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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1008: Primordial Force Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis sat down on top of the silver wall. Gravity was the strongest here, and the more gravity affected the area, the more space warped.

The three Primordial Forces, Gravity, Space, and Time were intrinsically linked. Each one of them had some influence over the other two.

Gravis felt space warp around him and lightly activated his Will-Aura.


The space around him began to warp. It seemed like everything was stretching and compressing, but in reality, nothing had moved.

Space had simply become curved.

Explaining how this worked was far too complicated. Mortals would need to spend an eternity to comprehend these concepts.

However, these concepts were only the very basics of gravity in Gravis’ eyes.

Time passed as Gravis observed the gravity and space around him.

Luckily, his body and Laws were powerful enough to withstand these powerful forces. Surprisingly, the Law that gave Gravis the biggest defense against these forces was the level six Law of Time. The Law of Time allowed Gravis to somewhat isolate his being from the forces that surrounded him, only allowing 10% of the forces to actually influence him.

Yet, just these 10% were still so powerful that a human Peak Immortal Emperor wouldn’t be able to remain here indefinitely. They would need to waste a ton of Energy to protect their weak bodies even more, essentially using more Energy than they recovered.

However, without the level six Law of Time, not even a beast Peak Immortal Emperor would be able to survive down here for a long time. This meant that one had to have a beast body and know the level six Law of Time in order to cultivate here indefinitely.

If a human Peak Immortal Emperor wanted to cultivate here, they would need to know the level six Law of Time and either the level six Law of Space or Gravity. They needed two of the three Primordial Force Laws.

The more powerful the forces of the Laws surrounding one were, the clearer the images and concepts they demonstrated. Gravis could also comprehend the Laws a couple kilometers higher, but it would probably slow down by 50%.

If a human Peak Immortal Emperor knew none of these Laws, they would need to spend about four times the amount of time necessary to comprehend one of them, if they even had the ability to understand one of these elusive Laws in the first place.

So, what did all of this mean?

It meant the following: Understanding one Primordial Force Law was difficult. Understanding all three Primordial Force Laws was easy.

The point of entry for the Primordial Force Laws was very high since it was very difficult to comprehend one without knowing the other two. Yet, as soon as someone knew one of the Laws, comprehending the other two became far easier.

Understanding even one Primordial Force Law was extremely hard, which was why these Laws were one of the rarer level six Laws an Ascender comprehended in this world.

Most Ascenders from this world managed to comprehend one of the level six Elements since those were the easiest. After all, one could simply look at them, and comprehending them didn’t require any other Laws since they were isolated Laws. They weren’t comprised of other Laws.

However, all other level six Laws were multiple times more difficult than any Elemental level six Law.


The reason why the Primordial Force Laws were so difficult to comprehend had already been explained.

The reason why the level six Matter Law was so hard to comprehend was that one first needed to know the Hard Complex, Medium Complex, and Soft Complex level five Laws. Comprehending these Laws was difficult since one needed to find all the materials.

One couldn’t just remain on one spot and comprehend them.

Well, unless one had a Law Comprehension Life Fruit.

The reason why the level six Law of Mixed Elements was so difficult to comprehend didn’t need any explanation. After all, one first needed to comprehend 36 level five Laws.

This already showcased all the level six Laws that were part of the Law of the Dead World.

The four level six Laws in the Life Category were also very hard to comprehend. After all, one needed to know everything about plants for two of them, which meant wasting a ton of time without any power increase.

The level six Law of Energy Healing was even harder since it needed insights into the other two level six Laws of the Life Category, and the level six Law of the Soul required three level five Laws of the Soul.

Not even Gravis had gained many insights into the higher Laws of the Soul.

Looking at a soul was even harder than looking at one of the three Primordial Force Laws.

There was no level six Law for the Law of Emotions.

That only left the Battle Laws and the Laws of Perceived Reality.

Without knowing the relevant level six Elemental Law, comprehending a level six Battle Law became basically impossible.

And lastly, the Laws of Perceived Reality couldn’t be sought out, only chanced upon.

All of this showed how difficult it was for anyone in a higher world to comprehend a level six Law that wasn’t one of the Elements.

Ascenders that knew any other level six Law were rare, and Gravis had only met a single one.

Sadly, that person had been eaten by Narcissus.

So, after showing how difficult it was to comprehend a level six Primordial Force Law, how long did it take Gravis to comprehend the level six Law of Space and Law of Gravity?

20,000 years.

It sounded long, but one had to know that this was the first level six Law Gravis had actively gone out to comprehend.

All the previous Laws Gravis had comprehended had been level five Laws.

Yet, these two level six Laws had been comprehended about as fast as the level five Laws.

This showed how much faster Gravis had become in comprehending Laws.


First of all, Gravis knew the relevant Law of Time.

Second, Gravis had already comprehended many other level six Laws.

Third, Gravis was a Peak Immortal Emperor. He was no longer below the Realm that people normally had when they comprehended level six Laws. In fact, Gravis was slightly above the average Realm when people comprehended level six Laws.

Each increase in one’s Realm increased the power of one’s Spirit and mind, allowing one to think faster.

Lastly, Gravis was at the best place in the world to comprehend the Laws of Space and Gravity. If Gravis hadn’t been in this place, comprehending these Laws would have taken at least 40,000 years.


After Gravis comprehended the two Laws, he stood up. The gravity around him no longer had any influence on him. It was like Gravis and the gravity were in two different worlds. They simply didn’t interact anymore.

As soon as Gravis comprehended the remaining two Primordial Force Laws, the concepts of all three laws fused together.


Gravis comprehended the level seven Law of Primordial Force!

What was the use of this Law?

It increased the power of Space, Time, and Gravity to the power of level seven Laws. Sadly, it didn’t bring an essential transformation. Gravis would first need to combine the Primordial Force Law with the other Laws to create the Law of the Dead World to see a fundamental increase in quality.

However, one couldn’t underestimate the Law of Primordial Force. After all, it made all three Primordial Forces as powerful as someone that had one of them as their Avatar.

So, while Gravis had only comprehended one level seven Law, he had gained the power of three.

“I’m done,” Gravis transmitted to Mortis with narrowed eyes.

“Good,” Mortis answered. “Come up here! Then, go create the level seven Law of Perceived Reality.”

Gravis nodded and dug through the ground until he was back in the sky.

Mortis was already here and looked at Gravis.

Mortis had finished the level six Law of Control about 5,000 years ago, and ever since then, he had waited for Gravis.

Gravis had to be the one that fused the Laws together since the Law of Perceived Reality was his Avatar. His Avatar would transform, and since Mortis was his Avatar, Mortis would be changed alongside it.

Because of that, Mortis had to be near Gravis.

“I’ll start,” Gravis said.

Mortis only nodded.


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