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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1009: Distrust Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis closed his eyes and thought about the Law of Control. In an instant, all the different insights of the Law of Control filled his mind.

It had been far more complex than he had thought, and the interwoven powers of the concept of control were very complex.

Gravis had no idea how Mortis comprehended this Law, but the process probably hadn’t been pretty.

For others, that is.

As soon as Gravis gathered all the insights of the level six Laws of Perceived Reality, he combined them with the level five Law of Perceived Reality.


The breakthrough was immediate.

Gravis already knew how to combine the individual Laws into the Law of Perceived Reality, and this process wasn’t any different. It was simply far more complex.

Mortis’ body started glowing as Gravis’ Avatar shone through him.

It didn’t look any different, but there were now far more colors in the endless realities that the Avatar mirrored.

They had simply become far more real.

The Avatar vanished again, and Mortis reappeared.

Mortis hadn’t changed, but that was to be expected. After all, he would only change when the Law of Emotions was fused into him, but even then, he probably wouldn’t change very much. After all, Mortis was already emotionally disconnected from Gravis.

How powerful was the level seven Law of Perceived Reality?

Unimaginably powerful.

It increased the power of all the level six Laws comprising it to level seven.

On top of that, since the Law of Perceived Reality was Gravis’ Avatar, they were all boosted by an additional level.

This meant that the Laws of Suppression, Freedom, Danger, Safety and Control now had the power of level eight Laws!

Level eight!

Imagine how powerful the level eight Law of Suppression had to be.

Gravis wasn’t certain since he didn’t know the specifics of the Star God Realm, but he was confident that even someone six levels of Battle Strength above his Realm would be unable to move.

Right now, not even someone six levels above him could withstand Gravis’ power unless they had an insanely powerful Will-Aura.

Of course, one of the main reasons why the suppression was so insane was because Gravis’ Will-Aura was also already immensely powerful.

Right now, just with the Law of Perceived Reality, Gravis had become more powerful than basically anyone else that didn’t know the same Law.

Cultivators six levels above Gravis wouldn’t even be able to break out of all the illusions Gravis could create.

It wouldn’t even be a fight.

As Gravis opened his eyes, he looked at the horizon with a complex expression.

‘So, this is the power of a higher Heaven,’ Gravis thought.

Not even level three Star Gods could resist Gravis’ power.

Gravis thought back to the middle Heaven he had fought back then.

Back then, Gravis had been able to jump four levels, something that had basically never been seen before.

Yet, the middle Heaven had beaten Gravis without even moving.

This was the difference between a normal being and a Heaven.

The difference was unimaginable.

Gravis imagined himself to be in place of a Heaven and imagined some insanely powerful Cultivator to fight him.

As an example, Gravis imagined Exar.

Exar knew the level seven Law of the Dead World, and it was probably also his Avatar.

Jumping four levels was well within Exar’s power.

Exar had been more powerful than even the geniuses of legend, who had been able to jump three levels.

There had been no one that could even compare themselves to Exar.

Yet, if Exar challenged Gravis…

There wouldn’t even be a fight.

It would be no different than when Gravis had challenged the middle Heaven.

Gravis wouldn’t even need to move to kill Exar.

Just like Exar wouldn’t need to move to kill anyone else on his level, Gravis wouldn’t need to move to kill Exar.

The jump in power was unimaginable.

When Gravis had met the middle Heaven, he hadn’t been able to comprehend its unreal power.

They had been so very far apart.

But now, Gravis had reached the power of a true higher Heaven.

The distance that had been unimaginable in the past had now been surpassed.

Gravis turned his head to the center of the world.

There was always a higher mountain.

Exar could kill any Peak Immortal Emperor without moving.

Gravis could kill Exar without moving.

And Arc could kill Gravis without moving.

Of course, Gravis was referring to the fully powered Arc.

Only now did Gravis truly comprehend how insanely powerful Arc was.

Gravis remembered the words that his father had told Gravis.

He had said, “He is a monster, even for my standards.”

The Gravis from back then had truly been so very, very minuscule in front of Arc.

