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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1034: Falling Battle-Strength Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis immediately noticed the correlation between Energy investment and the Star God Realm.

Gravis wanted to ask if it had something to do with the Brand, but he remembered his father’s warning. He had to word his questions carefully.

After all, he didn’t want his mom to die.

Or the Black Magnate. Gravis wasn’t sure if he was also listening.

“I know what you mean,” Gravis transmitted. “To word it vaguely, would you say that the investment of elevating a beast to the level of a human is significant in comparison to similar investments?”

“It’s insignificant,” the Opposer said. “The Energy investment for the Brand is incomparably higher than the elevation of a beast to have a Spirit and greater Energy storage.”

The Opposer didn’t need to word things vaguely. After all, who had the power to hear the Opposer’s transmission if he didn’t want them to be heard?

“When a beast becomes a Star God, the Old Bastard has to invest an insane amount of Energy anyway. Might as well make it worth it by essentially transforming beasts into humans in terms of relevance to his Cosmos.”

“The reason why humans are so much more important than beasts to the Old Bastard is due to their Energy density and Spirit. The Energy density is no longer relevant when someone becomes a Heaven’s Magnate since they would all have the same Energy density regardless.”

“However, the most important thing is the Spirit since the Spirit allows the usage of a Will-Aura. A Heaven Breaker can harness the Will-Auras of everyone in their Cosmos, which is a significant increase in power. You can guess how useful a Will-Aura is in a fight,” the Opposer explained.

Gravis nodded. “So, there is basically no difference between humans and beasts anymore as soon as one becomes a Star God?” Gravis asked.

“There’s no difference anymore,” the Opposer confirmed. “Every human that reaches the Star God Realm will receive a Heavenly Treasure that increases the power of their body to the power of a beast body. Every beast that manages to become a Star God receives a Heavenly Treasure that allows them to condense a Spirit, and it will also increase their Energy density.”

“Your advantage of being a human with a beast body was a big source of your Battle-Strength in the past, but this advantage is no longer relevant from this moment forward.”

Gravis took a deep breath.

One of his most significant advantages had vanished just like that.

It was quite frustrating, but it was only logical.

Heaven’s Magnates knew all the Laws of the Cosmos regardless. If Gravis managed to reach the level of a Heaven’s Magnate, he would also lose the advantage of his Laws.

It was a natural course of events. The closer Gravis got to the peak of power, the smaller the difference between the average Cultivator was to the peak geniuses.

After all, which Heaven’s Magnate wasn’t a genius that could only be seen once in ten million years?

The closer Gravis got to the peak of power, the more advantages he would lose.

As a Heaven’s Magnate, Gravis could only rely on his Will-Aura, Major Law of Death, and Void Lightning.

Heaven’s Magnates could still have an insanely powerful Will-Aura, but they didn’t have the other two advantages Gravis had.

At the very peak, Gravis would still become the most powerful Heaven’s Magnate thanks to these two things, but the power gap between him and the others would shrink considerably.

Could Gravis still jump six levels now?

If the enemy didn’t have a beast body, Gravis’ Form Law and Major Law of Death would be powerful enough to injure and kill his enemy under the effects of the Law of Sentience.

However, everyone had a beast body in the Star God Realm.

Gravis’ offensive power wasn’t nearly high enough to injure a beast body six levels above himself.

Jumping six levels had already become impossible.

Gravis had to sigh.

The Law of Sentience was irreplaceable for these fights. A beast six levels above Gravis already had a severe speed advantage just due to their body. If the beast also had the Energy storage of a human, they could use several Laws to increase their speed even more.

At that point, Gravis wouldn’t even be able to react anymore.

That was why Gravis’ power relied on the Law of Sentience from this moment forward.

Sadly, the Law of Sentience also made it impossible for Gravis to use any Laws that weren’t the Major Law of Death or his Form Law.

Yet, the offensive power of his Form Law wasn’t powerful enough to break through his opponent’s defenses.

No matter how Gravis thought about it, it was impossible to jump six levels now.

Gravis’ Form Law had the power of a level seven Law thanks to all the Emotional Laws he had put into it. If he wanted to increase his attacking power, he would need to upgrade the Battle Laws that created the base of his Form Law.

Gravis’ Form Law was created of 14 different level five Laws.

If he could replace them with 14 different level seven Laws, he could push his Form Law to the level of a level eight Law.

That would be enough to slightly injure his opponent.

Slightly injuring an opponent would have never been enough in the past, but with the Major Law of Death, things had changed. Every single injury would be permanent and would weaken the Realm of his opponent.

However, how long would it take for Gravis to learn 14 level seven Laws?

On top of that, Gravis would also need to learn the level seven Law of Pure Elements, which was created by comprehending all the level six Law Elements.

Even more, the equipment of everyone in the highest world would be far better. This meant that Gravis also needed to learn the True Hard Pure Law, another level seven Law.

On top of that, Gravis would need to earn a ton of money again to comprehend these Laws and buy the materials.

The list of tasks and preparations that Gravis needed to jump six levels grew bigger and bigger the more he thought about it.

‘There’s so much to do,’ Gravis thought with a sigh. ‘All these preparations would have pushed my Battle-Strength another full level in the higher world, but here, I need to do all of this just to keep my current Battle-Strength. It’s actually insane.’

‘I mean, if I knew a level nine Law, it would be able to ignore the restriction of the Law of Sentience. At that point, I would have enough offensive power to break through a beast body six levels above me.’

Gravis snorted.

‘How would I even go about comprehending a level nine Law? Is that even possible at my level?’

Gravis looked over at Arc.

‘I wonder how many levels he can jump with this new dynamic.’

‘I mean, he essentially has two level nine Laws. One is the Law of the True World. If I want to learn that Law, I would need to work hard on the Law of Life, but I don’t have such a great talent regarding that Law.’

‘The other Law is-‘

Gravis’ eyes widened in realization.


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