Walker after he had unleashed the Formation Array.

‘Honest, confused, lost, simple, impulsive, helpful,’ Gravis thought. ‘He’s basically a nice beast. He’s like a less mature version of Skye in some sense. He is also a bit similar to Ferris, but not as extreme. He also knows three level six Laws. Quite impressive. If he had entered the tournament my friends held, he would probably rank in the top 5.’

Then, Gravis looked at Silent Walker, and he quickly understood many things.

‘Arrogant, deceitful, scheming, apathetic, power-hungry,’ Gravis thought with disdain. ‘He’s like a Mortis without the honesty and lust for battle and tempering. He could also count as a stupider and more emotional version of middle world Orthar.’

Gravis also inspected Power Walker.

Sadly, Power Walker was an Ancestral God, and the Emotional Laws vastly changed in the Star God Realm. Gravis couldn’t see through Power Walker completely.

However, there were still some things that Gravis could make sense of.


Well, one didn’t need to be a cook to realize when a dish was too salty. One only needed to have basic knowledge about food.

And well, Gravis had basic knowledge of the Law of Sentience.

Gravis automatically looked at the Law fragments surrounding everyone, including the Ancestral Gods and Divine Gods Gravis had met.

Some examples were Eve, the Chief Inspector, the other two visitors in Gravis’ test, and the Manager in the exchange hall.

Gravis could not see many things, but he could discern a basic pattern.

And what he was seeing in Power Walker’s Law fragments didn’t follow this pattern.

Gravis could only see this inconsistency thanks to his Law of Sentience. If he didn’t know this Law, he would have needed to reach the Ancestral God Realm and would have needed to know Power Walker closely to see this inconsistency.

‘I can’t make sense of his personality due to his Realm, but I’m certain that something is wrong with his Spirit. Some Law fragments are moving erratically and incorrectly. It’s like they are moving in ways they aren’t supposed to move.’

Gravis looked at Silent Walker and Broad Walker again.

‘That one guy feels unfairly treated, and by the look of it, this isn’t anything new. This has been going on for a long time. A deep fear of his master and his disciple brother is hidden in his heart. Yet, his disciple brother only knows a single level six Law. There should be no reason for him to fear his disciple brother. After all, he’s far more powerful.’

‘Meanwhile, the thief’s Law fragments speak of confidence and control. In his mind, he is the one in control, not his master. In his mind, his master is a pawn that he can move around however he wants.’

‘This is obviously not a normal master-disciple relationship. Together with the erratic movements of his master’s Law fragments, I can infer with quite some confidence that the thief is responsible for his master’s inconsistent Law fragments.’

Gravis scratched his chin.

‘Interesting. A weak Peak Immortal Emperor managed to take control of an Ancestral God. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.’

‘An Ancestral God’s personality is so powerful that it is impossible for a Peak Immortal Emperor to manipulate them. After all, the Ancestral God can see through any lies of the Peak Immortal Emperor, and they can even infer a lot about their personality just based on experience.’

‘This means that the thief must have had some form of outside help. If he knew the Law of Perceived Reality, it would be possible to create such an effect over a long period of time of conditioning. However, he doesn’t.’

‘I wonder what he used to make his master his pawn. Either he has a very powerful friend, or he used a ton of God Stones to buy something.’

“Mortis, I need you to look into something,” Gravis transmitted to Mortis with his other body. Gravis could have done this himself, but he didn’t want to appear in the open while he was being “interrogated”.

Gravis informed Mortis about everything that he had found out, and Mortis made his way to Opposer City.

After that, Gravis was taken away by Power Walker.

Everything had happened in just a couple of seconds.

Gravis had arrived in front of the three people, and he had immediately inferred what was wrong in mere seconds.

Gravis had only needed to take a glance at them to find out all of these things.


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