In fact, Gravis still counted as minuscule in front of the fully powered Arc.

His power was truly insane.

Then, Gravis had a thought.

‘If Arc is already this powerful, what about the highest Heaven? How powerful is the highest Heaven?’

Gravis couldn’t imagine.

It was impossible.

However, by including the highest world, Gravis could now place Arc’s power.

Arc was basically a Heaven’s Magnate for the level of a higher world.

All Heaven’s Magnates knew the Law of the True World, and Arc’s power also came from this Law.

In short, Arc’s Battle-Strength was just as powerful as the Battle-Strength of a Heaven’s Magnate in relation to their Realm.

Yet, this created another thought in Gravis’ mind.

‘Then, isn’t every Heaven’s Magnate just as powerful as Arc?’

This created another thought in Gravis’ mind.

‘Then, aren’t the more powerful Divine Gods just as powerful as me?’

Gravis remained silent for a while.

If Gravis’ Battle-Strength remained just as powerful as now, he would count as just as powerful as the more powerful Divine Gods.

For a while, Gravis didn’t know what he should feel.

‘It’s actually insane,’ he thought. ‘I believed that I am in a league of my own, but as soon as I become a Divine God, I will be in a Realm with People that are just as powerful.’

‘The highest world is truly insanely powerful.’

Mortis waited patiently as he watched Gravis think.

He didn’t mind waiting for a couple more minutes.

After a while, Gravis recovered and looked at Mortis.

“I’ll condense the Law of Sentience now,” he said.

“No,” Mortis said.

Gravis was taken aback. “No?” he asked.

“No,” Mortis repeated.

“But you said I should,” Gravis said with furrowed brows.

“Well, I changed my mind,” Mortis answered.

“Why?” Gravis asked skeptically.

“Because, if I die, you will forget two branches of Laws instead of one,” Mortis said. “Comprehending the Law of Sentience won’t make it easier to survive the Gate of Death, which makes condensing it an unnecessary risk without any reward. If we need it, you can still finish it in an instant in the Gate of Death.”

Gravis’ eyes narrowed. “This is unlike you,” he said. “Usually, you wouldn’t care since you would be determined to survive regardless. Usually, you would put everything into your survival.”

“Yes, but this isn’t the usual circumstance,” Mortis said coldly. “This is not a fight. More power doesn’t necessarily mean a higher chance of success. Power is useful in a fight, but it might not be useful in the Gate of Death.”

Gravis looked at Mortis for a while with narrowed eyes.

‘Now, I’m sure. There’s something wrong with Mortis,’ Gravis thought.

“Let’s go,” Mortis said as he teleported away.

Gravis’ eyes followed Mortis, but he followed after him after some seconds.

“Arc,” Gravis transmitted. “We’re going into the Gate of Death now.”

“Already, huh?” Arc asked with a sigh. “I genuinely hope that you can survive.”

“I know,” Gravis said.

Then, his eyes narrowed further.


Gravis took something out of his Spirit Space.

“I want you to hold onto this,” he transmitted to Arc.

Arc looked at the object in Gravis’ hand, and he immediately knew what Gravis meant.

“You don’t trust Mortis?” he asked.

“No,” Gravis said with a cold light in his eyes. “He has changed ever since he has gained his emotional independence. In the beginning, I thought it was just my imagination, but I’m certain now.”

“This is not the Mortis I know.”

“I don’t trust him, and I need to prepare for every eventuality.”

Arc appeared beside Gravis as he looked at the object.

“Alright,” Arc said neutrally. “It’s your decision.”

Arc took the object and teleported away again.

Mortis hadn’t noticed the interaction between Gravis and Arc, and in just a couple seconds, the two of them arrived in front of the Gate of Death.

It looked identical to the last time they had seen it.

It had golden-black arches, and the middle of the gate seemingly ended in nothingness.

It was like existence ended at this spot.

“Are you ready?” Mortis asked.

Gravis looked at Mortis with a detached look.

“I’m ready,” Gravis answered.

“Then, let’s go in.”

Gravis and Mortis stepped into the Gate of Death.

And then, both of them vanished simultaneously.


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