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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1058: Trial Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was amused when he heard his own title. Everyone else thought that it was a normal, good-sounding title, but he would be the only one that knew the truth of his title.

In his ears, it sounded silly.

‘Hehe, Senty.’

Gravis waited for a couple of minutes, feeling quite funny.

“Black Sentry, please proceed to the room that has been opened to you,” the clerk said politely.

Gravis checked the building, and a room had appeared inside his Spirit Sense.

One had to say that The Heaven Company was quite impressive. Gravis couldn’t see a single room that he wasn’t allowed to see, even though his Law of Freedom essentially had the power of a level eight Law.

Gravis nodded. “Thanks.”


Gravis teleported to the room. It was a one-kilometer-wide, empty hall with several vases surrounding the middle of the hall in a circle.

A blue-haired woman sat on a pillow at the edge of the hall, her eyes closed.

Gravis couldn’t feel her power, which meant that she was at least an Ancestral God.

This was the first time Gravis had ever seen an Ancestral God with his own eyes. Even the old owner of the building that housed the Gravitas had never appeared in front of Gravis directly. They had always only communicated from a distance.

“Protect the vases from the attacks,” the Ancestral God said with a calm tone. “I will summon two balls of ice, which will represent the fighting Cultivators. You are not allowed to interfere in their battle, and you must not stop them. Your job is to protect all the vases, which represent the onlookers for as long as you can.”

Gravis nodded politely. “Thank you. You can start.”

Gravis focused on the middle of the room.


Two small ice crystals appeared in the middle of the room.


Several different Elements were unleashed as the ice crystals attacked each other. The ice crystals closed in on each other and started to use their long, icy spikes to attack each other with a lot of force.

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

All the shockwaves of the attacks were absorbed by a barrier that surrounded them.

This was Gravis’ doing.

The fight continued for a while, and a minute later, the ice crystals started to move around the room like they were chasing each other.

Gravis’ barrier followed them.

Then, they split apart, with the vases being between them.

Gravis’ shield transformed from a sphere into a fluid shape that constantly followed the changing trajectories of the attacks.

Then, one of the ice crystals hid behind a vase.

Gravis’ eyes narrowed.


Gravis pulled the vase away, protecting it the entire time. The ice crystal hidden behind the vase had to sacrifice a ton of Energy to block the attack from the other ice crystal.

This demonstration was terrifyingly life-like. Gravis could already see the personalities of the two Cultivators that the ice crystals reflected.


Two more ice crystals appeared on the edge of the hall, and they charged towards the middle.

Gravis glanced at them.


The ice crystals were reflected.

No one was allowed to interfere.

The ice crystals on the edge seemingly glanced at Gravis and then continued attacking Gravis’ shield wildly. Now, Gravis had to protect his own shield from an external barrage and still protect the vases from the internal fight of the other ice crystals.

Gravis’ shield never cracked.

After some seconds, the ice crystals on the side stopped attacking Gravis’ shield and attacked him directly.


Gravis swung his finger twice, using his Form Law. Gravis didn’t need to use his saber to unleash his Form Law but unleashing his Form Law this way would weaken it by a level.

However, it was still enough to destroy both ice crystals.

The Instructor didn’t react.


Suddenly, the intensity of the attacks became more powerful.

The ice crystals fighting each other were now unleashing level six Laws with the power of level seven Laws.

This was the true test.

The fight continued for another five minutes, and Gravis’ shield never cracked.


Ten ice crystals appeared, and they all attacked Gravis’ shield together.

Gravis narrowed his eyes as he used a ton of different Laws to cancel out the attacks.

The fight had become far more draining than before.

After some seconds, the new arrivals also attacked Gravis.

Gravis took out his saber and unleashed a weak Lightning Crescent filled with Divine Lightning.


The entire room, except for the battlefield itself, was bathed in lightning.

The new arrivals had vanished.

For the first time, the Instructor opened her eyes with interest.


The ice crystals in the center became more powerful as they unleashed several different level six Laws now.

They were now in the top 10% of power for Peak Immortal Emperors.

Gravis felt quite a bit of strain now.

However, he could still go on.

More ice crystals appeared, and Gravis destroyed them too.

By now, the Instructor became very interested in Gravis.


Suddenly, the ice crystal’s power exploded, and they started unleashing ten different level six Laws each.

These ice crystals represented the most powerful Peak Immortal Emperors except for the ones that could reach the Star God Realm at this very moment.

Gravis’ shield broke, but not because of the attacks.


The attacks rained on the surroundings, but whenever they came close to a vase, they were blocked.

Earlier, Gravis had blocked 100% of the shockwaves, but now, he was only protecting the vases. This meant that he was barely blocking 5% of the shockwaves.

However, the strain was at about the same intensity as before. After all, the general power of the ice crystals had also increased. This probably symbolized that the ice crystals were now using Weapon Techniques.

Ten different level six Laws and Weapon Techniques that could take advantage of all these Laws. These ice crystals were truly at the peak of the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm.

Both ice crystals were already about as powerful as Stella.

The Instructor looked with intensity at Gravis.

