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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1035: Lower World Story Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis’ eyes widened as he looked at Arc, and an excited gleam appeared in them.

‘Of course!’ Gravis thought. ‘Arc knows the Law of Heavenly Lightning, which is a level nine Law! Comprehending that Law won’t take very long since I’m still somewhat one with lightning.’

‘I can use the Law of Heavenly Lightning to increase my offensive capabilities by a lot, allowing me to injure beasts even six levels above me. Of course, it won’t completely kill them immediately, but that’s fine. As long as I have the Major Law of Death, there’s a chance.’

Gravis released a sigh of relief.

One of his biggest problems had just been solved.

However, he would still need to, at least, comprehend the True Law of Hard Pure Materials. Otherwise, his own saber would completely break apart under the pressure of Heavenly Lightning.

Arc noticed Gravis’ gaze, and he only smiled back.

However, he had no idea what Gravis was thinking.

Arc could see through everyone, but he couldn’t see through Star Gods, Gravis, or Mortis.

‘Anyway, I should ask him later. Right now is not the correct time to go back to cultivating. On top of that, Mortis should also quickly realize this possibility, and he will immediately search for Arc.’

“So, Aris managed to achieve second place?” Gravis asked Ferris.

Ferris nodded with excitement. “He is really powerful! He even managed to resist big sister Stella for a while, which was incredible!”

Gravis nodded with a smile.

Gravis looked at his gathered group of friends, and a feeling of warmth spread throughout his heart again.

These were his friends, and they had all still remembered him after such a long time.

They had even remembered that they were supposed to search for the Opposer in the highest world to find him.

Every being Gravis valued was here, except for Meadow, but that was just because she hadn’t arrived in the world yet.

For a second, Gravis felt a bit guilty. In the middle world, Gravis had effectively cut off his relationship with his friends from the lower world, thinking that they would have changed so much that they would have long since become different people.

Yet, the core of their personalities hadn’t changed.

They had simply grown older.

“We have a lot to talk about,” Gravis said with a smile.

Everyone smiled back at him.

“Mom, you always have a table and beverages ready,” Gravis said as he looked at his mom. “Do you want to join us?”

Gravis’ mother smirked and summoned a table big enough for everyone to fit.

Then, everyone shared their stories.

Manuel and Dorian were the first ones to tell their story. Most of their stories overlapped since they were in the same Sect, but the feeling was completely different whenever they spoke of something that happened.

Dorian elaborated on all the different people and organizations he had angered with excitement.

Dorian didn’t like it one bit when people underestimated him, and he liked it even less when people used their background to intimidate him.

Just two years after arriving in the middle world, Dorian had already offended three different Sects that were far above his strength.

Yet, Dorian was as slippery as an eel, and the Sects never managed to catch him.

Whenever someone more powerful appeared, Dorian used all kinds of methods to escape, but when someone of comparable strength to him appeared, he fought them directly.

Even more, Dorian wasn’t a passive person. He was very active in this enmity.

As soon as he realized that the Sects really tried to kill him, he also tried to kill them.

Dorian would appear seemingly at random in different important locations of the Sect and annihilate all the people there.

He didn’t care who these people were.

Everyone that was in these locations that belonged to the Sects was his enemy.

Over 50 years passed just like that.

Eventually, the Sects capitulated.

It wasn’t that they were weaker than Dorian, but that Dorian had completely severed their future.

They had no more low-ranking disciples to man the different locations.

The number of new people joining their Sects had dropped significantly since everyone had heard that no weak disciples of these Sects survived.

Everyone that was part of these Sects was an enemy to Dorian, no matter why these people were in the Sects.

Dorian was ruthless in that regard.

When the Sects capitulated, Dorian didn’t accept it.

They had hunted him for 50 years, and he wouldn’t stop until they no longer existed.

Eventually, just when Dorian was about to annihilate the Sects, the superior Sect of these three appeared.

Dorian nearly died while fighting against the agent from that superior Sect.

However, something shocking happened next.

An Elder of that Sect appeared.

That Elder had immediately killed the agent of his own Sect.

Then, Dorian and the Elder embraced.

It was Lazar, Dorian’s grandson.

Lazar brought Dorian to their Sect.

Joyce, Manuel, Nero, and Lazar had ascended at similar times, and they had created this Sect. Under Manuel’s leadership, they quickly got access to a ton of low-ranking Law Comprehension Areas, which increased their power by a lot.

Lazar was keeping everything in order in the Sect as an Elder.

Nero was teaching and raising the new disciples to strengthen the Sect.

Joyce acted as a striking force. Manuel used her to attack the valuable locations.

One had to remember that, due to the time dilation, these four reached the middle world only about two years later than Dorian, essentially making them start at the same time in the middle world.

Dorian hadn’t had a Sect behind him, which meant that his Laws were one of his major weaknesses.

Out of the five of them, Dorian knew the least number of Laws. Additionally, Dorian’s Realm was also lower due to a lack of resources.

However, Dorian’s Will-Aura was the most powerful one out of everyone.

Dorian quickly joined the Sect, and with access to more resources, Dorian very quickly became one of the most powerful members of the Sect.

What was Dorian’s job?

He would hide his identity and strike other Sects.

These Sects would ask for help from Manuel’s Sect, and he happily gave them the help for a lot of resources and land. Dorian would then always be “pushed back” and vanish.

Dorian acted as a form of secret force.

However, things quickly changed.

When Lazar died, Dorian went crazy and charged into the Sect of the person that killed Lazar.

Manuel was put before a major decision.

Banish Dorian and let him die for the well-being of the Sect, or declare war.

Manuel declared war.

The war had been bloody, and a ton of members of their Sect died.

However, they had won in the end.


The entire war had hinged on a single battle.

Joyce versus the Sect Protector.

This had been Joyce’s most dangerous and most difficult battle up to that point, but she had won after comprehending another Law.

As soon as Joyce won, she massacred everyone from the other Sect.

Several similar occurrences had happened while the group of friends shot through the Realms.

Eventually, Nero died of old age.

Near the end of his life, he was even weaker than the new disciples the Sect accepted.

He had simply watched the Sect thrive with a smile until he died.

Eventually, the four of them reached the higher world at the same time, and they had created another Sect.

No other Sect of similar power could resist them, but everything changed when they came into contact with the Sects harboring Immortal Kings.

Manuel’s Sect had to be disbanded several times in the face of annihilation, and all the friends scattered.

Everyone searched for refuge in different organizations while Dorian continued doing his thing in secret.

When everyone became Immortal Kings, they met up again after communicating in secret.

The Sect Manuel was part of would be their target.


Because the Sect Master was rather selfish, which angered a lot of the members of the Sect. Sadly, the members of the Sect didn’t have the strength to go against the united upper echelon of the Sect.

Manuel staged a rebellion, and with the help of his friends, he overthrew and killed the old Sect Master.

All the other Sects immediately got angry at the betrayal of some of their most powerful members and declared war.

Then, a long and arduous war took place.

Many things happened, but eventually, they managed to triumph.

At that point, their Sect had become powerful enough to be a direct subordinate to one of the most powerful Sects of the world.

Eventually, they disbanded their Sect and directly joined the powerful Sect.

This continued until they ascended.

And now, they were here.


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