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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1057: Title Bahasa Indonesia

“This should be the place,” Gravis said to himself as he stood in the middle of Opposer City.

In front of Gravis was a tall, white building made entirely of mirrors. The building was probably several kilometers tall and several kilometers wide. No normal company had the money to secure such a vast piece of land in the middle of Opposer City. The only organizations that could afford something like that were the true hegemons of the city.

The Research Institute, the Chamber of Commerce, the Office for Public Security.

These were some of the biggest companies in the entire city, and their influence was ever-present in Opposer City.

All of these organizations probably even had Divine Gods in their ranks, making them powerhouses even amongst the extremely powerful organizations outside Opposer City.

All the different shops in the city looked quaint and simple, only being a couple of stories tall at most. However, The Heaven Company stretched so far into the sky that part of it was even inside the Sky Community.

Gravis even noticed a second entrance very far up in the air, at about the same height as the Sky Community.

This was probably how The Heaven Company circumvented the rules of Opposer City that said that only Immortals were allowed in the city itself.

‘So, The Heaven Company even hires people below the Immortal Realm. Quite interesting. Sending someone across the world probably costs a lot of Energy, but they are still willing to transport these weak Cultivators to look over even weaker fights. No wonder The Heaven Company is being seen as some form of holy organization that protects the peace of the world.’

‘And since it’s called The Heaven Company, all Cultivators see this organization as an extension of Heaven. True enough, Orthar is being seen as the holy and benevolent ruler while father is being seen as some sort of demon king that’s about to bring the end of existence.’

‘Even funnier is that they are actually right. Orthar gave them the world, and he cares for the wellbeing of Cultivators, even if it is for entirely different reasons. In comparison, father kills people without batting an eye.’

Gravis chuckled a bit.

If he had been younger, Gravis would have gotten angry at such blatant favoritism. After all, everyone was hating and looking down on his father.

Yet, Gravis knew that the opinion of the world had no influence on his father. They could think of him whatever they wanted, and nothing would change.

This was the truth of power.

Gravis walked over to the entrance of the building and entered. The doors opened and closed on their own as Gravis passed.

Gravis entered a comfortable entrance hall with lots of white furniture and white walls. The entire building had a sort of peaceful and holy atmosphere.

Gravis was pretty sure that Orthar didn’t design this place.

“Welcome to The Heaven Company!” a beautiful, blonde woman shouted politely from the end of the hall. She was dressed in white office attire, and her make-up seemed to have been done by a professional.

Just this entrance clerk would pull in a lot of desperate, single Cultivators.

Surprisingly, she was quite a powerful Immortal Emperor. Gravis analyzed her and saw that she already knew three level six Laws, making her equal to Jake, someone hired by the Smart Cultivator.

“Hello, I’m looking for a job,” Gravis said as he walked up to her.

“Nice to hear!” the clerk said with a shining smile. “What job are you looking for?”

“I think the job was called Judge,” Gravis said. “You know, the people that watch over fights.”

The clerk nodded, but her expression turned a bit embarrassed.

“Sorry, sir, but the positions for Peak Immortal Emperors are filled right now,” she said in an apologetic tone.

Gravis lifted an eyebrow with a smirk. “I’m not faulting you. After all, in your perception, I must look like a very weak Peak Immortal Emperor. However, let me inform you that you are mistaken. Would it be fine for me to show a part of my power as proof? You can ask about anything.”

Gravis had spoken very politely. After all, the clerk was probably a very powerful Peak Immortal Emperor for precisely this reason. She was probably responsible for feeling out the powers of the applicants. It was not her fault that she couldn’t feel Gravis’ power.

Only an insecure idiot would throw a tantrum and demand an apology.

“If you say so,” the clerk said politely. “Would you please demonstrate a level six Law?”


A spinning ice-crystal appeared on Gravis’ palm.

“I’m sorry, sir, but that’s the level five Law of Blizzard,” she said professionally.

Gravis only smirked. “How powerful does it feel?” he asked.

The clerk raised one eyebrow. She had been polite all this time, but this applicant just continued to be insistent. Yet, it was her job to judge the power of applicants.

She looked a bit closer at the ice-crystal and frowned. “Yes, this Law of Blizzard is on the power of a level six Law, but it could be your Avatar. Please demonstrate a different Law.”

Gravis chuckled a bit. “You didn’t notice it?”

For the first time, the clerk started to frown in displeasure.


Suddenly, 36 balls of different Elements appeared around Gravis.

All of them were the level five Mixed Elements.

Even more, all of them had the power of a level six Law!

The clerk’s eyes widened as she saw that all of them had incredible power.

She wasn’t dumb. She immediately knew what Law Gravis was demonstrating.

“I beg your forgiveness, sir,” she said with a polite bow. “I hadn’t realized that you knew the Major Law of Mixed Elements.”

Gravis dispelled the Elements and waved her off. “It’s not a big deal. You were only doing your job.”

The clerk released a sigh of relief. “Thank you for overlooking this matter, sir. I had already sent you away, and that would have been a loss for The Heaven Company. I could have gotten into a lot of trouble.”

“It’s ok! It’s ok!” Gravis said again. “Let’s just continue, alright?”

“Of course, sir,” she said with a radiant smile. Then, she took out a form and handed it to Gravis. “Please fill out this form.”

Gravis took the form and looked it over.

They only asked about some basic, non-invasive information, which wasn’t a big deal for Gravis to fill out.

However, one thing surprised him.

“How come there’s no field for a name?” he asked.

“Sir, starting at the Star God Realm, names can influence the world and other Cultivators. Giving someone else your name is a risk. That is why The Heaven Company is not asking for a name. We don’t want our personnel to undertake unnecessary risks,” she answered patiently.

Gravis nodded. “Thanks, and what about the title field? What am I supposed to put in there?” he asked.

“Nearly all Cultivators at the Star God Realm or higher use titles as replacements for names. If you don’t have a title yet, you can simply come up with one. Titles are decided by the Cultivator.”

Gravis scratched his chin.

‘A title, huh?’ he thought.

Gravis stared at the paper for a while.

Then, Gravis chuckled a bit at himself.

That name was silly.

Maybe a more imposing name would be better, but if he picked a too imposing name, everyone would probably ridicule him. There were probably a million World Destroyer, Heaven Devourer, Void Dragon, Ancestral Ultimate, Edge Master, and similar names out there.

Taking such a name would be ridiculous. Gravis would appear like an immature child coming up with badass-sounding names.

In the end, Gravis decided to add a second word to his title.

Gravis wrote the title down and handed it back.

The clerk looked at the form and smiled at Gravis. “The Instructor will call for you shortly to test your capabilities, Black Sentry.”

Gravis had to hold back a laugh as he heard the title.

It sounded normal and a bit imposing, but the story behind the title was a joke.

Gravis had thought about his most powerful Law.

Heavenly Lightning.

However, Mortis was more of a lightning guy than himself, and Gravis decided to leave that for Mortis.

So, Gravis thought of the next most powerful Law he knew.

The Law of Sentience.

Gravis had played around with the word.

‘Senty,’ he had thought with a chuckle.

‘Oh, Sentry,’ he thought after that.

Sentry was simply the cute, short version of Sentience with an added R.

Senty sounded stupid, so Gravis went with Sentry.

And since Gravis also had the body of a Black Demon, he added the word black.

So, Black Sentry it was.


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