Protecting the vases was more difficult than directly fighting one of the crystals, which meant that Gravis was more powerful than the strongest Peak Immortal Emperors.


Two other people appeared in the hall as they watched with interest.

Gravis couldn’t feel the power of either of them.

Gravis noticed the two new arrivals and bowed politely in a greeting, which shocked the new arrivals.

Gravis had time and concentration left to greet them!?

The Instructor looked at one of the two arrivals, a man with grey hair.

The man nodded at the Instructor.

“Be careful,” the Instructor said to Gravis. This was the first time she had communicated with him during the trial.


Suddenly, both ice crystals unleashed level eight Laws. This represented Peak Immortal Emperors that had comprehended a level seven Law and used it as their Avatar.


Gravis took out his saber and unleashed several attacks with his Form Law.

Usually, he wouldn’t be fast enough to stop all the shockwaves, but Gravis used the Major Law of Primordial Force to slow down the time of the shockwaves, accelerate his own time, and redirect the shockwaves with Gravity and Space.

The Form Law took care of the remaining shockwaves.

The eyes of the onlookers widened in shock.


These ice crystals already represented the absolute peak that could possibly be achieved by Peak Immortal Emperors.

It was basically impossible to become more powerful!

The fight continued for another two minutes.

“We will include Weapon Techniques now,” the Instructor said.

Gravis’ eyes narrowed.



The jaws of the onlookers nearly fell to the ground as Gravis unleashed his Will-Aura and Law of Suppression.

The attacks were now even weaker than they had been previously!

The fight continued for five minutes as the ice crystals charged around violently in the hall with insane speeds.

It was a truly brutal battle between them.

Shockwaves were reflected by the hall, meeting again at the middle.

It truly represented two peak geniuses fighting with their lives on the line!

“I will include Stealth Laws now,” the Instructor said.

Suddenly, several of the attacks started to disappear. Some of them were hidden by space, some of them teleported, sometimes the crystals vanished and reappeared somewhere else. Illusions appeared that tried to influence Gravis.

For Gravis, the difficulty hadn’t changed. He knew these Laws, and nothing could be hidden in front of his Law of Sentience.

The fight continued for more minutes, the entire hall seemingly falling into chaos.

“Can you go on?” the Instructor asked.

“I have one more trick up my sleeve,” Gravis said.

“Alright. The crystals will now reach the Star God Realm,” the Instructor said.

Gravis nodded.


Suddenly, two tiny stars appeared beside the ice crystals.

Reality began to warp as it seemingly broke down.

All Ice Laws were suppressed as they seemingly vanished out of existence as one of the stars burned with ferocity.

Reality seemingly solidified at the same time as all ethereal Laws seemingly became impossible to use. These Laws included Laws like the Law of Perceived Reality, the Wood Element, and the Laws of Emotion.

The attacks became many times stronger, and Gravis realized that he couldn’t possibly protect the vases under the onslaught. He would have no problem in fighting against both of the ice crystals at once, but he couldn’t interfere and had to stop the destruction, which was many times harder.



The entire world around Gravis and the vases turned utterly grey.

The world lost its color.

It lost its magic.

It lost its Laws!

This was an incomplete world, a world of nothingness.

Life didn’t prosper in this world.

Gravis had unleashed his Law of Sentience, and everything related to Laws vanished as it touched Gravis’ domain.

As long as the opponent didn’t unleash a level nine Law, nothing could get through the domain.

The eyes of the onlookers nearly fell out of their skull.

What was that!?

What kind of Law was that!?

They looked at each other in shock.


Another person appeared, this one being a young man with violet hair.

He looked with narrowed eyes at Gravis’ domain.

This was one of the leaders of The Heaven Company, a Divine God.

He knew about the Law of Sentience, and he was shocked beyond belief to see that Law being used by a Peak Immortal Emperor.

“Increase the power to level two Star Gods and make them attack him,” the person said.

The Instructor looked with shock at her superior, but she complied. Even if she wanted to kill Gravis, under the eyes of her superior, she couldn’t accomplish that.

She did as instructed.

Suddenly, the two ice crystals attacked Gravis.

Gravis’ Law of Danger screamed at him.

These attacks could kill him!

Gravis immediately realized that there were four levels of power between a Peak Immortal Emperor and a Star God, and that was only considering the increased Energy, Spirit, and physical power.

Right now, both of the crystals were five levels above him.

However, Gravis could still deal with five levels!

Gravis took out his saber, loaded it with Heavenly Lightning, and added the Major Law of Death.

Then, he released all his power in a Lightning Crescent.


The onlookers felt the unfamiliar power in the Lightning Crescent and became shocked.

Not even the leader knew what it was that he was feeling.

What was this black force that seemingly devoured all Energy?

When the lightning vanished, only half of each crystal remained.


Gravis retrieved his pre-loaded Lightning Crescent and unleashed it.

Gravis had used up 100% of his resources, but he had destroyed both crystals.


The onlookers couldn’t comprehend what they had just witnessed.

A Peak Immortal Emperor had killed two level two Star Gods!

That was absolute insanity!

No one would believe anything even remotely like this!

“I’m spent,” Gravis said as he turned to them. “I used everything I had.”



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